Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Cut or Uncut?

Its a big question. Do you like your snags with their skin off or skin on? Most Penis fanatics that I talk to seem to have a preference for cut, or no preference at all. I have never met someone who prefers uncut.

At this point I'd like to put some background to this topic. Where I work, we have our main group who are a pack of bitch faced cunts. Nah, I'm only kidding. Only one of them is.

And then there are the people that each individual team member works with individually. Whatawaste and Married Man are two of mine. They only work in areas that are my responsibility.

One of the older gals who works in another persons area was in today. And I started chatting to her. The topic of discussion was the collection of tissue for genetic testing. She had to genotype some animals that will be used as breeders, but they are beyond the age where they can just have a small sample taken. So she had to take them away, anaesthetise them, take a tiny tiny piece of skin, recover them, and bring them back. Lot of hassle. Then she compares it to circumcision. Saying its not more painful when your young. Which is quite a valid point.

And then the discussion went very far away from work. Apparently circumcision has medical benefits. There is a very aggressive form of cancer that guys can get. And it is prone to all kinds of infections if they aren't up to scratch with hygiene. And sometimes the foreskin doesn't grow during early childhood, and things can get quite... tight down there. It can harden, which I imagine would be uncomfortable.

We both seemed to be avoiding the ultimate - it looks better and makes the sex one hell of alot of fun! Guys are more sensitive when they're cut.

I have a clear preference for cut for those reasons. To me a penis is a recreational object. So I don't have to worry about the medical side of it. If it looks clean and feels better then give ti the fuck to me.

Having said that, I'm not going to turn a guy away because he's uncut. Nor am I going to pick a guy based on wetger he wears a hoodie or a turtleneck. but guys who are cut get more head.

So, ladies and gents. Your turn. Cut or uncut?


speedwobble said...

Cut looks prettier.

Uncut feels nicer.

I won't give head to anyone who hasn't showered recently, but don't otherwise care.

No real preference, I guess. It's the REST of the flesh that's attached to the penis that makes all the difference...

apositivepessimist said...

Cut but then I have not had uncut so I guess I really have no physical experience to compare with. Visually [from pics etc] cut looks "neater".

"...are a pack of bitch faced cunts."...just cracked my fat arse up, that did.

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

I had no idea what a 'snag' was till now.
This might e a culture thing. Circumcision is ungood in the UK, something no bloke would admit having suffered. There was akind in our year at school who'd had it and God did he suffer.
Generally speaking it is true that possessing foreskinn does provide more sensation to both parties- though you have to make an effort to clean under it, which I guess some tramps don't.
all medical opinion I have read says it serves no medical benefits- (I cite Desmond Morris as a case point.)
I just wish birds didn't keep catching it in their teeth.

mist1 said...

I want to do a blindfolded test. Wait, I've already done that.

Trundling Grunt said...

Um, can I take the fifth at this point?

poody said...

In America it is common practice to circumsize but I think in Europe it is only if you are Jewish. Like I don't think a lot of Germans have circumsicions done.As far as it not hurting as much when they are young is very subjective indeed. As a nurse who has witnessed circumsicion on infants it looks like it hurts to me! I am under the impression that this is when men become obessed with their penis. I swear this is a true statement. I have seen men in a coma who before they have any other purposeful movement will reach for their penis like to make sure it is still there. In the neuro unit we called it the penis sign. It was a sure sign they were getting better and coming out of their coma!

Josh said...

Many argue that uncut is more "natural." Philosophically, I'd have to prefer uncut for this reason, because it's essentially genital mutilation. But culturally, we've all been brought up used to seeing and being comfortable with the circumcised penis, and that's probably what I tend to prefer to see...

Josh said...

"...it's essentially genital mutilation..."

"It" here is circumcision, of course.

phishez_rule said...

Speedy - Purely from the point of the penis, I prefer it to be attached to someone who knows how to use it.

Pessimist - i'm glad you find me entertaining

Ingsoc - I'm always very careful with my teeth. I only use them as a self defence mechanism. And occasionally to bite an ass.

Mist - I aspire to pass that test. Might need a bit more practice

Grunt - Did you misplace your penis?

Poody - LMAO. I'm so putting that fact in my brain now

Josh - its strange how you prefer what you're culturally bought up to see, taste and feel. In Oz you can get both, depending on your age.

Professor said...

I vote for cut; however, if he knows how to use it well, I could care less!