Thursday, November 22, 2007

I am a sad, sad person.

I got a compliment last night. It was a genuine compliment. But its so sad that its had such an impact.

"You have the sexiest eyes when you're giving head."

What can I say. Its true. And it is something that I'm so proud of. Why the fuck does such a dirty compliment give me such a glow? And no, it has nothing to do with the orgasms I had just experienced.

I should get lots of compliments. So today is officially 'compliment phish' day. You can even go buy a nemo badge to show your support. Or you can just leave me a compliment in the comments section. All compliments reciprocated.

P.S. yes, the boobs are coming.


lill said...

Phish, I love your blog, you write so thoughfully and meander over a great range of topics. I think you are a top human being. You've often reflected feelings I've had myself back to me, and your thoughts on them have provided me with great insight. And you have a great sense of humour. Don't feel blue about enjoying your dirty compliment so much, we all need nuggets like that for those moments when we don't feel so sexy or desired.

Cazzie!!! said...

Phishez, I luvs you for being so damned straight with your entries!!

Pie said...

You're beautiful, funny and kick-ass. You can have those for free.

~Miss Smack said...

I was told that I deserved a trophy for it and later he said 'there will never be anyone as good as you' which are ego boosts for sure, but after we broke up, i hoped they came true for him.

I hoped that he would never ever have anyone as good as me.

The T-Dude said...

You have a kindness in your soul that you let few people see.

Dan said...

You know we're going to have to stop meeting like this. :) Yes, I'm back to blogging too. Couldn't stay away from here.

OK compliments for you: You say what's on your mind, you are very honest, you're very sweet (yes!) and you love your kitties. In essence, I think you rock.

oestrebunny said...

Well I think your hair is a really gorgeous colour :)

Anonymous said...

When I wank I think of you.... really I do.

Moi said...

Your blog is so frank and witty and interesting that I check it twice a day sometimes!

unique_stephen said...

you blog makes me think about getting head

fingers said...

I want the same deal as him.
Smoke my bat...get a compliment...

Anonymous said...

hahah, I was NOT expecting that. I thought you were going to write about what a nice smile you had or something.

I'm glad you are getting a bit of under cover lovin' girl.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

That guy is smart. You always want to compliment girls when they do THAT, because that makes them more apt to go down there more often.

Also, you notice how Smack decided to not compliment you, but instead used this time as an opportunity to brag about her OWN skillz at giving blowies.

MissE said...

Phishez - I admire the frank and open way that you post to this bog of yours. I love that you can be so comfortable in your own skin and space. Plus - I don't know about the "when giving head" aspect but one of the first things I noticed in your avatar piccy (way back when it was you and not the was your amazing eyes. So deep and soulful and just a little wicked!

Love ya!

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

It’s your interpretation that the compliment (act) is “dirty.” That’s a cultural thing bequeathed on up by the intolerant “desert religions” of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. Remove the myth of the Garden of Eden and the act and compliment are no longer “dirty.”

That’s my theological comment of the day.

~Miss Smack said...

Shaddup Ken. Posts are meant to make you reflect.... and look out... I'm coming for you next....

~Miss Smack said...

OH, and, I don't want Phish to give me head.. unlike all you male plonkers here.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Phish...I think it's a turn on when a guy compliments you on your fab job while blowing him.

I think you have wonderful eyes and can just imagine you down there looking up at me. hehehe.

Don't run off...It was a compliment. hehehe. Ciao babes.

Princess said...

i want to see those eyes baby. you are a sexy girl x

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

I think you prob DO have nice eyes, from your pics.

Compliment. You are positive and have a good attitude to life.

phishez_rule said...

Lill - Hi. Welcome out of lurksville.

Cazzie - thanks babe. You are one of the most switched on but approachable people I know. I'd love to meet you in the flesh one day.

Pie - kick-ass. Hooray for me. You have one of the quirkiest senses of humour around.

Smack - lol. I hope he doesn't either.

T - lol. Yeah. You are such a sweet guy. Some of the comments that you've left here are absolutely adorable and your other half is so lucky.

Dan - hooray! Nice to have you back.

Oestre - lol. Thanks.

Mutley - I feel honoured.

Moi - lol. You need a life. I love reading about you and Mister. I hope that it all works out, because awesome chicks really do need a happy ending too.

Stephen - lol. Wonder why?

Fingers - hmmm. Pass.

Betty - you're no where near as glad as I am.

Kenneth - he was a one off, so he wasn't going to get it again.

MissE - thanks. I love that you're you.

Nick - hmm. Whether its dirty or not, I still like it.

Smack - hehe you said plonkers.

SZJ - Yeah, I love the way he said it. And I could just imagine looking up at you too.

Princess - rrwowr.

Ingsoc - thankyou. I love that you make me think. You have such a wide variety of topics that you're willing to discuss. And you're open to all sides of the discussion.

honkeie2 said...

damn does that bring back some memories of my ex from high the way what high schol did you go to?