Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Its funny how you adopt your friends mannerisms. Here are a few that I've picked up and use on a regular basis.
  • 'Funny, that.' Instead of saying 'duh' or 'no shit'. Works best when someone states the obvious. I got this one from Fel, my bestie from first year uni.
  • I say 'man' and, to a lesser extent, 'dude'. These have been added to my repertoire by Green Eyes.
  • 'Brilliant!' From Whatawaste.
  • There's a guy at work who we see occasionally, and for days after he's visited, everybody says 'Cool Banana's.'
  • My favourite would have to be 'Good Morning' or just 'Morning!' as a greeting. Only the 'good' is really drawn out (guuurd) and the 'morning' is said really quickly. I particularly love it because you can say it to anybody at any time of the day and they automatically parrot it back to you without realising. I got this one from my Michelle, my bestie from the later years at uni.
I personally have a saying that shits me. I say it without realising. I say 'OK' but with a kind of N sound at the beginning. I used to do that 'I dunno' that Homer Simpson does without moving his tongue. But I don't say that much anymore.

What are your sayings? Or have you ever picked up someone else's sayings?


Anonymous said...

I keep wanting to call everybody baby and that is because kitty does it and she has got under my brain!! I am spending far too much time on the internet. Lucky we are off to the beach soon for 5 days without the web.

MissE said...

After a year of teaching at my school I was horrified to discover that I had added "munted" to my vocabulary... as well as "that's gold!"

The former is due to my students who use it to express when something is not to their liking or malfunctioning in some way, the second was from a co-worker who used it to express how good he thought everything he did was... usually accompanied by pointing his index fingers skyward like an AFL goal ump and waving them about a bit for emphasis.

phishez_rule said...

Betty - what? no blogging for FIVE days! What are we going to do?

MissE - when we were at uni we gave one of my friends a sockpuppet for her birthday. Its name was 'munty the munted sockpuppet', and he covered her bottle of vodka, which we got for her too.

oestrebunny said...

One we've taken to using, my friends and I is 'Captain Obvious strikes again' to be used when someone points out the obvious hehe or 'No shit, Sherlock' that one also goes down well.

I have noticed though that through reading some blogs the word 'dude' has wormed it's way into my vocabulary.

Josh said...

I have used "leg-end" for years after a mate asked me if I knew the term in relation to the porn industry.

He had been reading about Ron Jeremy. The words on the page appeared something like;

"...Ron Jeremy is a leg-
end in the industry..."

I pissed my self laughing when he showed it to me and I figured out what he was on about.

I still don't know why he thought I would be a good resource for porn lingo...

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

I picked up "no worries" from Crocodile Dundee back in the 1980s and I still use it!

Miss Smack said...

I picked up 'reeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaally?" dragged out from my best friend, B.

And also 'is that right?'

heeh stupid.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

That’s interesting. I find that I have picked up and used such sayings not only from acquaintances, but also from characters in books:

“By the perfidious balls of Judas” and other similar exclamations (such as “By the two balls of Joseph and Mary”) from Trevanian’s novel Shibumi

“It don’t look good, do it?” from Lawrence Sanders’ character Archie McNally.

“Acceptable” (for “well done”) from Rex Stout’s character Nero Wolfe.

“Dude” from my acquaintance, Claire, an exotic dancer, who can never remember a male’s name, to which I added “dudette” as a response to her when she addressed me as “dude.”

Anonymous said...

Crikey! Thankfully I do not do this...It would drive me to the edge of madness..

Natalia said...

Oh yeah. I pick up stuff from people all the time. And sometimes from my students. I have to watch that one.


Crashdummie said...

Gotto confess, I alway raise my eyebrow and say "How you doin" to my friends ala Joey Tribbiani...

always cracks me & them up ;)

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Phish...well here at the farm, everyone just says...Shit Howdy!

I have to mention these from that first year on the police force...like, "Fuck me through a rolling donut." Oh, and "See yah round...like a donut."

I know, you pick up all kinds of peculier things at a donut shop waiting for stuff to happen.

Ciao babes.

Angela said...

You're pretty but the pic is kind of weird. Like "hi I'm all relaxed in bed" but you aren't because someone is taking a pic of you.

It's weird.

fingers said...

I've found myself saying 'Phishez, you filthy blog-stealing cybercunt' a lot lately.
I think I picked it up over at Uber's site...

RAFFI said...

i always say "dude" but spell it "dood" and i call women "babies" when with my male friends - this was inspired from the great film "swingers"

poody said...

When something or some one gets up my nose so to speak I say they are "working me" as in working on my last good nerve. Also, "hell to the no" is another saying I am fond of. Oh, and "they are poking me with a stick" if someone is bothering me as in Steve Irwin; when he came tp visit Texas he went out in search of rattlesnakes. He found a den of them and took a stick and poked at them !You get the picture! So I say "they are poking me with a stick" if they are "working me"!

George said...

One I say a lot is ... absolutely witha slight variation of ... abso-fucking-lutely ... notice the correct usage of the - (dash to Americans, hyphens to the rest of us).

The one I mate most also invloves some of my American friends ... you know what I'm saying ... no I don't so please say it again

MissE said...

Hey phish... have you gone and looked at that Angela chick's blog? wow. Talk about towering intellect central! *grin*

I love how relevant her comment is to your actual post ... hence my curiosity as to who would say something so utterly asinine.

Anyway... back to work!

redcap said...

misse, one of my mates says "munted" too, but it's interchangeable for "really, really shit-faced" in her vocabulary.

I'm horribly suggestible. I'll even pick up a strong accent if I'm around someone for a few hours. I picked up "ja" and "ag, man!" from the South African contingent and because of bloody Skype, I still say it.

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

We seem to have developed a habit in our little group of making simple statements such as, instead of 'Phosh is tired', saying 'The tired Phish', or instead of saying 'Mutley is gardening', saying 'The gardening Mutley'.

colonel eggroll said...

Instead of saying fucking, I sometimes say king because it sounds like you're censoring yourself. There is a place in town called the king buffet, which inspired the whole thing. So sometimes I'll say: "I'm going to the KING buffet!" and laugh like a crazy person.

Also, last night while watching barbarella with eddie, I commented that "the pussy was the bomb" because I had the ben folds cover of bitches ain't shit on repeat in my head and just blurted it out.

phishez_rule said...

Ostre - maybe its the blogs that put 'dude' in there.

Josh - By that logic I shouldn't know anything about porn lingo either.

Bug - we use that over here.

Smackers - no condescension there.

Nick - Sayings from books. Interesting. I have some Harry Potter quotes floating around my brain.

Mutley - Its good. It saves you from having to think for yourself.

Natalia - Haha! They'd be merciless if you used some of their sayings.

Crashie - you probably do it very well then.

SZJ - HAHA. I love it. Fuck me through a rolling donut!

Ange - not really. I took it.

Fingers - from the looks of things she might be saying similar shit over at yours now.

Raffi - I'll have to go watch.

Poody - he wasn't the brightest was he?

George - I use that one too.

MissE - you're evil you are. Wait for her to go blogwhoring at your site. Can't wait to see her over there.

Red - 'ag, man!' Never heard of it.

Ingsoc - it would be more acceptable to say 'the horny phish' I think.

Col - self censoring... just swear and be done with it woman!