Saturday, January 06, 2007

My Broken Gina

Its time for me to admit it. I’ve got a broken gina. I don’t know how or when I did it. But I somehow have come into possession of the only gina in the world no guy wants to touch. Not even that. I own the only gina that no guy could be persuaded to touch. Evah.

It was never widely used. Which is how I think a gina should be. And when in use it wasn’t used all that much. It was always well maintained and kept clean.

But recently certain things have come to light. Mostly by an unnamed player who everyone who reads knows. There were certain things that I never got while I was doing our casual thing. Mostly about when he’d stand me up. For no strings attached sex. A player not wanting sex. Gotta be something wrong. And I’ve come to the conclusion that its me. Or, well, my gina. Maybe his complete disinterst in maintaining even a friendship is because he doesn't want to be reminded that he touched it.

My fat, ugly, figuratively rusty gina.

I’ve had plenty of guys who want more from me. But when it comes to attaining it they always back out. No matter how I play it. So there must be something about me that screams "DONT TOUCH THE GINA".

Then again maybe it is me. Maybe I'm so fucked up and maladjusted that as soon as anybody gets to know me they back the fuck off. I'm like the person you see mumbling to themselves, wandering down the street, waving their arms around and only wearing one shoe. On the outside I'm normal, flirty fun but slightly odd enough to be interesting me. So they only see it when they get to know me.


Dan said...

Hey, broken ginas can be fixed can't they?

Nice dress in the post below.

mist1 said...

There is no such thing as a gina that guys don't want to touch. That's the beauty of gina.

Until then, deal with gina yourself.

phishez_rule said...

Dan - I checked. Apparently it was a one of a kind manufacture. No replacements parts in stock.

Mist - Gina is bored by me trying to deal with it and refuses to cooperate.

Dan said...

Well, maybe it will mend on its own?

Steven Novak said...

My guess is that the problem has less to do with the gina, and more to do with the very strange man who doesn't want to touch it.

I mean, who doesn't want to touch a gina? ;)


phishez_rule said...

Dan - I think by the time it gets around to mending itself I'll be a senile blue haired old biddy who's long forgotten I'd ever had a Gina.

Steve - Apparently very straight, sexually compatible guys don't want to touch Gina.