Saturday, May 19, 2007


For all of my independance, intimacy issues, and gruff exterior, I'm such a hopeless romantic. I got the new Michael Buble album last night. On sale at borders. Oh, how much do I love that guys voice. I particularly love one line from his new song (plays on the website).

"And I get to kiss you baby, just because I can"

Cue melting right now.

I'm particularly opposed to public displays of affection (PDA's). Holding hands is kinda corny, seeing two people mauling (kissing) each other in public is just gross, as is groping. Don't put your arm around my waist as we're walking. You're getting in the way. Don't even think about slinging your arm around my shoulder or grabbing the back of my neck. I'm not a fashion accessory, you do not own me, you don't need to prove ownership. I do bite.

But kissing just because you can... thats different. For all of my stand-offishness, I'm quite affectionate. So that concept just really appeals to me.

My ideal first date (which will probably never happen because I really don't date) involves dinner at Darling Harbour. After which we sit on the dock and drink coffee and watch people.

Sounds simple huh? I think if you haven't experienced Darling Harbour at night you won't really get it. It has a really amazing atmosphere. I dunno what it is, but DH is my absolute favourite spot in Sydney. Its definitely one of my top ten spots in Australia.

I read this in Cleo. Where they randomly ask guys questions on the street.

Q:What makes a woman girlfriend material, not just a one night stand?
A:When she makes you hot but calm, and laugh but think

How sweet is that?


Crushed by Ingsoc said...

Now you surprise me. I'd have thought you would have been in to public displays of affection.
It's not about declaring ownership, it's about declaring love. What's wrong with that?

phishez_rule said...

People all over each other. Ick. I'm too independant. I get that people love each other, but I think love is subtle. PDAs aren't subtle

smacko said...

i love it:

people mauling (kissing) each other

so true, so true.

MissE said...

PDAs - ewwwwww *shudder*

I mean, sure a quick peck on the lips is okay but when they look like they're attempting to retrieve the set of keys they accidentally dropped down their boy/girlfriend's throat - well that's just grotty (pronunced grow-tee: 'tis my word of the day). I don't need to see that kind of thing when I'm out and about. Hell, it's what cheap, nasty motel rooms are for!

So I'm with you phishez! Down with PDAs!!!!

MissE said...

And I should have added "attempting to retrieve with their tongue" in order for that imagery to really *pop*


Steph said...

Over the top PDA's are sickly, but I think holding hands is just divine!!

Natalia said...

Hmmm. I like PDA. But not because I like to show off. I just think affection is natural and not being affectionate in public would just be weird. I grew up watching my parents hug, kiss, hold hands, etc. It's very normal to me. I certainly don't do the kissing to the point that you should be humping in the next few minutes. But I never let other people's presence affect how I act with my partner or my friends. I think if they feel weird it's because of personal inadequacies, and they are free to avert their eyes.

But that's just my opinion. :)


Princess of the Universe said...

I am with you 100% - on everything.

I have Michael Buble in my car right now (the CD- not the man himself), and do NOT love PDA's.

zen wizard said...

They tell me that the only time you should hold a woman's hand is crossing the street.

("They" being psychologists who specialize in this sort of thing.)

I dunno, in Atlanta we drive everywhere, including to walk the dog, so it was been a really long time since I crossed the street with woman.

Dan said...

That quote about the difference between a girlfriend and a one-night stand is definitely sweet.

One night stands are mostly physical. So anything beyond the physical is necessary for long-term relationdships. It really helps if the girl is intelligent, kind and sweet. Then she's irresistable.

RAFFI said...

pda is contextual. when done tastefully, in the right situation, and right place, they are [cue 70s pron mzk] simply magical.

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

Just of interest, if you don't like kissing in public, Phishez, how do you feel about more extreme exhibitionism outdoors?

Anonymous said...

Ingsoc recommended your blog he said that you offered free hand that right?

phishez_rule said...

Smacko - I find mauling to be an apt description.

MissE - We've all seen it. We don't need (or want) that imagery to *pop*

Steph - I love holding hands, but only when your fingers are all linked together. Its the only way.

Natalia - You're allowed to have your opinion. I respect that.

Princess - I'd like to have the real him in my car. I reckon he'd be such a player though.

Zen - and when you're leading her to the bedroom.

Dan - what if she's ugly? And I don't mean regular ugly. I mean uuuuuurgly (in the hyena voices from the Lion King). Is she still irresistible then?

Raffi - Tastefully? A little kiss or two and a hug is ok, but constant touching and mauling is just icky.

Ingsoc - Are we talking "deserted shopping mall at night" outdoors or "camping in the country on a hot sultry summer night" outdoors?

Mutley - I don't like handjobs. They're kinda boring.

Desirea Madison said...

I like holding hands at the very beginning. It's a nice way to first indicate that you think of them as more than a friend.

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

which do you prefer?

phishez_rule said...

Desi - that is an excellent point.

Ingsoc - they both have merits

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

I prefer the second option myself.

redcap said...

Perhaps you could accidentally superglue yourself to Michael Buble? Just a suggestion...

phishez_rule said...

Ingsoc - I love camping. Knowing that you're the only people for miles, when you can't hear any traffic, and you feel that the people you're with are all that matters in the world. Except for the mosquitoes.

Redcap - that would be fun. I'd never have to leave home for entertainment again!