Tuesday, March 06, 2007

"The Games We Play" and other stories

Well. He came into work today. The first time I've seen him since he told me about his girlfriend. And on the surface nothing has changed. He used to have me assist him, but since I was completely flat out today, and while I was away he had to do the work himself, I let him work alone. He came down just before we left. Just before I got changed from my oversized, unflattering overalls, into my slamming hot dress. And just before I left, I made sure to go talk to him about locking up. I just 'happened' to open the door all the way, which just 'happened' to give him a full view. And then I just 'happened' to walk away, without him seeing how big that dress makes my butt look!!!

If you're gonna fuck with someone, make sure you wear protection.

I'm NOT going to make this a long term mind fuck. I do still like the guy, and I would like to keep this as a friendship. But he led me on, so I'm gonna make him twist in the wind. Just for a little while.

Have you ever had a brain fart? When your brain randomly puts something together in a bubble and pops it an inopportune time? I had one of them today. It was a memory-fart.

When I was in year seven we had an assignment for science. We had to take some force (gravity, inertia etc), research it and make a presentation based on it. My group had inertia. I remember that. One group, consisting mostly of girls I went to primary school with, had static electricity. And they made a song. For some reason today, this memory fart popped and released it. I choose to share here.

(To the tune of "With a girl like you")

I want, to spend my life, with electrostatic.
And, get zapped all day, in the windy weather

Get-ting zapped is fun
Come on and join in everyone
Getting zapped by static


I'm still having problems using ANY javascript button in blogger. My apologies. I really want to comment on everybody's blogs, but I just can't.

My love to you all.


Cazzie!!! said...

I am sure this memory fart will pop up in my kind next school holidays when we go to Science Works..once again!! We go see the lightening show every holidays and they speak of inertia..I will humm the tune , LOL.

mist1 said...

This is just a tease without a photo of the dress.

poody said...

Funny I call a brain fart when I can't remember something!

Cazzie!!! said...

Hey yeah I agree with Mist1, never happened if there's no pic girl :)

Josh said...

I had problems with Javascript stuff on my blog for a while too... then eventually the problem just went away. I think they must be doing maintenance on the Blogger servers.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm sure someone with so much charisma & allure would have not problem taking this lads breath away besides, from your blogs I think your rather quite charming with a dash of diana ross and a hint of the no saint... ciao. Brian

phishez_rule said...

Cazzie - Its very memorable. And you'll have to take my word on it

Mist - i like to tease

Poody - hmm. Maybe thats what it really is. And we aussies have twisted it upside down and inside out.

Josh - I fixed it. I went away from IE and now run in mozilla

Brian - only a hint of no saint?

Professor said...

Oh let the bugger twist in the wind for a bit- the jerk, he so deserves it!

And speaking of brain fart, I'll give you this giggle of a brain fart. Last night Cowboy told me he has a few mice in his house- ranch/ country/ etc... And I expressed my displeasure at the little scurrying creatures and referred to them as mices. Yup- brain fart moment brought to you by the English teacher. MICES. sheesh!

phishez_rule said...

Prof - Haha. Bet he loved that!