Monday, January 22, 2007


Not much to tell at the moment. I've had five (count em, FIVE) days off work and I feel fantastic right now.
Thursday three of us went to see the persuit of happyness in gold class. I never want to see a movie in a normal cinema again. Because I have no particular reason to wear my new awesome dress, I arbitrarily decided that we should all dress up and go classy. So we met up after everyone else had finished work. Agnes wanted to get her hair cut. So while she was getting that done I picked up some magazines*, paid off a layby**, and bought some scratchies. Then we went for coffee and talked about guys, and work, and jobhunting (me, not her).
It was the first time in Gold Class for each of us. And it was fantastic. The gold class lounge reeked of money. Even though we had gotten in on vouchers. But we felt special just sitting in there deciding on our menu and when our food should arrive. And when we got in there... fuck me, you could park a baby rhino in one of those seats and it would still have room to wriggle. We kicked off our shoes and laid back in the most squishy chair I've ever sat in. If it had been a boring movie I would have gone to sleep. And if they hadn't bought us food.

Friday was my housemates 21st bday party. It was pretty big and heaps of fun. Up until about 11:30 when I got bitten by the 'I need some time to myself RIGHT NOW' bug. it happens. Thankfully the partay was held at home so I could go hide in my room with the kitties for a bit. And when I surfaced one of the main party animals had burnt out. And vomited. Over the balcony. So we got him to a more appropriate place for him to let it all out. And we sent him home.

Yesterday I saw dreamgirls. Good movie. You can imagine how it would be on stage. And Oh My God, Jennifer Hudson has such a big mouth. But I guess she needs it to let out such a big and beautiful voice. Absolutely amazing.

And today I'm going to see the Holiday again.

*Thanks Cosmo. I might feel like a bloated ugly whale after Christmas, but you've done something about it and given me two measly weeks membership at the gym.
** Another dress. Its fantastic. I saw it on Sunday and was going to wait to get it, but the last time I did that the item sold out. Lucky me, when I picked it up four days later all the dresses had GONE.


mist1 said...

And that's why I never have parties. No vomit allowed. Unless it's my own.

Steph said...

Same. No parties in MY flat, but i don't mind spewing in other peoples pot plants.

phishez_rule said...

Mist - it still sucks cleaning your own up though.

Steph - its good fertiliser it is. Unless they're plastic. Then its kinda pointless.