Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Second day

Second day was quite a bit better than the first. No barfing, so immediately off to a better start. Had lunch with the director of the facility. Not just the department, the whole facility. We were sitting on the couch having lunch and he came, sat down and had lunch and a chat with us. Like it was completely normal. We had people who had been there over a decade walking up and knowing that we were new staff, and knowing exactly which department we were from. Its such a friendly workplace. I would never have had that at the old place.

Also, I think I've also seen the hottest guy there by far. I couldn't stare, but jeez I enjoyed the three or four furtive looks I stole.

OMG - I love this word verification.


Clyde said...

Ah, the eye candy is becoming more memorable----the new career more acceptable-----work mates more friendly----
Ah, Phish is getting better---and better makes her horny

Anonymous said...

yay! Good things ahead! Congrats!

You need to speak with the hottie, asap.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Sweetie babes, I would love to see you at your new work place. Like a child in a candy store. I mostly would love to see your wonderful smile...you sound so happy Phish and that makes me so very happy for you.

Ciao honey.

Kezza said...

Things are looking up huh? I'm so glad to hear that you can keep your lunch down, and that you're enjoying your new job, but even better still you've found a little man candy as a welcome distraction!

Kitty said...

ummmmm, how long has you been here for?? you left!

i didn't know you came BACK!

oh noes.
i'm so left out of the kewl crowd.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear this!! It would suck to get up every day and go some place where you hate the supervisor. Happy days ahead :)

Professor said...

Sounds like a much better place to work- friendly staff, great boss and eye candy!