Sunday, December 16, 2007

I know I promised a work rant, but lets face it... who wants to read that bullshit?

Its probably best I don't mention anything anyway. I've had enough of the bullying and discrimination. I've gone above his head to our boss, and requested that HR get involved. A formal complaint will be lodged.

And I'll be out of the hellhole by the end of January. I've applied to work at call centres that have constant intakes. I'd rather waste my degree than stay with those fuckwits.


electro-kevin said...

Are you sure ?

By the way, your text gets mixed up with your blogskin and is difficult to read.

You seem to undervalue yourself.

Easy for me to say ? Yup.

Well I've fucked things up enough times to know. So I'm qualified to say ...

Stick your ground. Never give an inch. Fuck 'em. Don't budge until you've been fired.

Harbour a steely determination, hold a fixed gaze and keep your shoulders back and your tits high, grow a thick carapice and behave with a rugged donkeyness - they will be shit scared of you I promise. Above all they will eventually respect you.(Sooner than you can imagine)

You're better than this, Phishez.

Oh, another thing. Don't ever shag another schmuck again. Have you no idea of your true worth ?

Ms Smack said...

Bullys are the scum of the earth. I hope you nail his mother-fucking ass to a written document that is permanently on record. If you haven't already, start writing it all down, how the behaviour affected you and throw it at them.

Goodluck, stay strong and keep us posted.

Steph said...

Not a call center! Anything but a call center, it's just soul destroying!!!

Betty said...

I like the tough talk from electro-kevin. I love how guys lay it down straight.

Don't you dare work in a call centre - even working in Coles as a checkout chick would be better than that!

Stay solid within yourself ok? and good luck..hold your head up high.

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

Drastic decision.

Are you sure?

Kezza said...

At the end of the day you're all grown up now so you know what you're doing, but just keep in mind that you are better than call centre drudgery. Sure, if you only intend to do it for a short time to get you by then no sweat, however I don't want to hear that you've gotten caught up in it. You know as well as I do (and all your other readers) that you have the potential to do much better.

Josh said...

Lots of wise words above already so I will just say this...

Just try and sell me a photocopier that is paid for by my phone bill or ring me during dinner to change telecom carriers, to paint my roof or buy a life time supply of toner cartridges...go on, make my day.

I hope you calls are monitored for quality assurance, they should be quite funny and make for good blog fodder until your new direction kicks in.

fingers said...

How about combining a career in call-centres with your new-found fondness of anonymous sex and opening your own 1800-number...

phishez_rule said...

EK - I have been sticking my ground, but I've had enough. I always fight back. I said something to the guy on Friday that had him physically stepping back about 2 feet.

Smack - I have 2 interviews already as a result of handing out my resume on the weekend. And I'm still a contender for the job I've already interviewed for.

Steph - better than where I am now.

Betty - Its an inbound call centre if it helps.

Ingsoc - definitely.

Kez - if I get caught up in it, I give you permission to come up here and kick me in the head.

Josh - lol. I'm only applying for inbound call centres/customer service. I'm not THAT stupid.

Fingers - that's actually a damn good idea.

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

Just don't work for a complaints line. It's supposed to be uite stressful.

Or debt collection. That's supposed to be pretty wounding, as well.

Ms Smack said...

hey, can you send me your resume? I worked in recruitment for years, and might be able to help you find a well-paid government job.

Professor said...

Taking control! I LIKE that- you go girl- and chin up- it sounds like it'll be over soon!