Friday, January 12, 2007

Ramblings - Love


Your smile is beautiful
Wholesome and warm
Your eyes are beautiful
Clear and trustworthy
You are beautiful
Much loved and popular
You are poison
Killing my soul
Fuck of and leave me alone

Eyes glazed
Blank but staring
He knows
Doesn’t register
He’s stoned again
God it hurts ­

He could be so much
He is my everything
My all
My nothing
There’s nothing


Such a long time
Almost as long
As a second
Without you

Useless Wishes

Useless wishes
I sometimes think
That’s all I am
Hoping and waiting
For love, like, care
Always waiting
Useless and wishing


You kept me awake last night
Running through my mind
You and your shadow
And I watched
For it was all I could do


Have you ever wanted that which you cannot have?
Its so close, I could reach out and touch it
But to do so could so easily make it move away
So near but so far


Steph said...

Nice. Hope yous ok sweets.

phishez_rule said...

Steph. I'm fine. This is all stuff I've written over the past few years. But reading this - is it any wonder I don't beleive in love?

There is another installment to come too. Some of my more... 'strange' stuff.