Thursday, June 28, 2007

Purple Shirt Guy

I always have fun when it comes to the biotch. We go shopping together, bitch about guys and catch movies. Its a blast because we check guys out, encourage each other and stop each other when necessary. We also have a system with checking out. We spot one which might be interesting, direct the other to it, and look away. The other then checks it out, comments, and looks away. Then its the firsts turn to look.

It gives us both a chance to perve, without being really obvious.

Last night we went to dinner before catching a movie (Knocked Up. Excellent). I was sitting there talking to the Biotch when this really hot guy walked in. I saw him immediately and simply said 'purple shirt guy' and let him have his run. He agreed the guy was ok (I thought freaking hot, but he was my type) and commented that he'd come in with a girl.

Purple shirt guy left the girl to order, and made a beeline for the seat next to me. Before he'd even sat down he started to chat me up. I responded politely. He hadn't even noticed that I was dining with a guy. I know this because after about two minutes of trying he started to ask me something, glanced over, saw the biotch and kinda went 'oh, don't worry' in a very apologetic tone.

During this I was wondering if the girl he came in with was his girlfriend. Cuz if she wasn't, I was so in. I found out very quickly that she was. She was all over him. Like she was marking his territory.

I know this guy was a player. And it made me feel kinda cheap to have him even try to chat me up when his chickie was in visible range. He definitely set off my play-dar. Which is quite well tuned.

Ladies. If you feel the need to mark your territory, dump it. You don't need to mark it if its really yours. Also if he doesn't initiate any affection when in public, and doesn't respond with anything other than obligation when you do, dump it. Unless you like putting a broken heart back together.


Pie said...

Wow, what a sleazy piece of crap.

The sad thing is that even if you'd explained to his girlfriend she would've seen it as your fault somehow.

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

I think there is a huge grey area, Phish.

Many males continuously flirt with any female who is receptive to it. It's simply a way of checking how the land lies.
It doesn't always make them a player.

I'm often accused of flirting, when I'm not consciously, and would in fact have no interest in taking up the option. But I guess in my head, I always like to know where the options are.

Cazzie!!! said...

I agree, you should not have to fight for what may clearly NOT be yours already....not worth it..move along aye?

Anonymous said...

Play dar? I love it.

very true about the jellusy thing.

It is very stifling and is only going to drive a guy away, anyhow.

zen wizard said...

Lovin' the new avatar/template.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Phish...he was a player! A shark. I so don't like when a guy tries to put moves on me when he has a gal already.

A gal gets that feeling he's trying to put a noose around you. Thinking he's all that and a bag of potato chips. So I rip the rug from under him, upsetting his well layed plans.

Like they say...everyone's tied to their their past, to their drink or the date that they bring. I have my drink...he has his date.

I don't think person should mark their territory. I don't ever think someone belongs to me. If he or she wants to be with me and I feel I want to be with them...fine. I've had two guys fight over me several times. Silly men...silly men. I walked off with another. They can fight all they want. I'm not a prize to be won in a fight. My heart is mine to give and they can't take it from me.

Anonymous said...

I used to be (pre-kids, pre-marriage and pre-hysterical manic depression) one of those creatures that would swathe myself over my man's arms in bars and clubs and anywhere there might be other pretty girls. It was an insecurity thing (der- really?) and a slightly freakish attempt at role playing the "You my Man, and I'm your Ho"

Oh those were the good old days!

Sumiko said...

what a total sleazeball. don't break your 8 month abstinence with a guy like HIM. yechh.

Steph said...

I just love to torment chicks like that. I'd be giving him the eye and making the prick squirm. Fun times.

Keshi said...

He's as purple as sleaze is.

**Ladies. If you feel the need to mark your territory, dump it.

Agree whole-heartedly. I dated a loser like that once upon a time.


phishez_rule said...

Pie - Sleazy but hot

Ingsoc - I wasn't receptive to it. I didn't make eye contact. Didn't give him literally any more than a glance. He initiated.

Cazzie - if its your you should know and be comfortable.

MrU - it only shows that you don't trust him.

Zen - thanks. Regular visitor I see :)

SZJ - Its entertaining but out where i live you can pretty much bet the chick wouldn't be above punching you for it.

Betty - There's a difference between marking you territory and making sure people know you two are together. Clearly in that situation you were doing the former :)

Sumiko - You can bet he'd be worth it just to make me scream though

Steph - I was tempted. The temptress was tempted

Keshi - That sounds like it could be a good blog story there

The Ego said...

Some gilrs need reminding when they are over stepping the boundaries.....and some guys need a slap when they are. This is why I do notlike flirting when people area couple- it leads toblurred lines and misunderstandings. You flirt with the one you are with .period.And make it clear to other girls that you are taken.Right, Crushed?