Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Fetish, n. An abnormally obsessive preoccupation or attachment; a fixation

So this is the post where I expose my secret, non sexual fetish.

Pyjamas. Yep. Its odd right? But I can't go shopping without checking them out. When change of season rolls around, I look forward to new jeans and shoes. I honestly don't think of new jammies. But as soon as I see them on the racks, in all their colourful, comfortable funky glory... its like they've got phish-magnet. My mental dialogue can run something like this.

"Shoes, pass. Jeans, ooh shiny bits. PYJAMAS!" Usually followed by that little 'p-chew' kinda noise they make in cartoons when something just disappears and all thats left in their space is dust motes.

Yep. I heart me some funky pyjamas. But I'm picky about them at the same time. They've gotta be
  • colourful
  • have short (or no) sleeves
  • feature a cute design/slogan
  • and be made of some type of soft, easy to care for fabric.
Which is kinda hard.

I've lost a bit of weight recently. So when I switched from my summer jammies to my winter ones... they fell off. Literally. So I HAD to go pyjama shopping. Which is ecstasy for me. I ended up buying myself a pair of purple snoopy pj's (dark purple bottoms and light/dark purple top, both with snoopy on them). There was also a pair of underpants with snoopy on it and 'no camera's please' written across the bum. There was a tweety set which was equally adorable, but it made me look like an old bumblebee. Picture Bumblebee Man from the Simpsons, but have him with grey stripes. That was me in that set.

I went pyjama shopping the day after and bought myself a pair of pale blue bottoms with yellow ducks on em. So cute.

One thing I do with my pyjama sets - I mix them up. If the top matches the bottom. I WILL NOT wear them together. I think that its too much of the same pattern and is thusly quite off putting. Even on rakes. So I pretty much chuck the top and use a plain white singlet instead.

But this infatuation isn't limited to just pyjamas. It extends to slippers. God I heart me some funky slippers. I don't have any at the moment, but my last pair were shaggy light blue with frogs on em.

And it extends to robes now too. I can't go shopping in target without going and feeling up all their soft robes. So I bought one of them too. Dark moss green. Because it goes well with my hair.

And it even goes further. I love funky sheet sets. For the Aussies - think 'teen home' range in Target, but nothing in pink. I am the proud owner of a set of Harry Potter bedsheets, featuring the Hogwarts logo. Similar to this pic, but with each quarter a different colour - maroon, blue, green and purple. Except I bought them when I had a single bed and now I have a queen. So they aren't actually on my bed ATM.

One night I was standing in my room at uni, in my lime green pyjama top, with multicoloured vertical stripe pants, blue fluffy frog slippers, magenta hair, next to my bed with Harry Potter bedsheets. I was on the phone to my crush-of-the-moment when another guy in my hall wanders by. He stops at my door, grins at me and says really loudly,

'Hey phish, you look like the kinda gal who likes to have fun in bed!'
And I am!

Moral to the story: If you see a chickie shopping for funky pyjamas. She probably puts out.


Me said...

Yup, I can testify to that jammies=fun bedmate. ;)

Cazzie!!! said...

I have pj's with frogs on them that my kids bought me last year. I love them, they are nice and warm. I like to wear a tshirt with the bottoms, ot the top with some 3/4 trackydacks..sounds daggy, but I hate matching sets too.
I need some new slippers.
My girls have a PJ morning at their school and their creche next week, they are looking forward to it.

redcap said...

I'm not a big fan of jim-jams. They scrunch up around my knees and get uncomfortable. I know, I'm just a restless sleeper. Maybe I need stirrup jammies? I also have a big, fat grey cat who sleeps in the crook of my ankle or my knee, depending on which way I'm turned, so extra lower leg warmth is usually unnecessary.

Mel said...

I adore pyjamas, always one size bigger than my normal clothing size. I hate to spend too much on them but every winter I will treat myself to something from the Peter Alexander catalogue as well as the fun cheapies from Target.

It's terribly sad, because my current man-drought means that nobody ever sees them but I just can't help myself.

Also - Harry Potter sheets? That's twelve different kinds of awesome.

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

I do not possess pyjamas, I'm afraid. I do have a lot of cartoon underwaer though.

So the strategy you advise is;
1. loiters suspiciously in women's clothing stores.
2. Look for wolen buying funky pyjamas.
3. Buy them a drink.

Is that the plan, then?

Natalia said...

I love PJs.


The Man at the Pub said...

If you had a real pyjama fetish you would have latex ones and go to "Pyjama parties" (wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more!)

Sakura said...

I don't really go for jimmy jams only in the winter and then I am like the michelin man so many layers it is unbelievable. My main fetish is those coloured gel pens, i can spend hours in the stationery shop scribbling away - how sad am i?

Lowry said...

great advice. must find woman pj shopping. lol

poody said...

Ok so first off pajama is spelled pajama! Good lord y'all and get this I once had a patient in OB who wanted to and I believe did name her baby Pajama pronouncing it Pa-ja-ma. Yep, it was a home made name for sure. Then there was the girl who wanted to name her baby Urinee. No shit I kid you not I had to point out to her that it did indeed spell urine. As in pee-pee.

RAFFI said...

i'm going to the 'jammy' section now and observe shopping patterns. does it matter that i slip outta my stormtrooper outfit and sleep stark naked?

Anonymous said...

ok if a guy said that to me when he saw me in cutesy pjs I'd think he was a how should I say this? I think his idea of fun in bed with a woman might include pillow fights and gossip.

I love cute pjs too...especially flannel. But I'm too lazy to wear them.

Chucky said...

wow sounds like you got the the PJs down. Sounds like a good little mix you got there.

I don't have any PJ tops. Just two pairs of bottoms. Both of witch are from the Family Guy cartoon. My fav ones are blue and say "freakin sweet" on them.

It's good stuff.

Anonymous said...

I demand pyjama shots!

Also, when are you going to participate in breast secret??

Steph said...

I'm a huge jammie fan too, and reckon they're sexier than lingerie too.

P.S just read your finale post. Oh gawd girlfriend! You didn't dissapoint. Phwwooarrrr!

Keshi said...

Im such a shorts n T girl..even in Winter! but yeah I do have few sets of crazy PJs.


phishez_rule said...

Me - they're practically the same thing

Cazzie - pj's are so fun. I wish we could just wear them everywhere.

Redcap - my cats like to paddle when they're in my bed. So I'd need jammies just for protection!

Mel - I heart HP

Ingsoc - re: the undies - thats so cute! And yes, that might actually be a good plan!

Natalia - yep. Me too

TMAP - if I had a real fetish for pyjamas of that type I'd be having sex

Sakura - I love the metallic ones!

Lowry - run with it mate

Poody - its only spelled that way in the stated.

Raffi - sleeping nekkid is one of my favourite things to do. I just can't do it (often) in a share house.

S McT - Funky jammies are worth making the effort for

Chucky - there's nothing hotter than a half nekkid guy, except maybe one in cartoon jammy pants

Mr U - Are you that desperate to see my boobs? When I have a secret as fantastic as my breasts you'll be the first to know

Steph - Comfy and down to earth. Lingerie is really only sexy in the moment.

Keshi - too cold. I love adding layers to bed, but sometimes it gets too much, so need bigger jammies.

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

Phishez- My flatmate will confirm that there is nothing less hot than a man in cartoon boxer shorts.
Especially crashing round the kitchen at seven thirty speaking in primeval grunts.

phishez_rule said...

I didn't know people talked in anything BUT primeval grunts until at least 20 minutes after coffee.

Professor said...

I love jammies too! We are such soul sisters! (tho I cannot mix and match. It's jammies so I feel all that pattern is acceptable!)

Jay said...

I'm a sucker for jammies too. I never wear them for sleep, but I wear them before bed, and you know, basically whenever :)

MissE said...

PJs are cool and all but even in winter I just tend to end up sleeping in a t-shirt with trackie bottoms for slothing around the house in.

My fetish would be similar to sakura's - stationery! Of course this may be related to my job as a teacher... but put me in front of a stationary display and I get all twitchy. Pens, pencils, highlighters, cool looking notepads/books... doesn't matter that I don't need them... I WANTS them!

phishez_rule said...

Prof - depends on the pattern I guess. I just like to mix things up a bit.

Jay - Well jammies just don't compare to sleeping nekkid

MissE - I love stationary shopping. Before uni went back, I'd go buy books and binders and pens and reams of paper, and bags (which I still have) and pencil cases etc. And unpacking everything. I think its the smell of it.