Sunday, June 10, 2007

Daydreams and Desires - the finale

Daydreams and Desires Part 1
Daydreams and Desires Part 2

Laughing, he gripped himself and made to enter her. He gently flicked his cock against the wet, smooth opening to her pussy. Pulling away slightly, he moved himself upwards, rubbing the smooth, soft skin of his head against the warm wet bump that was her pleasure centre.

This was too soon after he went down on her, and she moaned and twisted away slightly, panting hard. He moved into position to enter her. Slowly pushing his cock into her, he felt her contract ever so slightly. Sliding slowly into her, he relished the feel of every ridge, every soft spot, as it hugged his shaft. He was moving too slowly for her. She began raise her hips, trying to get him into her faster.

'Oh no baby. Not let. Let me do it.'

She fell back, letting him enter her at his own pace, breathing ever so lightly. She didn't want to be distracted from the sensation of him entering her, rubbing where she hadn't been touched by him yet. When he was almost all of the way in, he began to thrust. Slow, shallow thrusts to begin with, teasing her, sliding lightly over all of her most sensitive zones.

'Mmmharder' she murmured in his ear. He obliged, slipping between her legs, pushing into her with renewed energy.

Abruptly he pulled away. She pouted and feigned displeasure. It was difficult since he was still over her and the proximity made her excitement hard to hide. She chose to nuzzle into his neck instead, kissing him briefly. She could feel his Adams apple vibrate as he said in a voice, gravelled by lust, 'I want you to ride me.' He felt her lips form a smile against his neck, and rolled off, laying back, holding his cock up for her.

She straddled him, planting a foot on either side of his hips for leverage, and slowly slid down his dick. With her on top, she was slightly tensed, and her pussy hugged his cock firmly. Since she was in control, she played his game, moving slowly, teasing him. He pushed into her, a move which surprised her. She exhaled hard, tensing even more. She ran her hands through her hair, showing him every inch of her body, unashamed by it. She sped up, eyes glazing slightly. Shifting slightly, she moved so her knees planted next to him. Instead of sliding up and down his cock, this new position was a combination of riding and rocking. It was a completely different sensation for both of them. He rubbed against her most sensitive areas, filling every inch of her.

She slowly lowered her hands, running them down her neck, down her collar bones to her breasts. She gave them a quick tweak and began to breathe harder. It tensed every muscle in her body, contracting around his cock. He reached out and put his hands on the soft flesh of her butt, encouraging her to slide harder and faster, his fingers digging in slightly. Her hands slid further down her body. One hand stayed at her pussy, playing with her clit. The other lay on the deeply grooved muscle running from his hip to his cock. She was beginning to come and he was getting close. Wanting to come at the same time, he pushed her off him and moved on top of her.

'My God' he gasped, looking down 'look at all that come on my cock.' Glancing down she saw it was true. There were streaks of her sweet come swirled all over his hard cock. He slid his hand over the creamy fluid, rubbing it in. When he got to the tip he guided himself into her for the last time. Thrusting with a new urgency, he hit all the right areas. His breathing began to shorten. He thrust harder, with more intensity; she gyrated and pushed against him. Curling her back, her legs slid up his, wrapping around him. Instinctively she tensed them, pulling herself closer to him, allowing for full deep and hard penetration. Her back arched and her head tipped back. She ran her hands up his arms once more, scrabbling at his shoulders for purchase.

Finally she just gave in. With a scream she clung to him. She could feel him sliding in her, over the slight coolness of her come soaked, twitching pussy. As she began the descent from her orgasm, she felt him come. He gave one last deep thrust in her, and tensed, partially upright, letting off an animal scream. He stayed in that position for a few moments, before slowly pitching forward, her pussy filled with their mutual excitement.

He leaned over her, stretching his hand over her shoulder so as not to collapse. Breathing hard in her ear, he gave a soft moan of utter contentment. Glancing over at him, she could see sweat peppered his brow. His eyes were vacant, staring straight ahead at nothing. His breathing slowed slightly, and he swallowed. She felt a wave of tiredness sweep over her and she closed her eyes for a moment.

'Make yourself useful and get this back to me by 4.' She opened her eyes. Her boss stood on the other side of her desk, grinning at her. His green eyes probed hers for a moment and she felt a flush begin to creep up her neck. His eyes skidded over her shoulder, where the blond office tart walked, her perfect spray tan legs being visually caressed.

'The partners need me to present it at 5.' Still not looking at her, he dropped the folder carelessly on her desk, turning to follow the blond.

Why are the hot ones always assholes?


Chai said...

Ha ha... Pretty hot though. Oh God, it was hot.

Cazzie!!! said...

Amen to that, boy, what a story!! You oughta publish it all.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

The finale was worth waiting for.

Anonymous said...

well that is my evening done. thanks for that. Betty x

Sakura said...

brilliant ! great ending.

Anonymous said...

I loved it,a nd the twist at the end was great....

Professor said...

Oh shit. I leave for a few weeks and this is what I come back here and find? damn. oh damn.

Desirea Madison said...

That's the most discriptive sex story I've read yet. Loved it!