Monday, March 19, 2007

I'm so angry with my supervisor right now.

I have a job interview this week. Hooray for me right?

Apparently not!

When the interview was arranged last week I went and saw my boss and arranged to have a half day off. By choice I elected to not have the full day. Work still goes on, and Wednesdays are no exception.

My boss seemed a little disheartened. Which made me feel like a bitch because he's a great guy and an awesome boss. But he accepted it and told me to fill out a leave form. Which I did.

Today my supervisor comes up and tells me that my leave should have been approved through him first. I told him that I went to the boss-man as soon as I found out I needed time. Supervisor asked what I needed time off for. I told him I needed to do something in the city. He asked what. I told him I had a job interview. He clammed up and left.

Walking down the corridor a bit later and he catches sight of me. And he comments 'We just bought overalls for you'. I replied 'I told you I was still looking'. Which was true. He asks me if I went for the job at *insert name here*. I told him yes. And he starts to tell me that the facilities at the place I applied were substandard 'catacombs with no windows'. Then he tells me that he's being really positive about all of this.

I get what I need from the store room and return to my work area. Where he is telling two of my co-workers about my interview. Two co-workers that I didn't want to know. They start commenting on how the director was full on and would have me writing scientific papers. Which I would love.

I told three people at work. I chose to not tell anybody else because I'd look like a real dick if I didn't get the job. My choice was to look like said dick, or be the bitch for not telling them.

I figured that everyone would know about the interview by the end of the day. So regardless I'd look like a dick. I told.

I feel like I was forced into it. I feel like my supervisor is trying to convince me to stay, by telling me how good I have it there, and how bad everything else is at the other place. I feel like I'm nothing more than a bit of gossip. I want to be able to make up my own mind. Before today I know I would have had a heart wrenching choice to make, if I was even offered the job. But now....

Its different now.


nailpolishblues said...

Hooray for your job interview.

Seriously though never give them a reason other than 'personal' for annual leave - it's none of their business and, if your work place is anything like most of them, they really don't deserve your courtesy and they really don't need to know.

mist1 said...

We just bought overalls for you...

There's a line that would convince me to stay. Although, I do look adorable in my overalls.

poody said...

girl, you should have just called off sick and be done with it!What the hell kind of job do you have that entails overalls?

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

Go where you think the people are nicest and most fun.
If you enjoy where you are now, stay.
If not, leave.

i'll leave you to cogitate...

Josh said...

I agree that it's really no business of theirs what you do on your off-time.

Steven Novak said...

I look horribile in overalls.

Makes my ass look flabby.

Just sayin'. ;)


Cazzie!!! said...

Go for it, I hope you get it and shove it up their clackers. I know how you feel about not telling people until you get a job that you ahve actually gotten it!!! Suckers!!!

dirk.mancuso said...

My boss tries crap like that to make people feel like they would be leaving the best job in the history of ever.

Thankfully, I know better.

(And I think you do too...)

phishez_rule said...

nails - Sometimes I don't think to well when I'm in a defensive position

Mist - i guess someone has to look good in ovaryalls

Poody - I had too much work to do this week.

Ingsoc - cogitate. I like that word

Josh - yep

Steve - they're just not that flattering. Unless you're mist.

Cazzie - I hope I get it too

Dirk - If people have to be told its the best job in the world... it just ain't

Professor said...

what a complete and total jerk for telling. that's your private business. screw 'em- next time call in sick on an interview day- that's what they get! you were honest and they--- buggers!