Sunday, July 08, 2007

Growing Up = Overrated

I'm sure we've all said it at some stage. But being an adult sucks. Driving is really cool, but cars are expensive. Sex is fantastic, but when you're not getting any its irritating and frustrating. I love me some money, but I hate to work. I wish I was a kid again.

I try to live my life as a big kid. I love dress ups. Seriously. Since I was 18 I have collected ears. Sounds strange? Well it kinda is. It began with a pair of teddy bear ears that I bought at the local show. And it grew from there. I now have nine pairs of ears and several added paraphernalia-
  1. teddy bear (taken at uni)
  2. tiger
  3. tiger, with bow tie and tail
  4. cat
  5. bunny
  6. those tinsel ones that Bridget Jones is wearing while she sings karaoke at the start of the first movie
  7. Purple fuzzies on springs
  8. Cow
  9. butterfly with wings
  10. lion tail
  11. devil tail
  12. I did have a really awesome pair of devil horns but they got nicked at my roomies 21st.
  13. This is a cauldron
  14. This is from uni - barracking for my hall in swimming. Back in the 'fat' days.
I've never used them for sex. Never ever. I know people who have borrowed them for parties and utilised them that night. But not me.

I don't buy ears just because I see them. They have to be really unique. And I don't really like tacky. Attention grabbing, yes. But tacky, no. I admit, some of them are a bit tacky, but I figure it balances with the attentions grabbing so it works.

But my childishness isn't limited to ears. I love jumping in puddles. Why, you ask? Why not? Don't you remember how much fun it was to do something just for the hell of it? Do you remember how much fun it was rolling down hills. Without a bellyfull of piss? What about flying a kite? I have bought myself a kite, over 18 months ago. And not flown it. How pathetic is that? Have you ever flown a model plane? So much fun.

Hell, sometimes its fun to just run around screaming for no good reason. And when you make eye contact with someone, you stop and stare at them with a bashful half smile on your face. Whether you choose to bolt or simply turn and meander like nothing happened is up to you.

I miss kicking the footy around. I miss all the fun activities where you didn't need a shower afterwards. And mud wrestling. That's always a classic.

What simple activity do you miss from your childhood?


Cazzie!!! said...

I miss tad polling with my dad and mushrooming, and getting lost out there riding my horse..well, not lost, just getting away for the da to anywhere I liked.

phishez_rule said...

Tadpoling was so much fun. Does anybody even do that nowdays?

itelli said...

Driving everyone nuts, so they'd rush to put me to sleep. Now, u gotta be up and running before everyone else is...

gigglewick said...

I miss the cast-iron stomach I used to have on amusement-park rides. Now I get queasy just looking at the friggin' tea-cups.

Cazzie!!! said...

Dunno, but I wanna with my kiddies soon, with all this rain there gotta be taddies yeah?
Hey, whatd u do to get looking so wonderful and healty lady?

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

Not sure I really miss anything, except the irresponsibility.

I've never owned or worn any novelty items, aside from souvenirs.

Looking good in the devil picture.

Lad Litter said...

I miss: having to hide out the back for a smoke; keeping racy magazines well hidden; believing that tic-tacs completely mask all traces of alcohol. Hang on, I'm still doing all of those things.

The Ego said...

I don't miss anything as I do not feel age is a barrier to doing what you wan to do. I still blare my music and do my aerobics/dance in my knickers on the hot days).
Oh, I do miss. the 80's!

Princess of the Universe said...

I miss spinning around in circles until you fall over. Now I think it would just make me kind of nauseated :P

RAFFI said...

i miss carefree timelessness where time doesn't really matter. you are truly in the moment, without any major concern of the past or future... all that matters is being happy.

Anonymous said...

I just HAVE to say you are sooo sexy! And You have given me a lot to"think" about...can't remember what it is... but hay..Nice photos...

Tug said...

Love the ears!! I miss the carefree 'heavy shit' to deal with.

and yeah...jumping in puddles. ;-)

Trundling Grunt said...

Ears, hmm. That's different.

What do I miss from childhood - so many things but buying a bottle of White's Cream Soda and then going down the woods to build a camp would be one biggy. I tried Cream Soda a few years ago and all my fillings spontaneously rotted.

phishez_rule said...

Itelli - I hate getting up and running. I miss having someone make my brekky for me

Gigglewick - you never seem to mind being bodily thrown around as a kid

Cazzie - eat healthy and exercise. Are you surprised?

Ingsoc - I had actually split the seam on the corset trying to breathe and have since thrown it out.

Lad - I never smoked. I do have to keep my racy movies hidden. I don't bother masking traces of alcohol. The 'extreme hungover' expression and sunnies inside make it useless

Ego - Thats an excellent attitude. I miss the innocence that lies behind that attitude as a kid though.

Princess U - that was such a fun activity

Raffi - the only time I get to experience that nowdays is when I have sex. So... never

Mutley - don't 'think' too hard, you might strain something

Tug - Oh yeah, that carefree attitude goes a long way.

Grunt - I'm surprised cream soda isn't solid from all the sugar they put in it.

Anonymous said...

From my childhood I miss stopping at the B.P service station and begging my Dad to buy me those tiny Smurf collectibles. Remember those? Gees I miss those Smurfs.

Mummy B said...

I just miss being blissfully ignorant, life being simple...all the big decisions being in someone else's hands and only having to worry about being a kid.

You look adorable in your ears :D and wow! you have done an amazing job slimming down :) Your looking fabulous!

phishez_rule said...

Betty - The smurfs rocked. i always loved Gargamel's cat. I forget its name. I always was an animal nut.

Mummy B - They say ignorance is bliss. As a kid it is. But as an adult being ignorant isn't bliss. Its worrying.

Josh said...

I miss the feeling of infinite potential and of everything being right with the world. I also miss my friends from childhood.

Anonymous said...

Gargamels cats name was azrael. (I had to look it up)

what a cool name! I think you should name your first born this. it is very cool.

phishez_rule said...

Josh - I still have that feeling. It tells me its time to grow up.

Betty - Thats also the name for the angel of death. I think I'll pass on it. But it would make a good pet name.