Monday, August 04, 2008

I hate my butt. And by belly and my thighs...

My new job is quite sedentary. Its the only thing I don't like about it. Whole days just spent... sitting around. It was great when I was sick. But now its driving me batty. My butt hurts from sitting down all day.

I used to be on my feet, moving around all day, walking to work, dancing and working out at home. But now I have none of that. Well, I have dancing but that's a given I think.

So I'm off to join a gym! I've been looking around at a few places and should be joining soon.

Regards to that guy - he has shown no inclination to cheat. I am attracted to a very unavailable man. I can't avoid it and I don't like it. He doesn't know that I am attracted to him.


Epskee said...

I told you men suck.

Gyms suck too. They're full of men.

Luckily, some of them are HAWT!

Kitty said...

nar! gyms are awesome! they are rammed with sweaty girls and buff boys and i miss it sooooo haaaaard

Obesio said...

I haven't worked out in a gym in 20 years. It has turned into a terrifying phobia.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Get into that gym babes. I met my work out buddy there. You just have to put it in your schedule...and try not to deviate from me.

I have a workout buddy (radio celeb) every MOndays, Wednesdays and Fridays. It's a fexable schedule though. She makes me go when I don't want sometimes. Thank god. Sometimes we skip it and just hang out...can't over do it too.

Ciao it. You will feel fabulous.

Kezza said...

I don't even think I'd even know what do do at a gym... back in highschool I used to go to jazzercise classes, but as for the weights, machines, whatever, I wouldn't have a clue. Plus changerooms kind of scare me but that may just be a body issue thing. Or the fact that I can't help but stare.

As for wanting a man who's totally unavailable, I think thats just human nature. Try being a gay man where 90% of men are off limits (even more in my industry) It's like crush central in my head at times, and I never get what I want in the end (ha ha ha, get it in the end. I'm such a filthy whore!)

Josh said...

Gym sounds like a great idea; you might even find some new eye candy to take your mind off of Mr. Unavailable.

Clyde said...

Take your joggers to work. Find a lunch place that is at least 2ks away from work---fast walk there--and fast walk back.
When daylight saving comes in, get off your train/bus two stops before your stop and walk home.
Oh, and you should wear your sunnies so you can perv along the way

MissE said...

Phish mate, I ALWAYS fall for guys that I cannot have... it's like some bizarre disease of the attraction part of my brain or something. This is why I keep waiting for T to reveal that "something" that means I can't 'have' him either.

I should really join a gym... or at least go walking. *sigh*

phishez_rule said...

Epskee - yeah, but what do you do about the fat, hairy, sweaty grunting men?

Kitty - why'd you stop going to the gym?

Obesio - I'd prefer to work out in a room with the doors and windows locked.

Spiky - everybody needs motivation at times.

Kez - haha. You're such a dirty bitch. Must be why I love you so much.

Josh - I would dearly like that.

Clyde - I thought about walking from work to central station, but after work I just want to go home.

phishez_rule said...

MissE - you are just fab as you are! But if you want to lose weight - check your facebook inbox.

Professor said...

Have fun in the gym if that's what you want!

And too bad about him being married- you can admire from afar...