Thursday, June 21, 2007

Tourettes Pool

Way back in the day, I had a crush on a mate of mine. Is anybody out there surprised?

This was back at uni. I was part of the group that organised activities for the residential halls group, and I had a huge crush on the president of this group since day one. Unfortunately for me, from day six he started having casual sex with the senior resident* from my block. I knew the day after.

Despite this, we'd still flirt and he'd buy me drinks when we went out, and we connected. But every time I was out somewhere and talking to crush boy, the fuckbuddy would magically show up. I know I could have gotten him to leave her if I said anything, but firstly I didn't like the idea of a guy wanting me, but not making an effort to chase me. AND, even though I didn't like the other girl, I didn't dislike her either, and I definitely disliked the idea of 'stealing' him from her. Irritating and complicated much? This went on for about 6 or 8 weeks.

Anyhoo, one holiday period pretty much everybody had gone home. I was the only person in my hall, and crush boy had stayed behind. So we spent a fair bit of time together. We had meals together, bludged together, gossiped together. And I rang him up a few times to take me into town for shopping or to get some decent food. During this period I was also working for the hall. Some external students had come in for their studies, and I got to know some of them pretty well.

One night I was with the externals, sitting around having a few drinks. The hall was beginning to get repopulated as people got sick of their families and returned. I got a call from one of my mates. She was back and wanted to catch up. I traversed back to my hall to see her. Eventually we decided to go back to where the externals were. We had a few drinks with them, before we decided to leave. Between my hall and the externals was crush boys hall. We decided to swing by there. We dropped in on another mate who had recently gotten back and chatted to her for a bit. Then we walked on through to crush boys room.

I busted her lying in his bed. He was studying and was incredibly cranky at being disturbed. I theorize that it was because I had 'just' found out about them, and he realized he would no longer have a chance. I still believe this to be true.

My friend and I took the trip back to our hall. Where we went to the common room. I don't recall if we talked about it or not, but I know that I was really upset and would not have been inclined to delve too deeply. Instead we began playing pool. So I was smashing the balls around at random. One shot I actually lined up carefully and hit it perfectly, but the table sloped and it didn't go in. So I yelled at it. Then she yelled at it. Then I yelled some more.

Pretty soon we were stringing random obscenities together, regardless of whether the shot worked or not. For example
  • 'F***er, F***ng F***ed F***er,'
  • 'C***S***,'
  • 'A***W***er,'
  • 'Cr***y A**hole.'
These are just examples. Anything was within limits. The thing is, everything else was normal. And then we'd scream them out. And I mean literally scream.

But that was exactly what I needed. Just to get out the anger and the hurt.

I know I was hurt, but beyond that, I don't really remember it. The pool game and my friend are such vivid memories, and the memory is guaranteed to bring a smile to my face.

*The person employed by the hall to maintain peace and order
** They got together officially after that.


Sakura said...

Why do people do that, pretend they aren't together with someone and still continue to flirt with other people ... .. hang on I think I just answered my own question. It is a power thing isn't it?
I love yelling out random things in really strange places. It is the funniest thing ever.

Pie said...

LOL, I have Tourette's and often shout random shit out - usually echoing what other people say, I don't have the swearing thing (coprolalia) although it would be handy sometimes :-)

phishez_rule said...


Pie - thats really interesting. I hope I didn't offend. Its not very PC of me is it?

Pie said...

Nah you didn't offend me, it was funny. Most people who go round saying "you can't say that about people with Tourette's, it's not fair" don't have either Tourette's or a sense of humour.

Princess Banter said...

Awww, I'm sorry... that must've been one pretty rude awakening. But you should be proud of yourself for not selling yourself short. You so totally deserve someone bigger and better than that. Clearly, it was his loss :)

Sakura said...

A couple of months ago my husband and i had a competition in the supermarket, who could yell BOOGIES out the loudest.
He won.

Webmiztris said...

i wish everyone had Tourette's. That would be friggin awesome. ;)

Anonymous said...

haha! I love that your friend just joined in with you because that is what you needed. No matter what other people thought, you mattered more. Very cute! I love it.

Obesio said...

What is an "external"?

Desirea Madison said...

I spent my first year in college pining after a boy. Fortunately, he didn't lead me on like that.

Spiky Zora Jones said... did what was right for you. You came out the winner here. Personally I think he lost out.

Quality is much better than quantity, something I found out in my later years in college. I was so f*cked up but still manages to get all my school work done.

phishez_rule said...

Pie - I think it would be awesome to have both.

Princess B - I think he knew it too. But we did stay friends.

Sakura - we used to play the 'penis' game in high school. Ahh, the immature memories

Webmiztris - I'm painting myself a picture with my imagination brush

Kelly - she was a psycho bitch. So much fun

Obesio - external students, distance education. They get the study materials sent out to them and do it all by themselves

Desi - men are twats

SZJ - No point getting it if its crap.

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

I had a crush on a girl at university. Not only was she was very pretty, it was common knowledge she was a virgin.

It wasn't me that changed that, but by that point I was kind of busy elsewhere.

Josh said...

I recently read a study where researchers proved that men, as a whole, "play the field" in their intimate lives moreso than women. I think the sort of thing you describe is almost inevitable. But it still sucks.

Yelling obscenities is fun though!