Saturday, July 05, 2008


I like cheese. It is actually a bigger dietary vice for me than chocolate. And that's saying something! I think the thing is, I cannot have just one type of cheese. I have to have vintage, blue vein, and brie. And its got to be accompanied by olives, crackers, cabanossi and pickled onions. So I can make sandwiches. I never eat chocolate like that. Partly because chocolate just doesn't go with cabanossi.

I have a strange ability to pick statement pieces before they become fashionable.
  • Animal bling- I was in on that about a month or two before it was EVERYWHERE!
  • Plaid and scarves - I have a scarf from last winter that is plaid. Two fashion statements in one. Now, I really don't like plaid. Or scraves for that matter. But I thought, 'what the hell, its just a scarf and I'll only ever wear it when I'm walking to work in the morning'. Yeah right!
  • Bold tribal patterns - the next big thing, apparently. I've had a really cute cami for about a year now. Tribal print. Very bold.
I love sale time. I got myself a $50 bra (gorgeous AND comfortable, and makes the girls look fantastic) for $20. But they had no matching underwear. Oh Noes! I cannot wear bra/panty sets that don't match. But I bought the bra anyway thinking I could get generic boyleg panties at kmart.

Instead of generic boylegs, I managed to find bikini's that are a shade darker than the bra. But they have the exact same colour of embroidery in the lace. They were full priced, but still cheaper than buying them from the specialty lingerie store.

So I got a bra and two sets of panties for $40, when the bra was worth $50 alone. Bragqin!

I am about to go into my last week at my current job. 5 days left. And counting. I've been counting since 40 days. And that didn't include the week I've had off. A grand total of 9 weeks that I've known about having a new job. A grand total of 9 weeks that work has known I'm leaving, and they still haven't even advertised a replacement for me.

I'm stressing. I just want out. I haven't had sex since the last time. I have no desire. Three weeks and no urges. I'm hoping like hell that my libido returns from whence it has disappeared. Or else I'm going to have to look in the back of the couch.


I don't know what it is, but people seem to buy me butterfly earrings. I have four pairs. Most of them gifted.

Sunset from my balcony. Isn't it pretty?

Lorikeet feeding

Spiderweb. Again, pretty?


Clyde said...

What, no camembert, no Havarti, no Walnut cheese, no Don Hungarian Salami, no strawberries----how can you drink your champagne without all of the varieties ?
Got the nice bra---and you had to chase down matching knickers---you could have gone commando---maybe your libido would have come back.
Hope you find it soon
Nice sunset---but no water

Josh said...

Very pretty pictures!

Cheese is a godsend, and probably the biggest reason why I could never be a vegan.

Memphis Steve said...

I don't know what has happened to your sex drive, but I hope you find it soon. It must be frustrating to suddenly lose it and not know quite why.

Princess of the Universe said...

I'm rather fond of smoked applewood cheese.

fingers said...

I bought a new 18 cm Scanpan frypan on the weekend. Awesome, non-stick, it can fry up to 4 eggs at once and they just slide right out without having to be loosened with a loosener-thing.
God I love blogging...

Anonymous said...

Fingers eats four eggs at a time. OOOoooh what about cholesterol?

Hey Phish that was a cool post. I do like those butterfly earrings!

I just bought some vintage club cheddar cheese as well, I eat it with leg ham from the deli. Yum!!

phishez_rule said...

clyde - you torment me. All I ate all weekend was cheese, crackers and chocolate.

Josh - I could never be a vegan because animals just taste too damnned good@

Steve - I've put it down to stress.

Princess - oooh, I love fruit cheeses too!

fingers - I need a new frypan. I take it you recommend scanpan?

Kate - I don't know about you, but I'm completely scandalised by that news. Surely his doctor has told him about the dangers of cholesterol!

Clyde said...

I hope it was good chocolate

unique_stephen said...

mmmm queso

Fanny F said...

So much to relate to:
I love Cheese too! Savoury is my dietary weakness (surprising?)
I bought butterfly earrings also.
$50 bra for $20. Girly heaven.
Lost libido .. I must have found yours and doubled it.
Hope your urges return soon.

Anonymous said...

Cheese is good. I think you will always, always get comments where cheese is involved.

Professor said...

I love cheese! You sunset pix are beautiful! Nice jaw line with the earrings- very sexy... and WTG on the bra sale! you rock! (And it's only been 3 week since sex??? My god, I don't even want to add the MONTHS it's been for me..........grrr)