Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Daydreams and Desires

She stepped out of the shower, skin tingling slightly. The water had been hot, and the room was slightly cold. Frowning, she wondered if it was worth putting the heater on. A smile creased her face as she thought of a better way to warm up.

Wrapping the towel around her, she walked into the bedroom. He lay in the bed, absorbed in something on the tv. She began to towel herself dry and felt, rather than saw, that she had his attention. Glancing over she saw that he was watching her, through half closed eyes. She smiled inwardly, placing one leg up on the bed, facing him, deliberately him a full view of her still-wet pussy.

She rubbed in small circles, paying close attention to her skin. That leg dry, she did the other, in the same fashion. She felt, deep within herself, rather than heard, him make the tiny, deep grunt that meant he was giving in to the tension. 'Fuck it' she thought, 'he can wait a bit'. She continued to dry herself, letting him see every small motion, and imagining that it was his hand, or mouth, or cock against her skin.

Finishing her ministrations, she dropped the towel. Turning away from him, she walked across the room, past the now forgotten television, to collect her moisturiser. Back across the room, to her side again. The tv is off now. No distractions. Still not acknowledging him, she proceeded to rub the lotion into her skin, in the same manner that she dried herself. She was aware that he twitched a bit as she caressed the smooth, milky skin of her inner thighs.

Moisturizing finished, she looked directly at him for the first time. In his eyes she saw lust that mirrored her own. She gave him a lazy smile, and stretched across the bed. She could feel the softness of the mink blanket against her skin. The instant warmth and its texture drove her crazy. She wanted to feel his skin on hers, his weight, his hands pressed into her. The blanket was luxurious and sexy, but it wasn't enough.

She leaned across further and kissed him teasingly. She wanted to draw it out, make it more intense. He kissed her back, with urgency that could not be contained. She stepped up the level of the kiss, caressing his tongue with hers. His mouth was so warm and his tongue so soft, but pushing so hard against hers.

She felt his hand moving up her body. She was unaware as to when he first touched her. Her skin tingled and she felt her nipples harden. His hands were surprisingly soft, but against the silky smoothness of her skin, they felt slightly rough. He gently caressed under her breast, turning his hands over so the backs of his fingers were the first contact. His finger ran up the soft curve, towards her nipple, stopping just short of it. She pulled away from the kiss and moaned softly. She wanted him to keep going.

He complied, leaving his finger there, but reaching over with his thumb to trap her nipple. Leaning up, he kissed her again, with all the urgency he could muster. Letting go of her nipple, he turned his hand over and grasped the soft tissue. It was surprisingly firm and exceedingly sensitive for her. She smiled into the kiss, and pulled away again. He reached for her to draw her into the kiss again, but she resisted, instead choosing to nibble the soft spot in his neck. He stopped then, and lay back, lazy all of a sudden, willing to let her explore his body.

And explore she did. Nibbling her way down his Adams apple and his collarbones. Kissing the line between his pecs, she moved sideways. One hand reached out to play on his nipple, while her mouth found the other. She sucked it gently, taking it into her warm, moist mouth. He twitched slightly and she glanced up at him. 'Ticklish' he mumbled. She grinned, and focused on his body again.

Moving further down, she came to his belly button. To one side of it she gently scraped her teeth across his skin. As her teeth came away she quickly flicked him with her tongue, and very slowly sucked, seeming to take an eternity to bring her lips together. He moaned. For real this time. Her hand strayed down his body, while she continued to tease his snail trail more slowly.

Finding his cock she laughed inwardly. She had never felt him so hard. Well, she had, but not this early, and never outside of her. She trailed her hand up the shaft, to the head, and down again, marveling that he was such a perfect size for her. She slowly let go of him, and cupped his testicles, gently squeezing them.

Her mouth was at his cock now. She flicked the shaft a few times with her tongue, each lick closer to the tip. Getting there she looked up at him, smiling. 'Suck it baby,' he moaned. Still looking at him, she softly opened her mouth and slowly moved it down over the head. Only when the whole head was in her mouth, did she apply any suction, gently running her tongue underneath it.

The result was instantaneous. The initial pleasure made him give such a guttural groan that it sent spasms through her body, making her wetter than she already was. The sheer force behind that groan made her want to feel him sliding in her, pounding all the right spots til she screamed. At the same time, he pushed his hips up, slipping more of his cock into her mouth. She ran with it, sucking and stroking, tasting him, feeling the soft skin stretched over the hardness beneath it. All she could smell was his excitement, and it was driving her crazy.

Pulling away, she looked up at him again. He was looking back down at her, appreciating the view. She slowly nibbled down his cock, tasting, feeling and smelling him. He was all around her, all she could focus on, and in that moment, her own desires faded. Pausing she took hold of him, stroking. He gave one hard breath out, before she took one of his testicles into her mouth. He sucked in a lungful of air. She held him in there, in the soft warmth, giving it a very soft suck, and letting it go again. He exhaled with a small moan. She focused on his parts again, softly nuzzling into his crotch to even out the treatment.

It felt soft in her mouth, but at the same time, slightly rough on her tongue. They both genuinely liked teabagging, and she fleetingly wondered if he knew it would happen more if he would trim his hair. It was time for her to glance up at him again, and holding him in her mouth, she began to stroke him. His breath quickened. She knew that he was close.

She held him upright, and licked the underside of his dick in quick flicking motions, all the way up again, pausing at his perfectly shaped head to swirl her tongue around it. As she went to put him in her mouth again he whispered 'no.'

'But I want to.'

'I'm gonna come.'

'Don't you want to?'

'I'm not ready, I want to fuck you first.'

She could feel him quivering in her hand, so she released him, hoping it wasn't too late, and moved up to his face to kiss him.

'But you're gonna come as soon as you're in me.'

'Mmm,' he murmured, 'not if I take a break to explore you first.'

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Sakura said...

When's the next installment? you know I shouldn't really read this kind of stuff when I'm at work makes it very difficult to concentrate ; )

RAFFI said...

i need to remain seated for the next few moments.

NAME: Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

I shouldn't be reading the C-O-C-K word at work.

Natalia said...

Wowza. You should publish these.


poody said...

I need a cold shower now!

Obesio said...

This story caused an unusual amount of blood to flow into my dong.

Anonymous said...

Thta's really hot.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

I eagerly await the continuation!

Kezza said...

Despite the fact your story involves the sehks with a girly, I'm a little bit turned on.

Powerful stuff! I like it... hurry up with the rest would ya! ha ha ha

Sumiko said...

based on a true story?

i am curious to know what cums next.

Cazzie!!! said...

Holly mackeroleeeee.....

Dan said...

Whew! This is some very erotic stuff my friend.

Keep 'em coming. No pun intended. Oh hell, why not? Pun intended!

itelli said...

What? No steph comment on this post? HEL-LOOOOOO!! I guess she's too busy blogging everywhere now.

phishez_rule said...

Sakura - its almost done

Raffi- something you're trying to hide?

Kenneth - but the D-I-C-K word is ok?

Natalia - I did. On my blog.

Poody - at least its getting warm there. cold showers aren't so life threatening.

Obesio - hurrah for me!

Mr Underhill - you and everybody else

Nick - its almost done

Kez - only a bit? I should try harder

Sumiko - she does

Dan - how do you know how the story ends?

Itelli - she's just rude that one!