Saturday, July 12, 2008

Mamma Mia

I saw Mamma Mia on Thursday night. I really liked it. It was a very fun flick. It was cheesy, with fun music and absolutely stunning views. Loved the costumes.

I just could not reconcile Meryl Streep as Donna with her as Miranda Priestly. Those two are polar opposites. She's a truly fantastic actor.

I'd thoroughly recommend it. I may go see it again. And I'm not even an Abba fan. Though I may have to start downloading their albums now.


Clyde said...

Ok, ok---you know I will take your recommendation
But---come on---Friday at work---pissing off all of the arseholes---and the night at the pub---
We want details----oh, and you forgot our invitation

Steph said...

Going to see it this arvo. How can you NOT be a fan of that cheesy music? Love it.

MissE said...

I saw the musical with my family back when it was playing here in Adelaide ... over 5 years ago, I think. It was so much fun!

I think I'll see if Mum wants to go see it tomorrow.

phishez_rule said...

Clyde - this was written straight after I saw the movie and scheduled for today. I didn't think I'd be up to doing much.

Steph - you are so going to love it!

MissE - I think the musical would be AWESOME! I've never even been to one. But I would dearly love to. My Nan instilled me with a love for musical movies.

Clyde said...

Ah, a pre planned hangover post.
Very smart Phish