Saturday, July 12, 2008


Last day was yesterday. It was ok. Nothing special really. It did hit that I was having my last day as I was walking to work. I really didn't want to get up early on my last day, but I was going to the pub after work and I didn't think it would be smart to drive home.

Work proceeded as usual. Handing in my keys and id badge, and as I'm walking to various departments the smile keeps just getting bigger and bigger on my face.

Walking out of work was just like walking out on a regular Friday afternoon. Except I went to the pub with my ex-supervisor. We just went for one or two drinks. Five hours later we left. As I stumbled home I was drunk dialing. Damn Kez. I was going to leave you a dirty message about my hands being so cold my clit was going to fall off. I should have. But you would have dibs-ed blogging it.

Managed to get up reasonably early today. Was planning to go get a mani/pedi to celebrate. But as I was getting dressed I realised my legs were in need of a shave. And so was my snatch. I decided that waxing was the way to go instead. Cue an appointment with the waxer. The FIRST appointment with the waxer. That was an experience. Not as painful as I thought it would be and sooo much more relaxed than the docs. And it turns out that apparently I stopped sprouting hair when I was 14! So it wasn't that painful. I naturally have no hair from my knees to my actual crotch. I'll never need a full leg wax.

Then the Mani and Pedi. I managed to screw up my mani within minutes of walking out of the joint. *sigh*

Had a nice lunch at a cafe.

I picked up some Manix condoms. I've wanted them since I saw them the first time. I really don't need more condoms, but I got them anyway.

Tried on about 12 pairs of jeans before finding the right pairs. Two for $100! Bargain. Especially considering that I've only really got two pairs that fit properly, only they don't really. And a cute little shirt to wear when I go clubbing tonight.

I wanted to pick up the sex and the city dvd boxset. But it got sold out... today. Damn. I'll have to go in to a different store tomorrow to pick it up.

I want sex tonight. Oh yeah, the libido is back. With a vengance.


Clyde said...

So you now have no hair from your toes to your nose, you are horny, and you are out on the town with a supply of condoms in your pocket---
Ah well, guess we wont hear fromyou this week

xl said...
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Cazzie!!! said...

I am so glad you finished up at that job...and well, you deserve to go buy yourself some awesome clothes. I need fitted jeans too..where did you go to buy them?

Kezza said...

I waited and waited and waited for that drunken call - mostly so I could point and laugh at your innebriated arse!

Oh well - Some other time huh? I'm glad you enjoyed your last day though, and it's good to know you're out of there now!