Thursday, October 18, 2007

Obsessed much?

I'm watching the Lion King. At the moment actually. And I gotta say, it STILL rocks! I havent' seen it in years and years, but I can still remember most of the dialogue off the top of my head.

The Lion King was the big disney movie when I was a kid. And I was completely nuts over it. I had all the Disney Adventures magazines that had anything to remotely do with it. I had bought books from the school book club. I didn't just want to know about the plot, I wanted to know how it was made and all the special effects, the WORKS. And this was all BEFORE I even saw the movie.

I even had pictures of Jonathon Taylor Thomas from before his balls dropped, because he was the voice of Simba.

You think its sad, there's more. I collected the magazines. Yep. All the way up to number eighty something. Seriously, $5 a week for eighty weeks. Maybe it wasn't eighty. But I guarantee it was over 50. Thats a hell of a long time to collect a magazine. And I still have the little cut out characters that you could move around a diorama. I even copied them and made more, a whole pride.

Scar was my favourite character. I loved the way he moved and the way he spoke. He was dangerous. I like bad boys.

The lion roars always send shivers down my spine. Especially the scene where Nala and Simba fight in the jungle, and the end scene where he claims his territory at the end by roaring off pride rock.

But it got me thinking, the good old animated kids movie has died. I blame Toy Story. Don't get me wrong, I love the new animations, but you can't beat the classic oldies. After Lion King they made Pocahontas and that was about it. I wish they'd make another like it.

What was your favourite movie as a kid?


Anonymous said...

The Wizard of Oz..

ahahahahahhhhhaaa !! See what I did there?


like Australia!!???


Oh fergetaboutit!!

Helen said...

hmmmmm, I'm with you that there was something lovely about animation, and I miss it, too.

My fave was Dumbo (jeez, who woulda thought with that drinking scene, haha), but the rogue mama and "Baby Mine" song, ah. Or maybe it's just on my mind now ; ) lol

OneHungMan said...

OneHung was always partial to anything with Snoopy in it. But when OHM was a kid, things were different than they are today or even like when you were a kid (OHM is guessing he's got you by about ten or more years). There were no DVDs and VHS hadn't even been created. Hell, back then you only got three channels so you didn't get to pick and choose what you watched like now.

Nowadays, with DVD players, YoungHung will watch the same movie twice one night and then watch it again the next night. At the other end of the spectrum, OHM got to watch a movie maybe once a year when it came out at holiday time.

Sakura said...

My favourite movie was The Dark Crystal. I even bought the DVD just a couple of months back and it is still brilliant.

Helen said...

Phish, I changed my mind, but OHM is right with the availability, thing, I would watch the specials once a year or on a projector at a school holiday.

I'm thinking now my fave was The Jungle Book.

jali said...

My favorite movies as a kid were "Mary Poppins" and "Rogers and Hammerstein's Cinderella". The Cinderella was made as a TV special and Mary Poppins combined animation with live action - magical for a child back in the day.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Can you feel the love tonight?
The peace the evening brings
The world, for once, in perfect harmony
With all its living things

The Lion King is a magnificent film, especially for folks who love animals. I don’t think I had a favorite film when I was little, except maybe a cartoon called “Little Toot” about a tug boat.

Yes, your observation was correct: Alex is back to having those cuts again. He’d cleared up when the vet was giving him cortisone shots every other week. Then she switched him to oral cortisone.

What I don’t understand is that I’m with Alex almost all the time. Yes, he scratches some, but I never see him scratch the areas where the cuts are. And, when I do see the cuts, scabs have already formed. Either cats scab over cuts faster than us humans, or I’m not watching Alex close enough: I never see any open, bleeding wounds. Anyway, don’t tell Alex, but he has an appointment with his vet on Saturday morning. And I'll bet he gets another shot.

Effortlessly Average said...

My favorite movie as a kid? Hmmm... How about Debbie Does Dalls?

Seriously, I won't tell you because the facts would make me feel too damned old.

Jenny! said...

I loved Aladdin and The LIttle Mermaid too...but Lion King is a classic. I watch it now wiht my son and sing all the songs...he thinks I am whacked out!

Jay said...

You're so young!!!
It is a good movie though, and there is something a little more whimsical about the old animation. Today it's so sophisticated in comparison.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

I like Disney's beauty and the beast. The play was awesome. I saw it at the Shubert Theater. We had 5th row seats center and I knew all of the words to all of the character voices.

We would fight to sing Bell's part when we played the CD. I would get stuck with Gaston's part sometimes but that's's all about the play, right?

Oh hey...the Lion King play in Hollywood was awesome too. We had 2nd row seats. it rocked.

Ciao babes.

Anonymous said...

Lion King was great! I am so in the mood to see it now!

My favorite was... OMG I can't believe I am admiting to this... The Never Ending Story.

I bought it when it went on DVD, and was really excited about it. When I watched it, I was horrified though. It is so bad! It is really cheesy. I was heartbroken. Even moreso when my nephew said he loved it and made me watch it again. :-P ugh!

unique_stephen said...

My favourite movie as a kid was Shocking Asia

Anonymous said...

as a parent, being subjected to MULTIPLE viewings of hundreds of Disney and Pixar movies each year - I am agreeing with you on this.
Lion King STILL packs a punch even today. The original is just brilliant and that opening song gets me every time. Lion King 2 is not as effective and was pretty standard fare, but the first one was AMAZING.

The Litte Mermaid was also fantastic, up there on the big screen for the first time. I saw that when I didn't even have kids and loved it!

My fave part in Lion King would have to be the interactions of timon and pumba which is why I buy my little boy all their off-cuts like lion king 3 (hilarious) and timon and pumba's dining in Paris etc etc.

Anonymous said...

did you like the way I started my first comment as, "a parent..."

like that gives me dibs on what makes a good film. Oh please! I'm vomiting into my cereal bowl as we speak.

Sorry for that!

Professor said...

My fav movie as a kid??? Wow- I loved movies so much that I don't think I had one favorite but The Sound of Music, West Side Story, Mary Poppins and the original Freaky Friday with Jodi Foster were at the top of my list.

And because I was bored this summer and hadn't watched Beauty and the Beast for years, I threw it in the DVD player and thus decided to make it our fall musical!

Rex Venom said...

Scar, huh? Like them rough, eh?
Fav movie as a kid? Terminator. Not really a kid's movie, but I sure did love it!
Rock on!

Scorpy said...

Didn't really have a fav as a kid but I love the new genre of kids movies...The Incredibles, Finding Nemo, Brother Bear, Monsters Inc, Shrek, Ratatouille and Cars (yes they are all Pixar except for BB and Shrek) :)
In general, I love kids movies and that is great for my Kids as they watch them overand over and over... :)

Trundling Grunt said...

I don't think I've ever really seen Lion King - racked my braincell but it just doesn't come to mind.

When I were a lad, there was just the small local fleapit (the Raymar) and we didn't get to go to it very much. So I can't really rememebr whether I saw a film when it was at the cinema or I saw it later on TV. But Fantasia springs to mind and Mary Poppins.

xl said...


Keshi said...

I adore Lion King! love all teh characters in it and also the soundtrack. absoultely heart-warming!


~Miss Smack said...

As a kid, i loved Grease, Xanadu, Never-Ending Story, Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal to name, but a few.


Cazzie!!! said...

Freaky stuff, we watched Lion King today too!!! Love Baloo the bear :)

LiSh said...

It always was and always will be Grease

The T-Dude said...

I have to say the Wizard of Oz. I fell in love with Dorothy.

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Damn you make me feel so old! When the Lion King first came out, I was pregnant.

The first song I heard as I left the hospital after my miscarriage was "Circle of Life". I will remember that song and that ride home until the day I die.

Anywho, on a lighter note (because that shit is SAD), I don't think I had a favorite movie as a kid. I think I watched "Flash Gordon" about a zillion times because I had a crush on the guy that played Flash (he was an ex football player...I think his name was Sam Jones???) Anyway, I thought he was a cutie! :)

Natalia said...

I was into books, and it was "Black Beauty." I am not sure which movie, though. It will haunt me all day.


Crushed by Ingsoc said...

Never seen it, I'm afraid.

itelli said...

Rambo II

Obesio said...

My favorite film as a kid was "Taboo II." At first you don't think that she is going to let her brother bang her because it is so wrong and so dirty, but she does. Then she bangs her father while her mother is sleeping in the bed wearing one of those old-style eye masks. Classic!

Princess of the Universe said...

I loved Alice in Wonderland & Dumbo. Apparently the trippy movies did it for me...

poody said...

My favorite movie as a kid was a tie between The Widard of Oz and Lady and the Tramp. I am not fond of Disney movies because they always want to kill off the momma! Very traumatic for a child! I remember seeing Bambi and Dumbo and crying my eyes out over both of them!

phishez_rule said...

Mutley - you're so original.

Helen - I saw Dumbo for the first time in years a few weeks ago.

OHM - I have snoopy pyjamas. Does that mean you're partial to me?

Sakura - Its great when your favourite movie as a kid still rocks.

Helen - I've never seen the Jungle book.

Jali - It was damn good wasn't it. Have you seen Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Nick - Good luck to Alex. I'm sure we'll hear all about it soon enough :)

Effortless - you're only as old as the person you're feeling.

Jenny - They were damn good weren't they?

Jay - but when you're a kid, you don't really want sophisticated. I think they changed them for adults.

SZJ - I haven't seen any disney plays. Maybe I should make an effort to go.

Kelly - Don't you just hate it when a movie you loved as a kid turns out to be really, really lame? I felt that way about the princess bride.

Stephen - I've never seen it. Do I want to?

Betty - TLK2 sucked. Big time. I even hung out to rent it the day it was released.
Bah-ha to your second comment.

Prof - oh yeah, I loved the sound of music. I can't wait to hear about how the fall musical comes along.

Rex - the rougher the better.

Scorpy - you know, I saw BB in the cinema. I think that was the last animation they did. And it was great.

Grunt - Fantasia is just a classic. You can watch it as a kid or an adult, stoned or sober, and its great all the time :)

XL - that word speaks so much.

Keshi - you probably grew up with it too.

Miss Smack - Ahh yes, Labyrinth. I love that movie.

Cazzie - that is freaky

Lish - thats a movie you can watch over and over.

T - you're not that old are you?

Stacy - Note to self: go watch flash gordon

Natalia - that was one of my favourite books too. And I now own it, and read on a regular basis. I cried when Ginger died

Ingsoc - you're missing out.

Itelli - Never seen any of the rambo series.

Obesio - I'm gonna guess its a porn, and thus I should go see it.

Princess - you must have a very vivid imagination.

Poody - I know! I hate how they do that. Its like, its just not a disney movie unless they kill a close family member!

BottleBlonde said...

Lion King came out when I was a teenager, and I enjoyed it but I hated that fucking Elton John song. I mean, I love Elton John's music. I just loathe that song he did for the movie.

My favorite movies as a kid were Dirty Dancing and A Nightmare on Elm Street. I was an odd little girl.

phishez_rule said...

BB - You know, its not my favourite song of his either.

OneHungMan said...

Phishez-you know OHM is partial to you.

Desirea Madison said...

I don't think balls drop, they just get bigger.

Sumiko said...

snow white and the seven dwarves