Saturday, January 06, 2007

The hottest dress in the history of the fat person.

I hate dresses. Especially on larger people. I'm sorry to say it, but they dont break up your figure or accentuate any one part of your body without over accentuating another part. And I hate stripes. Repetetive patterns on ANYBODY don't look that good.

Until this dress.

Its so good for the following reasons

  • It shows your cleavage (if I wasn't sans bra) and actually makes whats covered look bigger by the stripes going outwards.
  • It decentuates the stomach by the stripes going in
  • It decentuates the hips but at the same time makes them look curvier (even though the dress actually goes straight down) by the two degrees of inward slopping stripes.
  • The middle panel goes straight down, so you're not focusing on where the inward stripes go.
  • And the way the dress actually moves when its on, the stripes blur any lumpy, bumpy bits. Its actually a bit small for me. Its clinging to the excess curves, but you can't see it becuase of that.

But quite apart from that its HAWT!

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