Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Blame Game

I go tagged by Kelly. Seems she thinks that because I love my buzzjoys waaay more than I should, she has to go get more! My vibrator gets blamed for so much. And its such a good, well behaved vibe too!

Anyhoo. I have to blame people for stuff.

  1. I blame Kez for introducing me to blogging. What a waste of time.
  2. I blame Fingers for his general cunty-ness. His 'wit' is sharp and his 'harem' even includes a few guys!
  3. I blame Rups for turning me on. Seriously. His blog is not work safe!
  4. I blame Betty for making my boobs look tiny and insignificant. I didn't even know that was possible.
  5. I blame Kitty for being a filthy horn bag. Well. A sexy filthy insipring horn bag.
  6. I blame Ingsoc for making me think. The cogs in my skull are rusty.
  7. I blame Keshi for being so glamorous. I'd love to hate her. But I settle on loving to love her.
  8. I blame Smack for my lack of sleep. Damn her and her late night chat sessions.
  9. I blame Josh for not being responsible. That monkey can't answer for all of your mistakes bhoy!
  10. I blame Mel for not blogging often enough. She keeps us hanging and WE WANT MORE.
Ok. It's all y'all's turn now.


Josh said...

Oh, not fair. I want to blamed for turning you on like Rups!

Shut up'll get me in trouble again..

Betty Boob Hug said...

thanks phish, your boobies ARE special too :)

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Damn...I need to start checking out a few new blogs...sounds like I'm missing some good stuff out there!

Now...I'm stealing this...but it's going to take a while! :)

Kelly said...

Well done. I freaking love the idea. Way to go Claudia I say! :-)

You are like Tom sawyer and the paint...

"Look how fun this is... look how fun this is... you want to try it don't you? You won't have as much fun as meeee. My toy is the bestest toy..."


Crushed by Ingsoc said...

That actually ties in with what I'll be posting on tomorrow, I think.

I like the way the bloggosphere knits together, it's got Karma.

Me said...

Hmm...I think I'm gonna post this. :)

fingers said...

I blame you for not being able to enjoy Uber's blog anymore.
Dare you to print that, Pea Heart....

Rups said...

I feel very guilty ;)

Rups xoxo

The T-Dude said...

I blame you for giving yet another reason not to sleep and read blogs instead.

Kelly said...

fingers called you Pea Heart?!?! LMAO! His insults are slipping!

Michael C said...

This is one of the better lists I've seen in a while...I blame you for that.

Cazzie!!! said... blaming me for anything...nice to see :)

Miss Smack said...

Oh come on!! We're normally over and out in what, 15 mins? hahaha xx Cheers

phishez_rule said...

Josh - his site is pretty much all smut.

Betty - I know, but yours are just so damned big!

Stacy - There's so much good stuff out there. You could waste your whole life there. Have fun doing this. Let me know when you get it done.

Kelly - I'm yet to post anything that lets people actually look at me using my toys.

Ingsoc - Its actually quite small if you stick around long enough.

Me - yeah, you so should do this.

Fingers - don't blame me. Smack's the puppet master.

Rups - haha. I don't!

T - My bad.

Kelly - If you toss out enough insults some of them are bound to be crap.

Michael - It was quite fun to do. Feel free to steal it!

Cazzie - I'd blame you for educating me.

Smack - it might seem like that, but its quite a lot longer.

Kitty said...

Awe! I'm a filthy inspiring horn bag? Phish you are making this little kitty purr with delight. Fank you baby xxx

honkeie2 said...

I blame my computer for feeding into my porn addictions

phishez_rule said...

Kitty - I live to make the pussy purr.

Honk - Yeah, mine does that too.