Tuesday, December 18, 2007

'Tis the season to be a lard ass.

Did I say back in the fat days yesterday? Cuz the fat days soooo aren't over. I baked. Because I'm a tight arse. Fuck I hate the people I work with. Useless fuckers. Anyhoo. I baked for them. Faaarrkkk did I bake for them.

  • Cookies and Cream Cheesecake
  • Franjelico Balls
  • Caramel and Macadamia Slice
  • Lemon Coconut Slice
  • Anzac Buiscuts
Quite a few people got a box with a selection of everything. After I finished boxing up everything I nibbled some offcuts. And now I feel fat. I could easily post a picture of all the goodies I baked. Make it like a spread from Better Homes and Gardens.

Instead I choose to post a pic more suited to Weight Watchers!

Here is my disgusting flabby belly.

I am such a pig. No wonder nobody wants me.


oestrebunny said...

Seriously, you have to stop it. That is no way to talk about yourself. Your a beautiful, bright, funny woman Phish. Any man would be lucky.

Ms Smack said...

Yeh what Bunny said. Knock it off!

Big deal you ate some off-cuts. Its not like you went and had a McDonalds large size meal, lazed on the sofa and masturbated - oh wait, thats me.(kidding)

Come on. Wallow for awhile and remember the positives, how hard you've worked and hey, you're a bright, smart, funny chickie.

smooch x

electro-kevin said...

Not a 'pig', Silly-Billy !

You will always have natural curves - men love 'em. They really do y'know. I know I do.

OK you know this anyway - you could do with losing a stone to make you just perrrrfect. (By that I mean 'phwoar !' perfect.) You have a enigmatic and spectacularly beautiful face and lurrvly boobies. It wouldn't take a miracle, or very long at all, for you to be exactly what you want to be, would it ? I don't think the low moods are helping - a cycle of melancholy and comfort eating puts the pounds on everyone.

Start by faking a smile even if you don't feel like it. It feels good anyway. So does correct posture - shoulders back etc; you get an instant lift. Breath deep and exhale get some fresh air in your lungs.

Phishez - I suffer very sad moods too accompanied with very low self-esteem. Actually I become a kindlier person with it so it's not all bad. I find that this chap's books really help:

Dr Richard Carlson

Google for a list of his work. Stop Thinking Start Living really helps me when I'm low. It's no bullshit advice and spares no punches I might add.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

sweetie...babes, You are losing the weight. you are on the road to getting to where you want to be.

Don't beat yourself up babes...we fall and we pick ourselves up and hey, sweetie babes, I want you. I think it would be fab to cuddle up close like with you nekkit and have you as my g/f. I know...you dig the guys. Darn.

Sweetie, don't think that way...you have worked hard to get to your goal. I believ you can do it. So what...a few bits is what you ate. Ha...sweetie I too have to hoild back on my wants. Sugar is so bad for me...diabetic me wants to swim in sugar but i pick myself up and say...okay, have to start again. Lets work this together. okay...but hey if ever you decide you could do a chick at least once...think of Spiky. :P

itelli said...

When I was a "pig", I found it a very motivating thought. This doesn't mean you are one. But unlike the other people in this comment box, I ain't gonna say lose weight or don't lose weight. I'll just say, if u feel like a pig (i am saying again, I too have been there) test ur limits. See how far u can go. If u feel like u don't, then don't :)

I understand I often come across as very raw and harsh, but this is what I honestly believe.

Professor said...

Get those pics off- they are only going to make you feel worse! (And it was nice of you to bake. And this time of year no one is fat!)

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Wow...and I thought I was too hard on myself....you're even worse than me! We're always our own worst critic, you know.

And I'll tell you a little secret. I haven't stopped eating since December 1st (well, except to sleep and poop and stuff), I swear I haven't.

I'll be back on the "gotta lose this weight" bandwagon soon as January 1st comes around. I'd hate to quit drinking all those yummy liquors and ales before then...what a waste of a great New Years, right :)

Hang in there...it'll come back off...it did before, right? Right!

OneHungMan said...

You know, sometimes the truth hurts, and this is probably one of those times.

Are you obese? No.

Could you stand to be on the dreadmill a little more? Definitely.

Kezza said...

You baked. Without me there to sample. Sigh. Now I have the biggest cheesecake-craving ever.

You know those cunts at your work don't deserve it, but the cunts at my work for example... Shall I send you the address??

Anonymous said...

for god's sake phish, take those photos off and do not talk about yourself like that - there are enough assholes in the world happy to point out your (my) faults and flaws, without us beating up on ourselves.

You wouldnt' have this many people come to your site daily if they didn't think what you said and who you ARE is fabulous enough.
Now cut the crap and hold your head up high. Most people who get big, really big, never change or make the effort to change.
you already have. you've done an awful lot of hard work.

Josh said...

Hey, stop beating up on yourself. You have done well getting from there to here. Not sure what your goal is but it is closer now than ever from what I can see.

I sure didn't notice the few extra kg (and you were polite enough about my few extra inches) while doing the wild thang at Steph's party.

You rock, so build a fucking bridge and get over it.

Kitty said...

Hey Phish, I feel like you do. I weigh about 8 stone and I have a good healthy BMI, I can see my muscles when I flex and I workout endlessly. I restrict my calories and obsess about my diet and my body all day and half the night.

I loath my body intensely. When I post pictures on my blog, I feel like you felt posting yours. It doesn't fucking matter a damn what other people think.

Everyone tells me how lovely I look and they all probably think I post those photos to be told I'm sooooo hot and all that. I don't see it. I see a fat disgusting pig and I hate my body. It's not good enough.

If you dislike what you see in the mirror, you need to find out what is preventing you from becoming the person you want to be (on the outside).

You are an interesting, intelligent and clever girl. You are young, you are free and you are very pretty - just like other have said. You aren't a fat pig, you are a bit overweight. x

Memphis Steve said...

Nobody wants you? After that post about loving to give blogjobs? Honey, EVERYBODY wants you!

Sophie-Anne said...

You are working on it...and that's more then most do. So be kinder to yourself, stop negative thoughts, and your turn in Scrabulous ;)

fingers said...

What Betty said.
Take the fucking photos down and stop wallowing.
You're a funny chick.
Wanna lose weight; eat less and walk more...it's not one of life's mysteries...

Rups said...


I know it probably isn't the typical curative but I always think that we do spend a lot of time in this body quandary and with the passing years it becomes more so, but one thing that consoles me with my own shape and form is that a person may put in a life-times worth of upkeep on themselves but if they have neglected their minds over that then they are lost, because I'd rather have natures way with my body and a brilliant mind.

So that's Rups philosophical natter out of the way - I prescribe a ticket to Melbourne and a rigorous few weeks Sexercise!

xoxo Rups

electro-kevin said...

Have a Happy Christmas, Phishez.


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Jeez, woman, stop kicking yourself.


Alex says, "please. OK?"

The furball and I love you, fat ot slim.

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

Phish, nobody's perfect.

Why so down?

You're a pretty girl and more importantly, a good person.

poody said...

More cushion for the pushin' sis! At least you are under 200 lbs. I am aspiring to me that! it took a while to get it on it will take a while to get it on(so to speak) I haven't had pizza or french fries since July! ACKK!!

MissE said...

Phishez - photos only get to stay if you are going to promise to stop calling yourself a pig. Coz you are not. I have photos to match yours - I've been keeping a photo log of my gut since I started on the "get happy with my body" path last year. But I keep them to remind me of where I am coming from and where I am going.

No castigating yourself! Please? You are more than just a body - you are an amazing looking woman, with a face to die for! Add to that a killer personality, well, anyone who is simply judging you on your body right now is a dickhead. And that includes you!

We are our worst enemies. So what? So you slipped and ate cut offs - did you eat the whole thing? No! Do you do it every night? No! So why worry?

Anyway, Stay strong - have more faith in yourself.