Wednesday, May 23, 2007

More bits of fluff

I was going to rehash my favourite post today. Except I had to much to blog about. So you can expect to hear about one of my more crazy fetishes another time.


I got health insurance today. Hurrah for me. I'm really quite excited. I am in serious need of dental work. The company I joined with is currently running a promotion where you get one month free. When I signed up I found that this is actually a choice. You can have your free month, or you can waive all waiting periods. So I'm gonna have a brand new smile!

This is the only time I'll be excited at the prospect of visiting the dentist.


Have you noticed that any female blogger who has a vibrator will blog about it at some point? Its crazy! Why do we do this? Do I share the sordid details of my goodie drawers with my close workmates? No. Hell, it usually takes some months before I'll even let the guy go through and pick the entertainment. But I'm willing to write about it for all the world to see. Go figure.


Has anybody seen the new Linkin Park clip? I have, and love it. I think its very U2-esque. Very much a commentary on current social issues.


I ran out of deoderant this morning. And I don't get paid until tomorrow. So I used some antiperspirant perfume that I have but rarely use. It wasn't til I got to work that I realised I rarely use it because I don't like it. Duh! So I tried to cover it up with vanilla body spray and made it worse. Tomorrow I'll forgo the icky smelling perfume and risk body odour. Not that I end up smelling when I forget it anyways.

Still haven't found the hairbrush.


I did this quiz. TWICE. And I go the same result both times. Ok, I might be a bit crazy in the bedroom, but calling me a liar at the same time! Thats outrageous. Lying is just not my style.

Anyhoo. Its a fantastically fun quiz to do.

I especially love the line 'we really, really want to get in bed with you'. You say that until you feel just how cold my damn feet are. I'd put a penguin to shame.

Although being called a juggernaut of sin - thats gotta be the ultimate compliment.


Crushed by Ingsoc said...

I was the arcmchair.
What did you come out as?

His Sinfulness said...

I too, am a juggernaut of sin... but that goes with my job description. :)

mist1 said...

If not for my vibrator, I would hardly have anything to blog about.

Webmiztris said...

I CANNOT go out without deodorant. it's not that I think I'll stink too bad, but I just can't risk it. I don't want to the 'that stinky girl' ever....LOL

RAFFI said...

i live in a bubble. sometimes, i dig women that don't smell like powder and massengil... it's raw and rough. throw a vibrator into the mix, and it's sheer animalistic hedonism.

Anonymous said...

Writing about vibrators is a wonderful thing which more women should do.

phishez_rule said...

Ingsoc - I was the 'bad egg', the charlatan. Who knew>

Sinful - Does baking choc chip cookie go with the job description too?

Mist - If not for my vibrator, I might actually have a social life.

Miztris - Better the natural stink than perfume that smells like its starting to turn into rancid cat piss!

Raffi - in australia about 60% of women aged 20-something to 30-something have them. We're apparently all a bunch of hedonistic animals.

Mr. U - So long as they fully appreciate the wonders that the said object can perform.

Josh said...

I've blogged about sex toys several times. I am about 99% sure that I have gotten comments on every post that mentions a dildo. The same can't be said about posts that are poetic or philosophical. I think people like visceral content best of all.