Friday, October 05, 2007

The e-Family

I have an e-family. If you're reading this, chances are you are in it!

e- Parents
Kez and Steph. Ignoring the fact that if these two will never be actual parents, because they both like a bit of penis, AND the fact that they would be the most awesomely irresponsible parents in the world, these two have really shaped my blog from the beginning. Kez introduced me to it all, and Steph I've known since my blog baby was only two months old.

Josh. Though there's nothing special about that. He's a bit of an e-slut.

e-siblings (2 of one, 3 of the other)

Crushed by Ingsoc. What more can I say? We are that close.
Fingers. He's rude, crude and damn entertaining. And when the shit starts flying, he's right in the thick of it.

Kelly. If we didn't live in different countries we'd have met up and have a gazillion debaucherous tales to tell.
Keshi. I haven't known her all that long really, but her blog is a place to kick off your shoes and have a few chardy's.
Kitty. She's an inspiration to lose weight and be as naughty as I want to be.

e-Uncles/Aunts (4)
Betty would be the fun, young aunt. She'd take you shopping, and sneak you beer at the family 'do.
Nick. What can I say. He's older than most of my regular readers.
Mutley. He's the uncle who makes you nearly wet yourself laughing with the most basic jokes. He has a great way of telling his stories.
Obesio. We'll call him dirty Uncle Obesio thanks.

e - Grandparent
Smack. Even though she's gone away, she's still with us in spirit.

Who's in your e-family?


Crashdummie said...

sounds like a lovely e-family to me...

Just imagining how the holidayz will be celebrated. X-mas is approaching, that might turn out to be quite interesting this year

Scorpy said...

Yeah I miss Miss Smack too ~sigh~
Um as to the rest...I just have two brothers INDY and WOMBAT and a heap of sisters with incestuous tendencies ;)

Kitty said...

Um...No.... JUST NO.

I cannot be your e-sister cause my e-lover Fingers is also my e-brother.

E-incest. Not hot.

Kitty said...

But I do LOVE that I your e-sister baby. Awe. You sweet thing.

Cazzie!!! said...

Awesome family girl :)

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

That's neat, dear niece of mine!

Anonymous said...

This is really cute! And I feel honored to be related!! You should offer to put me up for a week when it is nice and warm down there. I might buy you margaritas... or just mooch off you. Which sister am I? Am I the black sheep of the family, or the goody two shoes? Is that how you spell that? Is it goody two shoes? Maybe I am the dumb sister.

I think I am reading too much into this.

I think Fingers would be my dirty uncle fingers.

Happy Friday sis! :-)

Princess of the Universe said...

This is a fantastic idea - I might steal this from you for my blog.

Can I be your long-lost 3rd e-cousin twice removed?

Effortlessly Average said...

Hmmm... I guess I'm the e-roots through your trash and reads your old letters guy. Or the e-watches the fun party going on inside from outside in the freezing cold.

Oooo.. no! I could be the e-sexy mysterious adventure guy who lives life on the edge. Yeah, I wanna be that guy.

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

This makes Betty my Aunt, which I can see.

I can see Uncle Mutley being the sort of uncle who take you to the pub a lot, like my late uncle- a man who expected you at eighteen to sink five Guinesses before sunday lunch.

Am an elder brother or a younger brother?

Memphis Steve said...

Damn, I didn't make the family!

Kitty said...

memphis- you can be my e-shag baby. its all good. fingers won't care, he is e-shagging his E-SISTER.


Steph said...

Holy shite I'm a MOTHER!! And the father of my chillens is GAY!

That's the type of family I'd definitely have. Hahahaha!

xl said...

Yes, I also miss reading Ms. Smack's wonderful writings very much.

However, before she closed the door, I followed the links to find your interesting place and some others. I do not have a blog, so I supose that makes me e-homeless.

phishez_rule said...

Crashie - and just like my real family, I won't be getting anything for my e-family either!

Scorpy - It was hard to limit myself to the numbers. I have waay to many e-girlfriends.

Kitty - how's about if you're both half siblings of mine? Does that work then?

Cazzie - its pretty cool. You'd so make an Aunt if I had enough spots.

Nick - you're welcome uncle nick.

Kelly - hell yeah! You'd be the hard partying sister!

Princess - you're welcome to take it. You'd have made sister too, if I had enough spots.

Effortless - yeah, you'd so be that guy.

Ingsoc - you're older. Been through the wringer and now guiding me through it too. And that's how I see mutley too.

Steve - you'd be a cousin.

Kitty - I told you... you're both half e-siblings. My e-parents are sluts. No offense guys.

Steph - you'd be a great mum. I inherited my vibrator addiction from you.

Josh said...

Woohoo, I suppose even if you call me an e-slut I still feel a wee bit special as your only e-lover...

I hope it is cool if I do other members of your E-family? your E-mum is hawt as are your sisters.

Sorry, got to keep up my e-slut image.

Miss Smack said...

I'm the e-nanna? Surely you're not suggesting that these blog cretins came from my loins? OH MY GOD.

Great post, mate


Rups said...

Can I be e-granny? The old woman ... I mean, man, not old, 31 (to pinch some Python) who lives in the e-attic? Maybe that's a bit spooky, can I be then the e-godfather? Yes, I like that, sort of religious yet mafia like all at the same time.

Rups :) xo

Obesio said...

I'm very honored to be an uncle. Your blogroll is so enormous, I wasn't sure whether I would make the cut. Can I be the type of uncle that accidentally brushes up against you underwater at a family pool party?

phishez_rule said...

Josh - you're such an e-hornbag!

Smack - maybe I should call you the e-jeebus. You went away (died) and came back (resurrected) in a matter of days!

Rups - the e-granny? That would make you an e-tranny granny! Which I wouldn't put past you.

Obesio - that's what dirty uncles do, so you do it proudly!

Kezza said...

E-Family huh? I guess I never thought of it that way before but it makes sense to me! Plus I get to have an e-daughter whom I'm so very proud of, and clearly at some stage Steph and I had hot e-sex and I fell e-pregnant, that would probably explain a lot!

Can you imagine that family reunion though? Actually I'm all for it, maybe we can all get together for an e-wedding or something.

phishez_rule said...

Kez - you'd steal all of her e-shoes and give her no e-alimony!

phishez_rule said...

BAH HA. I just realised Steph and I had hot e-sex and I fell e-pregnant...

~Miss Smack said...

Damn woman, one of you should have put a e-condom over your mouse.