Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Bits and pieces

You know you spend too much time on the computer when you have to write something by hand, and you wait for the little squiggly red line to appear a word that you know you've misspelled.


I had an eyebrow pimple today. I love eyebrow pimples. Cuz I can pop them and nobody notices. Any redness and swelling gets hidden by the very conveniently placed hair. I love to pop pimples. The really strange thing is that people are often complimenting me on my skin. I've seriously had people fawn over my skin. Its a bit disconcerting. When they ask me what I do to get such good skin all I can say is 'I pop pim-ples,' with minor inflection.


I loved Kez's comment yesterday

"It's all too much - I can't keep up, it's like I keep stumbling into the wrong blog... Until I'm confronted with your familiar bosoms!"

There is an element of truth to that. I think everybody I know has seen my breasts. And probably half of the people I don't know.

But I have some bad news. Truly awful. They're disappearing. Tragic much? Yes, you read right. My DDs are a glass seven-eighths full. I have to admit, I thought I was really lucky. In the last few months I've lost almost 10kg, and no change in the girls. Well, the girls have finally come to the party. They just don't seem as generous as they were before.

Let me set the scene. Someone gave me some chillies.
: I'm not that big of a chilli person.
Boss: You can put them in the freezer
Me: Nah, I'll air dry them
Boss: What
Me: Air dry them
Boss: How do you do that?
Me: .... With Air


I'm applying for a new job (tonight, hopefully) and was thinking about who to put as a reference. Its in Green Eyes' field of work. So I asked him today if I could use him as a reference.

GE: Of course, you can use me for whatever you want.
Me: *well I've got this cobweb problem...*

Then we got to talking about the kinds of questions you'd get asked as a reference. He makes me feel so naive, but not in a bad way. I wonder if her gets that really jazzed-up-but-calm feeling that I do after we talk to each other.


Its official. Winter is here. Want to know how I know?

Don't you see it? Look closer.

*lifts blanket by corner*



Mel said...

You are lucky. Whenever I lose weight it always comes off my boobs first and never my thighs. Sigh. Another one of Mother Nature's cruel little tricks.

Sakura said...

That has happened to me too! What is up, I wanted flatter stomach, and toned thighs, but nooooo the first thing to go were my boobs and that's all I got going for me really !! The HORROR THE HORROR. Ahem ... Kitty is way cute, my cat loves sleeping under the covers even in the summer time, but then again you never really get a summer where I live.
Good Luck with the job !

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

Oh God of course, you're in winter now, aren't you!!

Quite warm here.

Jana_no1 said...

I always knew how cold it was but how many cats are under the doona. If there was one cat then it wasn't too bad to get of in the morning. Two and i hesitated then bolted for a hot shower. Three and i rang in sick!

poody said...

It is so hot here I wish it was winter. I love the blanket on the bed Of course it is animal print!

Princess of the Universe said...

I would love to give up a cup size or so.

That is so weird- it's winter where you are...isn't the entire known universe in the Northern Hemisphere?? :P

Pie said...

I wish my boobs would disappear.

Confuse people you work with, draw a small white arrow pointing up and to the left on their paper and leave a wireless mouse next to it. See how long they move the mouse about before they realise.

Sumiko said...

the new template is nice but it makes all the photos look foggy until you enlarge them. at first i thought maybe your camera was broken but after clicking on it i realized it was just your template. your cat is so cuuute!!

Lowry said...

I could warm you up if you'd like. ;) I bet your boobs are just fine.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Hey Phis it cold there? Pass some of that cool this way, please. I am dying of the heat here now and looking back, I yearn for the ghosts of cool spring days of the past to come my way.

Sweetie, don't say it...your boobs are getting smaller? I was looking to lose about 5 pounds to get ready for a cruise we are going on but I don't think it will effect my boobs. If it's working out time...we must, we must, we must increase our bust. I suppose I will actually use my membership at Physical Fitness...hehehe. God, I'm going to get all sweaty. The things we do for others.

Hey you wouldn't happen to have before and after pics? Didn't think so. What can I say, it's a science thing. hehehe...later babes.

Chucky said...

Winter, eh. I can go for some of that. It just turned summer up here in the states. Not so bad here by the beach only 80 deg...well 26.6c so it's not that bad.

Helen said...

Well Even if your lose another 20kg even 40kg, You have the left-over-skin to deal with ... under the arms, the thighs, ankles and sagging boobs, very depressing! only plastic surgery is the cure. I mean under cloths it looks all good but once I'm naked I get really sad at myself. just a 80kg girl with enough skin to cover a bed.

phishez_rule said...

Mel - theres still plenty of flab on the thighs

Sakura - I love being under the covers

Ingsoc - I wear so many layers I resemble the michelin man. Then again, I can do that in only one layer

Jana - they warm the bed for you

Poody - sexy blanket for a sexy place. Its a bitch to wash

Princess - of course it is, I don't live in the known universe. I live in Australia

Pie - I'd catch myself with that one

Sumiko - try viewing it with firefox

Lowry - they're still magnificent, just a smaller version of it

SZJ - take as much cold as you want.

Chucky - 26.6 - jeez, thats gorgeous. Still in jeans weather

Helen - I've already lost about 25kg (maybe more). I think because I'm still young its not such a big deal. Its still fairly elastic.

Ms Smack said...

I am enjoying the cooler weather except my office is chilly. I sit with a small throw rug on my lap like some nanna, kick my shoes off and curl them under me.

I am quickly becoming a big fan of your blog, by the way. Reading every post here.

Josh said...

I'd say I've probably looked at your boobs more than those of any other chick. Congrats!

There is something viscerally satisfying about squeezing a ripe pimple.

phishez_rule said...

Ms Smack - I always sit with one leg curled under.

Josh - just goes to prove the gays do have excellent taste.