Sunday, May 13, 2007

Quiz Me

From Me
1. If you were to create a soundtrack for your life, what five songs would be included? Why?
Most soundtracks seem to be a tad more than five songs. I'm not sure what would be included. Definitely some Matchbox 20 songs. Maybe 'Unwell'. Apart from that... I couldn't say. And as to the 'why?'... Its kinda obvious "I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell"

2. With which animal do you most closely relate? Why?
I relate more to mythical creatures than real ones. Probably because they seem to embody the more mystical and mysterious aspects of us and our lives. I especially relate to Pegasus and Unicorns. The Pegasus is the embodiment of grace and independence. Only the most honoured and knowledgeable are able to tame him. And only for a small time.
The unicorn to me signifies strength, and to a lesser degree, solitude. One day I'll post a pic of my tats and maybe you'll understand a bit better.

3. If you could only have one of your senses (sight, smell, touch, taste, hearing) for the rest of your life, which one would you chose?
Sight. Definitely sight. Though hearing runs a very close second. I am short sighted. So I know how valuable sight is. Though I think I would go nuts without music. For without music, I can't hear what I'm supposed to be dancing to. Can I flip a coin on that one? Or, better yet, can I alternate them, and have sight one day and hearing the next?

4. What is more meaningful and memorable to you--your first kiss or your first time having sex? Explain.
I don't remember my first real kiss. So I'm gonna go ahead and say it was the time I lost my virginity. Which I wish I could forget. This is the guy that reminds me of why I have my standards. I feel dumber every time I'm around him. And he's butt ugly too! He looks like he's been hit with a fryingpan, and when when he's confused that look is compounded by the appearance that he's been slapped across the face with a half filleted fish. He was small, there was alcohol involved. He could barely get it up, he couldn't get it in, and neither of us came. I would like to erase that part of my brain now.

5. Why do you blog?
I write generic emails. When I moved interstate for the first time, that was how I stayed in touch everybody. Unfortunately nobody ever read the damn things because they were so long. When I found out about blogging I was about to move interstate again. Rather than do the whole 'email people who won't read' I began to blog. I figured that if anybody wanted to know what was going on in my life, that way they could.
Now I blog for my own entertainment, to get things out of my head, and to vent. It fills in where I don't have a social life.

From Mel
You wanted questions, thus I shall treat you as my 'agony aunt' and ask - how did you summon the balls to move interstate, not once, but twice? I'm kind of stuck in a rut at the moment and considering an interstate move (to Sydney in fact) at the end of the year when I finish my degree but I'm terrified of being so far away from my support network. How did you manage to cope with this?
Yeah. Escaping the rut was a big factor for me too!
The first time I moved interstate was to go to uni. Where I lived on campus with a bunch of people who were in the exact same social situation as me. I made friends really fast and had a complete ball.
My second move was based on the sheer arrogance of youth. "I've done it once, I can do it again" type of thing. If I made mistakes I'd call it one, but I don't so I call this a challenge. The second move was significantly harder than the first. But its been excellent for me. I've always been one to push boundaries and I pushed, and I found out more about myself and how I deal in tight situations. Even when things get really hard, you will always find someone to depend on. Even if its just a few individuals and not a whole network.

I wouldn't do the move without a job first. I initially moved and stayed in temporary accommodation while I looked for a place. But if you can afford it, travel up here for a weekend first and look through rental properties etc. Share housing is an excellent way to meet people (and its cheaper). But there are some serious creeps out there. So be careful.

I personally feel that I have become a more capable, confidant person since the move.

BTW, if you do move to Syd I have dibs on buying you your first beer!

One track minded Steph

Can we pash now??

1. What is one piece of advice you would give to a teenager today?
Whatever you, do it safely.

2. What's the worst meal you've ever eaten... or eaten recently?
I ordered pizza last night. Dominos Fetta Veg. I wanted chicken. Instead they gave me BBQ sauce. So instead of having beautiful savory pizza with chicken, it was grossly sweet. With no chicken.

3. A moment you would love to be able to box up and go back to any time you could?
This one

4. Stupidest thing you've said lately?
The whole 'WTF is wrong with my underpants' thing. Sorry I can't think of anything more recent. I've been sick and spent most of my time in bed.

5. Favourite movie and line of dialogue?
Do I have to answer that one? Because I don't think I could. I don't think I have an all time favourite movie. But most of my favourite lines of dialogue are really random. And can be applied to almost anything. I can't think of anything off the top of my head.

Hi Phishez,
Just thought I'd take up your offer and e-mail you personally.
It's not something I tend to do- I like to preserve my anonymity, but you seem a little down at the moment. Life doesn't seem to be giving you what you deserve.
Hope the sun is starting to appear through the clouds. Myself, Crushed by Ingsoc will be back to normal tonight, fingers crossed, and my own private battle against the global tyranny that is the lives we all lead will recommence.
I get the impression from your posts that you are a deeply caring person with a lot to give. You seem at a crossroads, searching for something to do with your life energy, which I think you probably have a lot of.
Whatever you do, don't end up as hardened, bitter and cynical as me!!!!
All the best,

So its not really a question. But how sweet is that!

And a meme from Itelli

1) What would be the absolute happiness for u?
I don't think that absolute happiness exists. Its the human condition to always want more.

2) What makes u get up in the morning?
Work usually. When I don't have to work I don't get out of bed til afternoon.

3) Last time u broke out in laughter was...:
Today most likely. Maybe watching a movie or watching the cats play. I tend to laugh alot.

4) Your principal characteristic is:
Vivaciousness. I guess. I can be described as bubbly, though, if you do and I'm within earshot I'm likely to try to remove your testicles and/or face. There is a fuckload of intelligence to go with that. I have load of personality, a fairly dark history and, quite often, a fairly optimistic outlook on life. Though when I get down, its quite a long way.

5) Your main defect:
Arrogance. I am all that. And when you're considering my hips, quite a bit more.

6) Any mistakes u'd be lenient with?
I'm generally quite lenient when it comes to others. I try to see things from their point of view. All mistakes have repercussions, and I think the person who made the mistake needs to know that. But I try to help out where I can.

7) Any characters in history with whom u identify?

8) Your heroes?
Me. See. Theres that arrogant thing again. I don't idolise or idealise anybody in particular. But there are everyday heroes, who are sorely underappreciated. I always try to thank these people as I see them.

The diggers.

9) Your favourite trip?
Going to Queensland. I just love it. Its like going home, mostly because it is.

10) Your favourite writer?
Matthew Reilly and JK Rowling.

11) The quality you most admire in a man?
Honesty and intelligence.

12) The quality you most admire in a woman?
Honesty and intelligence.

13) Your favourite musician/composer?
Rob Thomas

14) Your favourtie tune while in the shower?
I don't sing in the shower. I use the shower as wind-down time before bed.

15) Title of the book that most affected u?
Probably a book called The Naked Island (about an Aussie Soldier in a Japanese POW camp) or Elli (about a Jewish girl in the concentration camps)

16) Title of the movie that most affected u?
The Grudge. That was as scary as shit for me. I watched that from under a blanket, and every time the shadows began to move I'd hide and yell at my housemate to tell me when it was done. And I slept with the light on.

17) Your favourite painter?
I'll say Picasso. I love how his mind works!

18) Your favourite colour?
It used to be blue, but I wear blue at work and its boring now. I love red. Always have.

19) What has been your greatest success?
This one

20) Your favourite drink?

21) Your biggest regrets concern...
Regrets are a waste of time.

22) What do u hate most?
Ignorance. Especially when people think they know it all.
Crying babies.
People who can't be bothered to type 'you' and type 'u' instead. WTF! Its TWO extra letters!

23) What do u do when u r not writing something?
Work. Read. Sleep. Dream

24) Your greatest fear?
Ebola. That shit is terrifying.

25) When do u lie?
I don't lie. Its not my style. I will choose to omit something that I want to keep private. But outright lies are very rare from me. And if it does happen there is something seriously wrong, and anybody who knows me is thrown for a complete and utter tailspin.

26) What is your motto?
Live life. You only get one. Don't waste it.

27) How would u like to die?

28) If u were to meet God, what would u like to hear from him?
Nothing. I'm happy.

29) Describe ur current mental state.
Tired but alert. I feel puffy around the eyes (if that makes any sense).


Mel said...

Awww shucks. Thanks for such a considered response to my question. Some good tips in there. And if push does come to shove and I find myself heading north I would be most delighted to have a beer with you.

NAME: Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

That was a grueling test. I have my 100th post coming up, so I imagine I'll do a Q & A of some kind, or maybe a T & A. You got the T covered for me.

Me said...

LOL...yeah, I know that most soundtracks have more than five songs, duh...but I didn't want to overwhelm you by asking you to name 15-20. :)

Thanks for playing!

mist1 said...

Ebola scares the pants off me too.

Webmiztris said...

regrets really are a waste of time...

wow, that was a lot of information, btw!

itelli said...

Music is in the mind. U can dance to any tune ur brain thinks of.

U don't really hate me, do u? It's the only word (and "are") that I abbreviate.

Greg said...

"Regrets are a waste of time."

Right on! Though I do regret only starting to read your blog now...

Trundling Grunt said...

Interesting. You have a fear of ebola which is very unlikely to ever get to you....shows the whole scariness vs. probability thing at play.

I don't think I could ever get a life into 5 songs, unless it was a very short or very boring life. In which case you might not know 5 songs?
What are tats?

Josh said...

Interesting and informative, hate I missed out on contributing to this.

Princess of the Universe said...

I have to confess- I type "U" when I'm texting.

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

I quite like figuring you out from your posts.
As yet, no burning questions spring to mind- but I will let you know if they do.

Natalia said...

Those are awesome. I asked people to ask me questions. And I can't wait to answer them.


phishez_rule said...

Mel - you asked, the phish delivers!

Kenneth - I've got T for all! But I'd like to see some A

Me - Haha. trust me, more would have been easier, and I still wouldn't have been able to answer it!

Mist - its frightening shit

Miztris - it took a while to do

Itelli - but I'm not artistically inclined

Greg - archives my friend, archives

Grunt - Tats are tattoos I have two

Josh - drop me a line. I might still answer :)

Princess - I only do that when I'm running out of space.

Ingsoc - Thats part of what I love about bloggers. Visit Mist. She's a ball to figure out post-by-post

Natalia - great fun, and great for when you've got blog-block

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

Shall do. Will have to wait till I can make a full return- only visiting a select few cat present.

Kav said...

What a good first post to stumble in on. Is everything you write this informative?

Professor said...

Nice post! Interesting info to know about you! And I'm stealing the meme part of this... or was it all a meme??? Regardless- I'm "borrowing!"

Dan said...

This is a wonderful way to handle people tagging you all at once. Of course I choose a completely different strategy. I do nothing. :)

zen wizard said...

Hi--just passing through--that's an interesting survey, but I'm too fried to take it.

(So I guess the animal I resemble is a Phoenix.)

phishez_rule said...

Ingsoc - put it on your to do list.

Kav - no, I tend to drivel on a fair bit.

Prof - the last bit was a meme. Borrow as much as you want.

Dan - I don't get tagged all that much really. So its easy for me to do stuff like this.

Zen - I'm such a huge Harry Potter fan that even to have someone mention a Phoenix on my blog gives me goosebumps.