Wednesday, September 05, 2007

My Creativity

These are the pages from the back of my uni exercise book. When I actually attended a lecture, and I got bored, then I scribbled and scrawled. These are from my last year. Obviously, there was a few things that I wanted to recreate.


Anonymous said...


The T-Dude said...

I'm a doodler too. It is often the most productive thing to come out of a meeting!

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

And just what the hell is wrong if it DOES rain peanuts, huh? ;)

Love the fishy...:)

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Hmmm…Perhaps I should have saved all of my university notebooks, if not for the information contained then for the great drawings that I, like you, dear Phishez, created during classes.

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

I used to do cartoons of my mates, usually involving things they had done whilst drunk.

Some were masterpieces of satire, in my opiion.

Others were pretty crude.

jali said...

what class was this?

I like the long earred dog. it reminds me of dog I remember from an illustration in a book of fairie tales.

fingers said...

Marvellous stuff, Phishez.
If I ever buy a cave, I'd like you to do the wall drawings...

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Hey, you can draw!

Keshi said...

sweet! I used to do the same at some lectures... :)

btw ur in my latest hun!


Cazzie!!! said...

Man..I used to do the same thing, usually in Pharmacology..the lecturer was boring, LOL

MissE said...

I like the Leafmaze - something about it just draws the eye.

And harking back to last post - dinner tonight for me is ... SUSHI!!! I'm hitting the sushi train and then going to see "The Bourne Ultimatum"... mmmmm, sushi and Jason Bourne. Sweet!

Anonymous said...

dont' be pissed at me but this reminded me of Napoleon Dynamite how he draws his mythical legends on his school books. :)

Josh said...

So did you ever make it to Kenya? If not, make that trip happen some day..

phishez_rule said...

Kelly - thats a new favourite word of mine! Goes well with fantasmic.

T - doodling actually means that you're absorbing more of whats being said.

Stacy - its like salty hail.

Nick - I don't have the notes anymore. I tore them out and filed them with the rest of my uni stuff.

Ingsoc - I guess it would depend on what they did when they were drunk!

Jali - that was either biochemistry (while waiting for beer to brew) or biometrics (statistics).

Fingers - I'll give you mates rates.

Bug - thats about the extent of it.

Keshi - I read. Thanks. I'll pop over and do my comments later this arvo.

Cazzie - you need something to entertain you!

MissE - sounds like a fun evening.

Betty - Proves I've got an active imagination.

Josh - its a cartoon thing. Search Kenya on my blog and follow the link provided. It was hellishly entertaining when you're drunk, trying to sing it, and not knowing the words.

Josh said...

Weren't sure if those were ears or antlers on the dog, but cool either way. You should look into one of those doodle interpretation guides to see if you can decipher some hidden meaning in your doodles. Of course, it'd be more useful to do with present-day doodles, but looking up old doodles and see what your subconscious was trying to say could be revealing.