Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Great Weight Debate

I make no secret of it. I'm a 'larger lady'. A fatty if you will. Back when I did the 'Wanted' post I put my height, but not my weight. I did that deliberately. Not because I didn't want anybody to know, but because I was going to blog about where I'd been, where I am, and where I was going, weight wise.

I am 97kg. About 214 lb for those playing in the States. Two years ago, when I moved down to Sydney, I was about 120kg. About 265 lb. Now, I still have quite a long way to go. But go there I shall. I have little goals to meet along the way. Currently my goal is 95kg. A few weeks ago it was to be double figures. You have no idea how exciting it was to see that goal.

I currently a size 18. Approximately. Sometimes I need to go a size up for jeans that don't accentuate my vadge. Sometimes I need to go down a size for a top that flatters my breasts. I want to be able to consistently be able to buy size 16 pants. I'm pear shaped, so I'll be size 14 on top. That is my ultimate goal.

I love plus sized womens fashions. Now. As much as a few years back there was nothing for plus sized women. Well, really there were, but it was shit. Jeans that sagged, and tops that covered everything. I may as well have dressed as a goddamned nun. They never aimed to accentute anything. They just aimed to hide it all.

Now the current fashions are reflected in the clothes that we can buy. In fact, at Big City Chic, there are regularly sized 6 or 8 chickies going in and asking if they have anything in their size. Nowdays you can get anything to accentuate or hide anything you want. "Those jeans make your arse look great. Got muffin top? No problem, long flowy top. And they accentuate you boobs too!" "You like your shoulders - here have a halter." "You want to do layers? - take the whole store." "You don't like your thighs - this skirt or everything over there will cover that right up." "You're pale or dark skinned - pick your favourite colour. Its like a rainbow in here."

Now I'm loving my figure. I have always had curves, but now they're to DIE for. I have a fantastic personality, and a gorgeous face. I know that I can have pretty much any guy that I set my mind to. Yet some part of me is still held back.

You see, I was always the fat kid. I was always kinda on the outside. So while I get all of this male attention, and I admit I'm flattered by it, I don't really know what to do with it. I flirt. That's me. I flirt like I breathe. But I don't really know how to take it any further. Its something I'll have to overcome.

MissE has bought up some other issues I wanted to put in here, but forgot about.

Plus sized bras are freaking disgusting. Less than 4 years ago, I got my first ever black bra. Prior to that I had always had white bras. Except for one beige one. I was really fussy with them, but they were always kinda ugly. I'm talking granny bra ugly. Kudos to undercoverwear for their bras. They are comfortable, supportive and sexy. Kmart has also had a bra range that comes very close to UCW as far comfort, support and sexy go. But with a price tag of less than half. They have other ranges, but they aren't as well fitted.

Last time I bough underwear I bought this range exclusively. There was a large section dedicated to it, but there weren't really much left in the range of complete sets in my size. This was at least two months ago. They ran out of stock and haven't refilled. I emailed Kmart about this. Obviously if that range sold so well, it is quite popular. I haven't heard back

On another note. A while ago I mentioned emailing Whatswhat about their lack of plus size fashions on their site. I did get a reply. They are still managing the site and hope to have something up in spring. Note to all the plus sized ladies - sitting around and bitching about a lack of proper clothing/underwear/shoes IS NOT BLOODY GOOD ENOUGH. Put the word out there. Use your blogs if you have them, email, call. Nothing is going to happen when you're passive.


MissE said...

wow phishez. you are definitely going on my awesome women list - what I would give to have your confidence. I have absolutely no belief what-so-ever that a guy could be attracted to me... I'm trying but it always ends up feeling like a lie. It's on my "to do" list - you know, "to do - get some real self confidence".

Big congrats on hitting the double figures - that's my end of the year goal. Currently I'm at around 114kg and a size 18/20 but my aim if to be under the 100 and in a 16/18 by December.

And I completely know what you mean about the fashion thing - what was with the circus tents adorned with giant floral prints? Or worse yet - the lycra pants and big sweater? And then there was the issue with bras!!! You're a size 18E-20DD? Oh, I'm sorry but you can't have a pretty bra with lace and nice colours - you can have a bra you'd see hanging on your granny's wash line. Plain, beige or white, FULL support, high cut, with all the sex appeal of a dead puppy.

Here's the the fat chicks striking back!

phishez_rule said...

MissE - The lycra pants actually made me shudder. Literally. I've been there. That was all they made. I HATED it.

I get the bra thing. I only got my first non white bra when I was 19. That was only four years ago. There are some really good alternatives with bras though. Kmart has an underwear range called 'secret love'. Its fantastic. Sexy, supportive and comfy. And they're regular price. They have a limit on their cup sizes though. I think they run 16C to 24DD. Check them out.

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

You use metric in Australia, you surprise me.
Unfortunately, the weights you gave me left me none the wiser, I just had to google weight conversations to find out how many pounds to the stone- couldn't remember if it was 14 or 16. It's 16. So you're just over thirteen stone for 5ft5.
So you're not really that much of a 'larger lady'.

Steph said...

I love that you aren't trying to starve yourself and you're not defined soley by what you weigh.

You're gorgeous, sassy and funny as fuck. You rock Miss Phishez.

phishez_rule said...

Ingsoc - my hips beg to differ

Steph - Blogging on a saturday night? How sad. Now excuse me while I go hang out my granny panties.

phishez_rule said...

Ingsoc - its actually 15.274 stone.

Princess of the Universe said...

Phish - you're an inspiration!

My issue was always my chest and button shirts- there was always the gaping hole right in the centre. And if you go a size up it looks like a tent.
I still rarely bother even trying them on- though I know the world has changed a bit in the past few years and there are more options out there.

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

Hmmm. You sure?
I know my maths is pisspoor, but if I divide 214 by 16, I get a little over 13.

I remember your old avatar, so I would be saying 13 is more accurate.

zen wizard said...

It's good that you have come to terms with your size.

The fact seems to be, there are more options in the smaller sizes.

I used to really like clothes--now, if I gain any MORE weight, I will be larger than the largest size at Syms, which is 52XL.

So my main goal has been, "Just don't gain any MORE weight."

If I can make it through school, I will be alright. I noticed I gained a little weight a long time ago in the home stretch of getting my bachelor's degree.

I can't help it, when I think a lot, I get hungry!

Anonymous said...

wow, good on you for being so honest and open. I'm your size almost exactly and I don't have a scrap of your confidence, so I really envy you. Thanks for writing all this stuff down, good on you.

love betty

Princess Banter said...

*high five* i absolutely love you! I've perennially cursed the media for allowing people to think that being full-bodied and curvy is a bad thing. On the contrary, I've actually heard thousands of people admit it's more beautiful that being proverbially thin. I think people need to have a healthier outlook about it and to just embrace it :) I love being not-skinny too :)

Webmiztris said...

I have really small boobs but on the upside, the bra selection is FANTASTIC. lol

Mel said...

Well said Phishy. Confidence and a great attitude is the sexiest thing any girl can have no matter what size.

phishez_rule said...

Princess of the Universe - OMG yes! I hate that gaping bit. The boobs are supposed to pop out the top, not burst out through the middle.

Ingsoc - I'm just going by some converter website

Zen - I browse when I'm bored. But i know it so when I'm doing that I'll eat carrots.

Betty - I think its the ignorance of youth sometimes.

Princess Banter - I love my curves. I couldn't imagine being a rake

Mel - it damn sure is.

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

I'll look into it and give you a definite answer. But 13 seems right.

Ms Smack said...

This is a brilliant post!