Sunday, September 02, 2007

The first time

Closing the door behind him, he looked at her staring around the room. She wore a gorgeous dress, tight across the bodice, fastened with hooks all the way down the back, and covered in lace. Her skirt flowed straight down and gently swept the floor. He'd never seen that outfit until today. Her shoes were already discarded by the door.

She turned to face him. A gentle smile swept across her face and her green eyes danced at the sight of him. He hesitated. They'd been together for what seemed like a million times, and he was as comfortable with her as he was with his pet cat. So why was it so awkward all of a sudden? Nothing had really changed, or so he told himself.

He shrugged off his jacket and dropped it on top of her shoes. Turning he moved over to the bar. It had been a big day, it passed in a blur. He didn't even know if he'd even eaten anything. He ran a hand through his hair as he contemplated the drinks. Mixing himself a gin and tonic, he heard her move to the bathroom.

He followed her in there and stood in the doorway while he drank. She was stunning, seeing her today... it took his breath away. And seeing her now... he was inexplicably proud. He's taken a wildcat and managed to convince her to love him and to want to be with him. She was slim, perfectly toned, with shimmering green eyes set in a delicate face, surrounded long blonde hair. Everywhere they went people looked at her. If they saw him they often wondered who he was to be with someone like that. He was about her height, maybe a little shorter, with thick dark hair and dark eyes. He had an alright body, he supposed, but nothing to brag about.

She gasped as she pulled a pin out of her hair and pouted into the mirror. He moved forward and wrapped one hand around her waist, placing the drink on the sink with the other. She moved back into his embrace, wrapping her arms around his. Leaving one hand wrapped around her waist, he pushed her hair aside and kissed her gently on the back of the neck, just behind the ear. She smiled and melted into his embrace, eyes closed and head turned slightly to face him. He pulled his face back and began to examine her hair for more pins, removing any as he saw them.

Slowly he ran his hands through her hair, massaging her scalp. Her hair had been pinned so tightly, and as much as she'd wanted to scratch all day, she couldn't. It was bliss for her. He loved to do little things like this for her. She was so wound up about today. And now it was over she could finally relax. She turned her head over her shoulder and their eyes met. Wrapping his arms around her again, he held her tight for a kiss.

Shivers went down his spine to the soles of his feet the moment his lips touched hers. They were smooth and soft, pressing against his perfectly. They stood there, in the bathroom, like that for what seemed an eternity. Finally she pulled away from him slightly and turned to face him.

Wrapping her arms around his neck, she could feel his hand slide around her waist. She moved in for the kiss again. This time it was more demanding of him. She could feel every inch of him, pressed against her. She slowly slid a hand down his chest and left it there, pressed against his heart. She could feel it pulsing through his shirt.

His hand slowly slipped up her back, plucking the hooks at the back of her bodice. He knew he would never get it undone this way, it was just a contrast to feeling skin there. However, she had other ideas.

'Mind if I take this off?' she murmured into his adams apple.

'Is it that uncomfortable?' He asked her. 'You look so amazing in it.'

'I know I do, thats why I chose it,' she grinned at him. 'But its so...' she waved her hands vaguely, 'fatiguing,' she finished.

Her hands stretched around to where his were, and she began pulling ineffectively at the hooks. 'Here,' he said, spinning her around so her back was facing him, 'I'll be quicker.' And he was, within moments it had loosened around her chest and she realised it had restricted her breathing all day. A few more moments and she was free of the dress, and it slid down to the floor.

He let out a small cough in his surprise. One moment he was standing behind her, loosening the dress, the next he was staring at her perfect, smooth arse. She was wearing nothing except a white lace thong and her white stockings, held up by a thick lace band. She put her hand on her hip and breathed hard in relief, before turning to face him with a sexy smile. The wildcat was clearly out.

She slid her hands from his waist, up his chest and sat them on his shoulder, with her forearms planted against his chest as she kissed him teasingly. 'Well Mr Parkes, how about I return the favour?'

Slowly she nibbled at his earlobe, undoing his top button. One hand working the buttons, the other slid down his chest. Her lips fluttered just above her finger tips, her tongue flicking against his taut body occasionally. He tasted slightly salty and of stress, but she wouldn't have it any other way. With a gentle tug she pulled his shirt out of the top of his pants and went to work on his belt. Her nimble fingers undid the clasp, and with a practiced flick of her wrist she tugged it off. She could smell his excitement as she looked up and met his eyes. Her hands found themselves at his knees, and she rose slowly, never breaking eye contact. He could feel her hands move up his legs, across his groin. He expected her to stop and play when she got there, but instead she gave him a quick caress through his pants and continued her journey upwards, sliding her hands under his shirt and all the way to his shoulders.

She kissed him again. More intensely now. He knew exactly what she wanted. Well, truth be told, he'd known since he walked in the door and saw her standing there. Her kisses became harder, more demanding. Usually at this stage his pants would be off, she'd have her hand on his dick. But now her hands were at his shoulders, under the collar of his open shirt. Slowly she moved her hands back and caught his shirt. Her hands slid over his back, arms encircling him as she tugged his shirt off.

As she flung his shirt to the ground he surprised her. Her attention was not on him at that moment, so she squealed as he picked her up and carried her through to the bedroom. He threw her on the bed and she bounced slightly, looking slightly stunned, staring at him. He stood over her, dark and brooding. She could see him pushing against his pants, and it was at odds with the serious look he wore. She broke into a fit of giggles and he launched himself onto the bed, bouncing neatly beside her.

He leaned up on his elbow and kissed her, deep and full of longing. His hand gently caressed her firm breast. He could feel her nipple poking into the palm of his hand. Leaning forward he closed his mouth around the other nipple and sucked gently. The warmth, moistness and pressure his mouth exerted against her already sensitive nipple made her arch her back, pressing herself into him, and sent shivers through her gut. His hand snaked down her stomach and found her thong. He began caressing her crotch, and he could feel moisture seeping through the lace. She moaned and pushed against him again.

He pulled away from her breast and focused on her underwear. He slipped one hand down each hip, hooking his thumbs over the outside of the thong, and slid it off. She obliged him by lifting her ass off the bed. He ran his hands down the entire length of her legs, feeling the smoothness of the stocking laid so closely to her hard calves, caressing them with his eyes the entire way. He maneuvered til he was kneeling between her legs, facing her. Slipping one hand inside the top of one of her stockings, her slowly rolled it down, gently kissing and nibbling the softer flesh of her thigh as he did so. Flicking the stocking away, he did the same with the other.

Leaning forward he gently nibbled on her stomach, slowly trailing down to her pussy. His hand was gently fingering the slit, gliding through the wetness, barely making contact with her clit. She pushed against his hand, but his finger merely skated over her most sensitive zones. As his mouth moved closer, he began to move two fingers inside her, slowly, gently. He watched as she began to climax for the first time. She back arched, her knees pulled up to her chest. He looked up, hoping to make eye contact, but she was too focused on the headboard of the bed, squealing for real this time.

All she could focus on was herself in that moment. His fingers were pressing repeatedly against her, and she was beginning to come. She gasped and cried out. Satisfied that she was at climax, he decided to push her a little more. Hand still inside her, he buried his face in her pussy and licked greedily, working with his lips and giving the occasional suck. Pushing against him, she came. Hard. Wriggling and writhing on the bed, knees up around her ears. He was stuck in that moment too, tasting the sweetness of her excitement.

He pulled his face away from her, and watched as she stilled herself. She wasn't really responding to his hands anymore. He stretched forward, over her, and kissed her gently. She was still coming down from her orgasm, so responded slowly.

He stood up to take off his pants, sliding them down around his hips. She watched his manhood bounce as it left the confines of his clothing. By the time he had stepped out of his pants, she was sitting at the edge of the bed, eying off his massive cock. He caught sight of her sitting, there, waiting, and grinned, pushing his pelvis out, inviting her to have a taste. She looked up at him, slipping one hand up his thighs. She grazed the back of her hand over his balls, before returning and caressing them in her palm. Slowly she slid her mouth down over the head of his cock, giving the slightest pressure. She was more concerned with rubbing as much as she could with her tongue right now, which she did, in long, hard stokes. Her hand alternated between touching his stomach or chest when she could reach it, and stroking the shaft. Her head bobbed as she sucked at him, and his groans made her quiver.

Pulling away suddenly, she glanced up at him. Lips pursed, she pressed them against the tip of his cock and began to stroke him.He pushed against her lips, but she didn't open them. Instead she smirked at him. Frustrated he pushed again. She pulled away and laughed playfully, relenting to stroke him. Lifting his cock, she licked and nibbled the underside, from tip to balls and back again. She made to suck him again, but he pulled away.

Sliding back on the bed, she reclined on her elbows, looking at him from between her legs. A seductive smile crossed her face as she eyed him off. He knelt between her legs again and leaned over her.

'Strange to think that this is the peak of you loving me,' she grinned wickedly. The hellcat again.

'If the last four years are any indication, I'll love you more tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after,' he said truthfully. Her wicked grin became a girlish, slightly embarrassed smile. 'I love you.' He leaned in to kiss her again, deeply this time, and as they kissed, he entered her.

She was warm, and moist, and she hugged his cock perfectly. He loved the way she felt around him. This moment, he was absorbed by her. She overwhelmed his senses and they blended as one. They moved as one, him plunging deep into her. Every move he made her legs slid a little more up his back, until they were wrapped around his waist. She loved this part, where they just warmed up. She loved his weight, pressed against her hips, grinding them into the bed. She loved the little grunts he made with every thrust. She loved the way sweat began to pepper his brow, and his eyes glazed as he got lost in the moment. Without this contact, there was no love, and their actions were empty. She knew how to make him quiver with excitement. He loved to be ridden.

'My turn to be in control.' That broke his reverie. He gave her a small kiss, and moved to pull away. She kept her legs wrapped around him, and used his weight to help her move smoothly on top of him.

He had slipped out during that maneuver, so she guided him back inside. She gently rode him, enjoying the sensation of him pressing inside her, loving the feel of him being with her. He hit completely different areas this way. She was tighter too, so she enjoyed it more. Every bounce sent shivers through her, a rippling effect of pleasure coursing her body.

Suddenly his hands were on her hips, guiding her faster and harder. Her screams seemed to echo through the room as she came. Her back arched and her hands clawed at her hair. She spasmed around his cock and stopped for an instant as she peaked. With a grunt she began her descent, still riding him. He could feel her come swirled around his dick as he thrust into her tightening pussy with urgency. The tension was building inside him, and it released suddenly, filling her. She could feel him quivering beneath her, gasping and shuddering.

Slowly she stilled. His cock was still buried in her as she sat astride him. She seemed to sag a little as she exhaled and looked at him. He met her gaze, deep and level, and she exclaimed, 'Oh. Mister Parkes!'

He glanced through to the bathroom and spied her white dress still lying on the floor. He ran his hand down her left arm, lifting her hand he fondled the band that newly encircled her ring finger. 'Mrs Parkes.'


phishez_rule said...

Sorry about the delay getting that posted. I was writing it yesterday but I wasn't really feeling it.

Plus it was really freaking long!

Plus it was mostly from the guys perspective.

The T-Dude said...

Oh my...

I both fear and anticipate for when you are "really feeling it."

Very well done.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

You did well in getting into the guy's perspective.

Josh said...

Dear Miss Phish, you have awakened the dragon in my trousers. As an added bonus, for the first time ever I can see that marriage might have some merits.

Bravo on a nice bit of fiction. I am now off to find a wife or if that fails, one in a corset that I can rent by the hour!

Oceanshaman said...

Quite seriously hot . . .

What kind of wild woman's blog have I stumbled upon?

Must return for more . . .

Paz y sonrisas . . .

Kitty said...

phish, thanks for the orgasm. i haven't even had breakfast.

what a wonderful start to my day.

Jenny! said...

You said massive cock...I likey! Great writing right there!

Hubris said...

veery sexy read. thanks.

well written.

fingers said...

'Usually at this stage his pants would be off, she'd have her hand on his dick...'

Tell her to watch out for moths, Phishez. It's Bogong season, ya know...

Lad Litter said...

Phish, you write it all up so beautifully. Very romantic too.

Scorpy said...

I know what you mean by the 'feeling'...whenever I write some of these pieces I hold them back until I can 'feel' the emotion or the memory. Great writing and an even greater read. The Park's are a lucky couple ;)

Betty Boob Hug said...

Fingers has moths and I have cobwebs. Mind if we start a genital insect underwear club on the side?

Good writing phish except I had to skim read over it because I really can't concentrate on other people shagging when I'm not. It's just salt on a wound.

phishez_rule said...

T- you should see some of my other works

Nick - thanks. It was weird how that worked out.

Josh - the one that rents by the hour is probably faster and cheaper in the long run.

Shaman - you must always return!

Kitty - I love making people's days like that.

Jenny - two words and you're happy already.

Hubris - you're welcome

Fingers - you realise its your deity's way of giving you something to blog about. That would never happen to a non-blogger.

Lad - was a bit different to my usual smut.

Scorpy - I held this one overnight.

Betty - I have cobwebs too. They keep away the crabs. I'm not getting any either.

Josh said...

People say that catching taxis is actually cheaper than owning a car in the long run too.

I suppose you are right that the same could be said for buying sex.

The problem is I like knowing where my car has been, that it is being well maintained and who else is driving it....

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You're really good!