Sunday, March 04, 2007

M-m-Mardi Gras!!!

Yes. It is that time of year. When Sydney gathers together and turns gay. And being quite a dedicated fag hag I joined in. Me, the roomie, and the gay biotch went to the parade.

OMG. It was fantasmic.


I'm such a fag hag.

What are the odds that, of the half a million people lining the streets, I'd meet up with a guy that I knew (as a friend of a friend) in High School. Two states and about 7 years ago. And that we would remember each other. Apparently pretty fucking good. Might go buy me a lottery ticket!

I left early though. I'm not too good with crowds. I need room to dance, wasn't interested in drinking and am straight - so nil chance of picking up. There was also the fact that it would have been me and the gay biotch, and he had already stated that he wouldn't pick up if it meant that someone would be left alone. Thats so considerate. Buuut since it was Mardi Gras I didn't want to get in his way. So I headed off when my housemate did.

Her boyfriend was picking us up at Pyrmont, so we decided to walk there. That was a smart move... NOT!!!

On the 'Gras side of Hyde Park no-one blinked at two flutterbye girls walking toghether. But once we got to the other side... fuck you could pick the stragith guys. Mostly by the double takes and the stares. There were three guys, just near Darling Harbour, that were waiting for the lights to change. Guy #1 galnces up at us, stops and stares. Guy #2 turns to Guy #1 to say something, looks in the same direction, stop snad stares. Guy #3 turns to Guys #1 and #2, sees them staring at soemthing, look s in our direction, stops and stares. And as we walk past them, they turn as one, tracking us. Picture the clown game at the carnival, the one where you put ping pong balls into their mouths and win a prize. It was like that, the way they all turned their heads at the exact same speed. Very creepy. One of them tried a wolf whistle. Didn't quite work. Waay to drawn out for a start, and had to stop and take a breath between 'woot' and 'woo'!


Cazzie!!! said...

Glad you had a great time :)

Josh said...

Tempted to make a joke about the "ping pong balls in their mouths" comment, but I'll refrain. ;)

phishez_rule said...

Cazzie - ta

Josh - yeah, I was tempted too but it was waaay to obvious.