Thursday, July 24, 2008


I am surrounded by sexy these days. I'm not complaining mind you, its just an observation that I'm making for blogging sake. You understand don't you?

I just love the sight of a tall, lean man. I am so loving that designer stubble is in. I just love that look. It makes me weak at the knees and wet in the crotch. I like that faux shaggy look that guys do. Not truly shaggy, but still fucking hot.

I love hands. Hands and forearms are so sexy. I like them sinewy and strong. I hate dirty, ripped and bitten nails. They are a turn off. Likewise, backs are sexy. Fuck me, I love a sexy back!

Penises, obviously, very sexy.

Boobs are also very sexy. I don't swing that way but I just love me some tits.

I love tattoos. But not too big. I don't like it when tattoos are the focus of what you're looking at.

I like them quiet, brooding and intelligent. But they have to have a sense of humour.

So, tell me. What's sexy to you?


MissE said...

Sexy for me?
Strong hands.
Elegant fingers.
Vibrant, bright eyes.
A real, genuine smile.
Great sense of humour.

Oh, and there is something about a man with his kids...

MissE said...

And I was first!!!

Yay for me.

Clyde said...

Eyes that smile

Anonymous said...

love arms. Every part of them. I like them big...enough to make me envision being thrown around a bit. yummmm.

I find a strong jaw that makes a dimple when clenched sooo sexy. yum.

I also am loving everything else on your list.

Now I have hot dirty thoughts running through my head... dammit!

Anonymous said...

This post was pretty sexily written, it was very good.

I love tattoos on men that they suit..some guys look try-hard.

I love shoulders and arms.

I think young guys are sexy (la sigh)

I think men who listen to Metallica and wear glasses are sexy.


unique_stephen said...

I like my women like I like my Tea.

and definitely not sweet.

Fanny F said...

Muscled or cuddly ... not skinny!
Lovely teeth and a ready smile.

Epskee said...

hands, arms, backs, stubble, and sunglasses

Its the mystery. Sunglasses are sexy!

oh, and a man that can dance!

as for women, sassy is sexy no matter the size or shape

Kezza said...

Sexy to me is, visually:
-Solid arms and legs, something that looks like it could be carved as a greek god type statue.
-A shaved head.
-A goatee or some stubble.
-A furry chest.
-Basically anything that defines masculinity, I can't do the girly boys I'm afraid.

Otherwise there are a number of other things I find sexy:
-Someone who can cook and loves to do so.
-Someone who always smells clean, not overly fragranced but like clean linen.
-Men who drive big fuck-off hard-core off road vehicles.

Oh and I may also have something of a weakness for tanned skin, uniforms and accents - but thats not necessarily sexy but it still gets my motor running!

Memphis Steve said...

A long neck leading up to a perfect 90 degree angle as it tranforms into a long jaw line, which then leads to full lips, high cheek bones, smiling eyes, and thick, beautiful long hair. Put all of that on the shoulders of a long, lean body with round breasts of any size, a waist so tiny it almost seems impossible, and a butt that stands out like a rock hard shelf, and you've got sexy to me.

xl said...

Intelligent. Sense of humor. Independent. Active.

On the tall side, well-proportioned. Brown or blonde hair, any length.

Female. Definitely female.

Ms Smack said...

D) all of the above....

phishez_rule said...

MissE - *drools*. Except for the kids bit. Can I trade 'kids' for 'dogs'?

Clyde - eyes are quite yummy aren't they?

Kelly - Did you even like the boobs?

Kate - I really don't think guys get the appeal of backs/shoulders/arms. And yes, hard rocking nerds are VERY sexy!

Stephen - I hate sweet tea too.

Fanny - confidence is such a turn on!

Epskee - If you know that man send him my way!

Kez - lol@furry chest. And I love the man smell. Especially when I ovulate. Yum-O!

Steve - so you like Jessica Rabbit then?

xl - so you want adventure woman?

Smack - great minds think alike

Memphis Steve said...

Jessica Rabbit was definitely drawn by a horny guy. But no, a girl doesn't have to look like Jessica Rabbit. Those curves are massively exagerrated.

Joshua said...

With every day that I spend out at sea, my idea of what is sexy changes.

If I'm out here long enough a wet paper bag might just be sexy enough. Ohnoes!

Professor said...

Hands and wrists. A smart sense of humor and a sly smile.