Tuesday, June 26, 2007

"Breast Secret"

Well its no secret I love my boobs. Anybody who's been here in the last two years will know that. And anybody that has ever met me knows in about 3.4 seconds.

So when I found out that Mr Underhill was running 'Breast Secret' I was totally up for it. The way its goes is this - you write a secret on your 'bare' breasts, take a picture, email it to him and he posts it anonymously on his new blog. What a bloody good idea!

So I wrote my secret, and took my pictures. Then I sat down to carefully compose my email

'Maybe I should start penis secret. Do you reckon guys would go for it? Any excuse to show your wares kind of thing?'

Then I attached my pictures and sent it along its merry way.

The page still hadn't been updated a few days later. I wasn't concerned. Maybe he was just lazy. Then I got an email from him. In the address listed here. He was telling me that comments weren't enabled (I was still tweaking the layout) and when was I going to contribute?

I carefully checked his email address and realised I had shortened the 'mister' to 'mr'. I had sent pictures of my sweet innocent girls to some complete random with a smutty message written on them. Oh the shame. But whoever got the email didn't even bother to respond. And it sure as hell didn't bounce back to me.

How rude is that? I take the time to flash them by email, and they don't even thank me for it.

And when you drop by, they're not posted yet. He alleges he hasn't received them. Am I going to have to flash the whole web to get them up there?


Pie said...

Thanks, I'm now going to set up a copy of this dude's website pointing to my own email address.

As for Penis Secret, can we use abbreviations?

phishez_rule said...

Only if big words won't fit. Seriously. Email them to me. I have the site already set up.

Sakura said...

I can't believe the 'other' Mr Underhill didn't respond - those babies are definately worth a comment !!

We seriously need a penis secret page - oh the laughs we could have.

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

I will certainly check 'breast secret' out.

However, contributions to 'Penis secret', maybe not.

Bet you the pictutres won't upload on my pc. That's happened with your pictorial posts before.

phishez_rule said...

Sakura - I've already got dibs on it. Template sorted out and all

Ingsoc - There's only one entry. So far. Its not mine.

Mummy B said...

hehe "Am I going to have to flash the whole web to get them up there?".....poor Phish :( I'm giggling in a completely sympathetic tone...honest

Anonymous said...


Well, I am definitely 'up' for a penis secret blog. I am not shy.

Hmm, I had some idiots spamming my email like crazy so my guess is that I have some blocker that gets rid of the word breast or something.

I am eager for your contribution, though, and will email you once I have figured out what the problem is....

Obesio said...

Feel free to shoot some boobie pictures over to me.

Natalia said...

Easy way to get women to show their breasts. Hmmm. OK. Whatever makes you happy.


Bag said...

Send themhere then. I'll, err, forward them on for you. :)

RAFFI said...

i could compose an autobiography and the deep dark secrets of gary coleman on my penis if you were going to post them... watchya talkin bout phishez

Webmiztris said...

that's so funny that you sent them to someone else! LOL I'm sure the reason the anonymous guy didn't respond is because he died of a heart attack when he opened that email! :)

btw, girl, you need to get a blog feed going. you're one of the few blogs I read who doesn't have one. go to feedburner and set one up! or you can also do it through blogger. :)

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Phish...you kill me. That is so funny. I so have to send a pic of my girls too. What secret to write...what secret to write? A gals has to keep a few secrets for herself you know.

Ha, I can't wait to see your boobs...I mean see what your secret is.

As for the penis blog...what an idea! Did anyone think of a vagina blog?

That reminds me...this dude tells me he wanted to give me nine inches. I replied. "What, you want to f*ck me three times?" This is not a math quiz...so laugh and it really did happen. George, if you happen to come by this blog and read this, I won't say it was you..hehehehe.

Hey let us know when and where we can have a sneeky-peeky of the girls. Ciao Phis.

Anonymous said...

I sent you an email from another address...maybe that one will get through....

itelli said...

Look, it's obviously not bound to happen. Send them to me, and I'll forward them to him.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Phish...Hey just in case, forward them to me too and I'll forward them to him as well. You have to have a back up plan to backup the other, right?

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

I look forward to your entry...

Let us know when it is...

Keshi said...

ooh lala was it a booby trap? :)


Trundling Grunt said...

Question - should you write on your todger while flaccid or turgid? Could make quite a difference to how much writing you can get on.

Anonymous said...

I think I'd rather see the breasts than the willies....

phishez_rule said...

MummyB - I'm giggling in exactly the same tone. Its not like I know the guy, or left my blog address on the bottom of the email.

Mr Underhill - you can be my first. It'll be a case of 'you show me yours...'

Obesio - you need more?

Natalia - lets see if guys are as gullible

Bag - did you say forward or fondle?

Raffi - You email, I'll post

Miztris - blog? feed?

SZJ - if you don't hear back from him try leaving a comment on his blog with your email address.

Itelli - oh it will happen. I want to share the love.

Ingsoc - I think I'll keep it a secret so you can all keep guessing

Keshi - haha. 3 points for nice use of pun there.

Grunt - whatever you feel like

Betty - well now there's a choice.

Lowry said...

Yes! Yes you are! lol

Josh said...

Mammary epistles!

(tee hee)

sahil said...

Hey Fish

You got a new fan for you and your girlies !! Really, this is easily one of the most thoroughly entertaining and spicy blogs ever..keep writing darling.. btw where are u frm?

P.S : also could you please mail me the pic too..i dont think i will put them up on my blog, cause its meant for a more general audience.. but you will be giving someone great joy ;)


Lad Litter said...

Penis Secret? Ok. Now, brevity might be the soul of wit but not on that blog. However, if it's well-subscribed, imagine the categories you could set up:
Please Allow For Shrinkage
Stop Laughing Now
Special Effects