Saturday, March 17, 2007

Bits of stuff

This last week has been pretty full on. And when I say pretty I mean ugly. One staff member is on holidays, one has been away sick. Monday I was the only staff member for my department at work. Another had called in sick and one was on a rostered day off.

For the maths people thats five staff members normally. But only me on Monday.

Monday and Tuesday are our busiest days. And with our work we can't really put anything aside for later. The weeks work has to be done.

I ended up asking some others who share our department to help out. And that was the overall tone for the week. Furiously busy. We sat when we could. Wolfed down our food during breaks and used the rest of the time to discuss work matters.


By Thursday I was waking up grinding my teeth. When I went shopping I was grinding my teeth. Friday at work I was grinding my teeth.

The two biggest signs of a stressed Phishy - grinding teeth and stuttering. The former happens in acute situations and the latter on chronic situations.

I went out last night with the Gay Biotch. To a straight club. I haven't ground my teeth today. My jaw hurts. Feels like its been wrapped around a big doodle for about three hours. But I feel better in myself. I need to clean up, but more than that I need to relax. So it can wait.

I had (low fat) waffles for dessert. With (low fat) English toffee ice cream and caramel topping. I wish I had Nans recipe for caramel sauce (hint hint Jana). That would be absolutely yumm-o.

I have two very important posts coming up in the next week. Maybe not very important. But one is a 'WTF' post, unless it gets sorted. The other... relates to this post.


This towel,
Draped across me,
Fits to every curve,
Moulds to my body.

Warm and soft,
Wrapped around me.
Comfortable as my own,
Sensual as another's,
It is a second skin.
Warms and protects my senses.


Desirea Madison said...

Did you write that poem after a shower? Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Cazzie!!! said...

Well, try doing some quiet breathing exercises Phishy.. they relaz your jaw and relax the muscles and prevent the chawing of teeth..and also the stutter. Hope this week is not as hectic for you.
Nice little poem at the end there :)

Steph said...

My brother grinds his teeth and just spent a fortune having them repaired. Unless your rich. Don't do it.

poody said...

I think there is a device you can wear at night for the night grinding. Bless! I had a rough week too but hey the weekend is always a godsend huh?

Josh said...

Try to avoid grinding your teeth if possible. You just might need that jaw for an actual doodle, you never know. ;)

phishez_rule said...

Desi - yeah, what gave that away?

Cazzie - no more grinding of the teeth.

Steph - I like my teeth. Even if I was rich I'd hate to have them fixed

Poody - If I ever get stressed enough to do that, I would quit my job

Josh - mmm. Doodle.

Professor said...

"Feels like its been wrapped around a big doodle for about three hours" that is funniest thing I've read in a LOOOONG time!