Thursday, November 01, 2007

Random thoughts.

What is it with gay guys and my boobs? Seriously!

Gay men aren't supposed to like boobies, but the gay guys I know are just fascinated by my chesticles.

The Biotch takes every opportunity to grope or poke them. Its become a ritual of sorts, where he'll rub them for luck. Or he'll try to get me unawares. Except for the fact that its as obvious what he's about to do, as any straight man. I don't get it. He's supposed to like penis, not boobies.


I'm going to a dinner dance on Saturday night. I'm so excited, and a bit nervous. I'm not going to know anybody there, except the guy who invited me.


I'm catching up on my blogging. I want to masty, but I'm not going to until I get my blogging done, and finish taking up the hems of my jeans.


I have a new scent. L by Gwen Sefani. I love it to bits. If you're walking past a perfume store, go in and have a smell. Thats me.


I bought Transformers on DVD yesterday, for less than $20. Its a new release. Kudos to me. And I have season three of Greys too.


How cheap are pizzas? Seriously. You can buy a pizza for $5.95 if you've got a voucher. You can't even make them for that price. I bought a pizza base tonight. $4.10. And thats just for the base!


And I'm playing fetch with the cat.


itelli said...

I'm sure if u get the flour, the yeast and everything else, a) u can make a lot of pizzas (almost one every day, which is very tempting) and consequently b) it must work out less than $4 per pizza, per day.

Pizza is the best invention after the internet.

Keshi said...

Enjoy the dinner outing girl!

boobs n gay men? r u sure they're gay? :)

Gotta sniff L then tnxx!

Pizzas r so cheap I agree! Maybe cos when they make em in the bulk, its not so expensive.

awww u n ur cat...darn cute!


colonel eggroll said...

L is an awesome scent. I sniffed one of the samples in my new cosmo, really liked it.

That clip=the cuteness.

OneHungMan said...

Maybe queers like boobs because they're jealous.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Hey Phish. Somehow you fell off my blogroll. I switched 'puters recently and stuff is jacked.

Anyway, you're my first blog-read for the month of November. I feel pretty good about that. I like the blurbs.

What's a voucher? Is that like a food stamp?

BTW, I'm well versed in the economic value of pizza! I just about a 24" pie that I've been eating for 3 days! Can you say "savings?"

Anonymous said...

boobs are fun. Everyone likes boobs. I like penis, but I still like boobs. :-)

why don't you burn... I mean SHARE the Grey's Anatomy season 3 for... I mean WITH me?

Show some Mclove!

fingers said...

Make sure you wash your hands in between fiddling and making pizza.
Otherwise you'll never get the smell out of those anchovies...

Memphis Steve said...

OK, the little comment about wanting to masty just totally blew away my train of thought. Hang on, let me try to think .....

Oh yeah, I have a gay friend who informed me that just because a guy is gay, that doesn't mean that he doesn't sometimes, once in a blue moon, find a woman attractive. So, you may not think so, but your friend just might be getting off on rubbing your boobies every bit as much as I would. Just a thought ... to make you feel very uncomfortable.

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

Well, I got Die Hard $ Thursday night (only released in the shops Tuesday) for a fiver. No questions asked...

Our local takeway does 9inch Pizzas for under a fiver.

Scorpy said...

I'm going to get transformers next week :) When does the second movie come out?

Moi said...

I know what you mean - gay men feel like the have a right to play with your girls because "it doesn't mean anything". The number of times I have been groped by one of my gay husbands when we have been out... I have to admit though, they can be rather fun! :)

Kezza said...

Okay so shall I attempt to clarify? Gay men are simply gay, not blind so that means we can still find a woman hot, sexy, attractive, whatever. Thats not the reason we like boobs though... You see the breast fascination comes from the fact we just don't get to play with them. A dick becomes terribly passe when you have your own and can play with it daily.

On top of that I like your boobies because they are great, plain and simple... You have an ample and shapely bosom to be deservedley proud of.

As for cheap pizza, I can't find a true cheap pizza place near me so I envy you and to make matters worse I think I'm in the only suburb of inner Melbourne where Dominos wont deliver... those bastards!

unique_stephen said...

I'm a lesbian - can I feel your boobs?

Anonymous said...

heheheh, you crack me up. When you wrote, "i want to masty but first I'm finishing my blogs" I thought, oh I wonder what masty means. Then I started thinking, Oh it's probably some new fangdangled word the kids today are using and since I am completely out of the loop....OR it's her phrase for doing her masters at uni...or eat some new food??
Then the lightbulb happened and I went, oh! masturbate! oh I see!

hence the big laughs.

BTW, I am with you on the pizza thing. I make my own and it is so much more expensive than if I got a dominos voucher. Not helpful!

blonde canadian said...

Phish, next time you're in melbourne head to the Lucky Coq or Bimbo's for $4 pizzas. They're big, gourmet and oh-so-moreish.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Perhaps the Biotch envies you your boobs because he wants a pair of ‘em, too?

I thought playing fetch with a cat was impossible. I roll Alex’s catnip filled ball across the floor and he chases it, but never returns it. He just bats it in the opposite direction.

phishez_rule said...

Itelli - I don't think it would ever be that cheap. Really.

Keshi - Oh, I will have fun at the dinner. The pizza stores make their own.

Col - I loved it from first sniff. Its not overpowering either. Very nice.

OHM - is that why you like boobs too?

Bug - I forgive you. A 24" Pie! Shit, thats as big as a bike wheel.

Kelly - I would, but its McWriteprotected.

Fingers - I don't eat fish. That would be cannabalism.

Steve - well if he found me attractive before, I think I cured him of it. I walk around the apartment in a bra and jeans.

Ingsoc - thats value right there.

Scorpy - not soon enough as far as I'm concerned.

Moi - any gropages are fun.

Kez - In my experience, gay men are anything but blind, and honest about it too. Hence, they're great to take shopping. I still have those shoes you picked out for me. Though they're worn and giving me blisters from it.

Stephen - I've never had a lesbian feel my boobages.

Betty - LOL@u! And domino's taste so darn good too!

Blondie - when I head down to Melb, we'll catch a pizza together!

Nick - Hehe. The trick is to make it seem like they're teaching you!

Anonymous said...

You can also make a lot of pies and you don't need the yeast. I don't know why gay men are fascinated by your boobs - maybe if you were to show me I could try to explain... just a thought.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Oh phish, That is so gay, but still I guess I'm gay too, cause I love boobs and I also love big dicks...I just want them on seperate bodies. Both are yummy Ha!

BTW...Gwen Stefani scent...I'll from here on...think of you when I sniff it in a room or on a passer by...I like that.
Ciao babes.

yrautca said...

Is it really that easy to pretend to be gay and get a feel? I must try.

Cazzie!!! said...

Am gunna check out the L perfume today, I want a new one :)

~Miss Smack said...

hahahah I totally loved the video of you and your cat. My cat runs and plays them, but he doesn't bring it back like yours! how clever !

Steph said...

I hear ya with the gay boys fascination with boobies. Methinks they want some, as in, want their own hahaha.

BottleBlonde said...

I couldn't understand the gay fascination with my tits either, until I just read Kezza's response. Apparently boobies are fun for the whole family!

Lowry said...

You don't have to be gay to like boobs. They're just the best things ever. Cheap pizzas are a close second. lol

Professor said...

I too wonder about gay men and boobies- my gay men friends love to give the girls a squeeze...

And I lvoe making homemade pizza but it's a damn sight eaiser and cheaper to buy already done. sometimes i get outdone by my laziness rather than life's simple pleasures!

jali said...

I need more gay men in my life. I want my boobs squeezed. NOW!

Have a ball at the dinner dance!

phishez_rule said...

Mutley - There's been lots of pics of my boobs on this blog. Stick around. I'm sure there will be more.

SZJ - Well, I'd hate to see a guy with a big dick AND big boobs.

Y- if you were close enough I'd let you :)

Cazzie - Its gorgeous. Feminine but not overpowering.

Smack - she thinks she taught me the trick. She thinks I'M well trained.

Steph - then they should just get implants!

BB - I;m not complaining.

Lowry - They are tops aren't they?

Prof - Sometimes its cheaper to be lazy.

Jali - ha! you have the boobs, you can get them squeezed in about 30 seconds if you really wanted to. Just walk up to a passerby and ba all 'bom chicka wah wah'.

Chucky said...

I like boobies! but I'm not gay, so that doesn't really help anything.

Transformers!!! More than meets the eye! Awesome movie!

Memphis Steve said...

I suspect that walking around in an bra and jeans isn't going to cure him of anything, but I could be wrong. It just might encourage him to go bi instead.

phishez_rule said...

Chucky it was fantastic wasn't it?

Steve - Its probably going to reinforce the gayness.

*adelaine said...

either he's pretending to be gay.. or he wished he has them.. hehehhe :)

Josh said...

I'm going to buck the trend and (truthfully) report that 1) I don't like boobies and 2) I don't want to have boobies. Only man-pecs for me, thank you very much.

Still, you do have a nice pair of floatation devices.

phishez_rule said...

Adelaine - since they're so fabulous, I'll say the latter!

Josh - well they've gotta be useful for something. At least I'll survive my next plane crash.

Effortlessly Average said...

Hey, if it would give me an chance to fondle your boobs, I'd pretend to be gay too