Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The verdict

So I'm doing something about it!

I am joining a gym. I will be going to classes. I take the stairs all the time. I think it gives my coworkers the shits, because they take the stairs too. My legs hurt.

I have made a new blog. Yes, another one! That brings the total blogs I own to six. It can be found here. But I don't want to do it alone. I want to do this with other people. I have spoken to a few people and asked them if they would like to join. So far the result has been favourable. But I want more, More, MORE!

Check out the blog. If you are interested in joining, let me know.


Joshua said...

You go girl!

xl said...

Best wishes on your workout plan and fitness blog!

I walk about three miles per work day. Plan to return to fencing class early next year.

Professor said...

Goo luck with the new blog AND the weight loss!

fingers said...

Oh, if only I hadn't just signed up for a lifetime membership over at 'The Peking Duck Appreciation Society'...

unique_stephen said...

you'll go twice then not at all for two months.

Anonymous said...

unique_stephen: your optimism blew me away! can you please give me some inspiring thoughts to take with me? that would be swell.


unique_stephen said...

I'm speaking from experience.

I went today for the first time in nearly three months.

I usually do one swim, one spin, one free weights and two pump classes per week.

But with being busy it just got easy not to go. The I hurt my wrist (not saying how) so it has taken a while to find the motivation and fitness to go.

However..... the view at the uni gym is good and promotes the perennial question:
Is it wrong to look at cute chicks girl parts in the gym when they stretch, do sit ups or whatever and the itsy-bitsy but slightly loose boy pants they wear fall to the side and you can see their fashion in Tasmanian haircuts? Cauz I find myself all crazy pervy hot like and think I’ll go read Steph’s blog and let go some steam.

Anonymous said...

hehe, you hurt your wrist but not saying how. no fewer words said so much. :)

You are right about the gym thing though. they are easy to join and hard to attend for most of us.
But Steph is different! she's a woman on a mission. GO Steph!!

phishez_rule said...

Joshua - yes, I do go don't I?

XL - I'm still doing dancing. But its more educational than fitnees.

Prof - ta babes!

Fingers - I'm a member of the Poking Dick Appreciation Society. Much better exercise.

Stephen - haha! You are a dag. The gym I'm joining does month to month ongoing memberships. No lock in contracts. And its never wring to perve on chicks. Just remember its impolite to stare.

Kate - ME-OW! you're a cack!

unique_stephen said...

IMHO - don't plan to before work. It is just too hard to keep up the momentum, especially when you have a week off because it is raining or you are on holidays etc.

Make it a date with somebody else.