Monday, June 18, 2007

Whats the difference between like, love and lust?

Spit, swallow and gargle.

I don't particularly like my layout at the moment. Its got quite a lesbian feel to it. Not that I have anything against lesbians, but its just not me. If I have some half nekkid chick glaring seductively at my readers I want it to be me. So I'm browsing for something else. Plus when I click on a post in my dashboard, it doesn't bring it up with comments. It used to, but it doesn't now. Its such a tiny thing but its pissing me off immensely.

I need to redo my blog roll. I always need to redo my blogroll. le sigh. I would like to qualify why people are classed as they are.
  1. How often I read
  2. How often you post
  3. How humorous you are and how much I relate to what you write.
  4. How often you drop by here.
I know. Shameless isn't it? I think its because if you drop by here there's interaction, which makes your blog more appealing.

My links are getting insane. I use firefox. Which is kinda a belssing. I can simply select which folder I want to check, and it will open all the blogs listed there. My folders are labelled as they appear on the sidebar. I have 1 'lust folder', 3 'love folders', 1 'like blog' folder, 1 'new blog' folder, and a bunch of other blogs that have yet to be sorted floating around in my blog folder. On any given day I will ALWAYS check my lust blogs. Then I will check one or two of my love blog folders (at random) and maybe my like blogs. I really only check my new blogs when I have time to check everything else, so they might be really good, but they can take some time to get put into regular checks.

Rest assured, if you are in my blog roll, you are on my favourites list, and you do get checked at least once a week. Even if I don't comment.

Now thats over with. I had a really shit start to my day this morning. I scratched my car. Really badly too. Less than five hours sleep, and some guy this morning was parked in the entranceway to my garage. So I had to come out and pretty much straight away turn to get out. Unfortuantely I wasn't concentrating so I turned too early (I must have driven out of that garage at least 300 times) and my passenger rear fender copped it.

I could have cried. Car injuries like that are physically painful.


Found a new skin. Stay tuned.


The Man at the Pub said...

I'd say KFC, a classy Thai restaurant and lobster and oysters at home.

phishez_rule said...

MAP - But if she loves you it doesn't matter if you take her to KFC. Well, so long as its not a first date.

Pie said...

You gotta be ruthless with links or they take over, it's like cleaning out your attic.

I hadn't noriced the lesbian-ness of your blog, maybe a little S&M but in a good way (is there a bad way?).

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

I've been considering a new template, but then I worry it'll screw everything up. How easy is it to change the template?

mist1 said...

I need to update my links too. Every once in awhile, I add or delete one, but it's really too much effort for me. Maybe I'll hire a blog assistant.

Natalia said...

Don't feel too bad about your day. I am having a challenging YEAR.


poody said...

My last template looked like a douche commercial. I hate car problems.

Sakura said...

What a shitty start to the day. I hope it got better. I agree weblinks seem to procreate by themselves on my computer I don't know how that happens.

jali said...

Good for you - updating of the pages you visit is work.

I feel sooooo guilty if I don't stop in to see my favorites pages at least 3 or 4 times per week. I used to answer each comment, but I'd rather leave a comment on your page than make a comment regarding your comment.

I like your stuff! I'm adding you to my list of folks to visit regularly.

Princess of the Universe said...

I think you should say that girl IS you...she's pretty hot! :)
Thanks for putting me on your love list!

Anonymous said...

Well I, (we) love you too - no matter how lesbianish your blog looks (wait a minute - that is probably WHY I love you!)

I hate crap starts to the day - it stuffs you up completely. I once had a mini car accident backing out of my driveway at nightime and it stuffed up my night AS WELL AS my next morning. Beat that! Some nard had left his trailer parked on an angle right out the back of my garage and I went to get one of my cherubs from Scouts and BOOM. My whole back end is fucked now. (that would be the back end of my car, just to clarify, but my other back end needs work too)

oh. hope you had a better time of it. xx

Trundling Grunt said...

Bugger of a start to Monday. Sorry to hear that.

I was wondering what it would take to be promoted from love to lust - then I saw who was in the premier division and realised that love was a damn good place to be. Thank you.

I think it's a very sensual skin, but then I'm male and thought she was looking at me. Guys are like that - deluded.

Steph said...

I'm over the whole blogroll thing. I'm thinking of deleting the whole shitful thing.

Sorry to hear about your car. Does it need a respray?

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Your manner of compiling your blogroll isn’t that shameless. I once new a college professor who handed out grades based upon his estimate of the female students bra sizes. And another who’d throw exams down a flight of stairs and, depending upon where they landed, that was the grade the student received. Now what those two Profs did was shameful!

Chucky said...

well I kinda like the half nekkid chick glaring seductively at me. ;)

Then again what guy wouldn't.

But that's not why I stop by here. I like the way you post/blog. It just has a real feeling to it.

Anonymous said...

your hair and cleavage are HOOOOOOOOOOOOT

that is you right??

Webmiztris said...

I kept up a links list for years, but couldn't stand people asking why I didn't link them or asking to do a 'link exchange'. Then after a while, the list got too out of control. Who was I fooling? no matter how many people I linked too, I only have time to visit maybe 50 blogs on a GOOD day, so I figured, what's the point?, and got rid of my blogroll. I heart my Google Reader. :)

Anonymous said...

The dreaded blogroll. If you have a myspace, it's like your top 8. My possessive friends throw hissy fits if they're not on my top 8.

Chucky said...

Echo, that's why I just went all out and went for the top 32 or what ever the max is.


Anonymous said...

sometimes saintly that true??? that's horrible.

Now I'm doubting my HD's...nah not really, I know I'm a genius...but then i do have reasonable sized boobs....ah!

sorry to use your cooment page to comment on another comment Phish xx

phishez_rule said...

Pie - they're like the fungus in the bottom of my shower.

Ingsoc - easy but time consuming

Mist - will you be offering dental?

Natalia - I think everyone has at least on of those. Mine was the entirety of 22

Poody - I've never seen a douche commercial. I'm still happy.

Sakura - they do it when you're asleep

Jali - I hate answering comments, but I love reading other peoples answers.

Princess - people seem to be liking the new breastage shot

Betty - don't you just hate that. I especially hate the cringe bit when you don't know how bad it is, and your expecting the worst but hoping like hell for the best.

Grunt - obviously anybody sexy is that way just for you

Steph - piss it off. And no. Hoping to do it as a touch up job. I'm too broke to respray. Unless they accept sexual favours as payment. I got loads of them saved up.

Nick - ok, you win.

Chucky - you're not the first to say that to me

Sunny - on the new skin, yep. Thats me

Miztris - I link who I read. End of story. Tell me about this google reader.

Echo - I'm so not a spazzer

Sunny - Forgiveness is imminent