Wednesday, July 18, 2007

If its moves...

I was onCraigslist a few days ago. Just for the hell of browsing. Its like going to the local pick-up-point. I go for a look, with every intention of taking home a sample. But every time I get there and see the produce, I chicken out. And for good reason. That guy has halitosis, that guy is too hairy, that guys is drinking beer (I don't pick up beer drinkers, they taste funny), that guy is too short, that guy is probably too drunk to get it up and that guy... I'm gonna away now.

I always remember my mothers wise words. "Don't pick that up, you don't know where its been." Ok, so my mother never said that herself but it doesn't make that statement any less funny.

Considering that was one of SR's haunts its no wonder. All of the guys are uber sleazy and if you're there, its just for one reason. Its a place the diseased go to congregate and build upon their germ infested collections.

I had to marvel at what some of the guys there wanted. One guy wanted cyber. He was married and bored and wanting to spice things up with someone else. Though he didn't want to cheat. Uh, ok. Lots of logic there.

Another guy wanted a girl aged between 18 and 45. Holy fuck! This dude was 22. And more than happy to stick it to someone old enough to be his MOTHER. I just wonder why the fuck he started the age bracket at 18. Why not go for 16? Thats legal here.

It never ceases to amaze me what guys will fuck. Seriously. Is there a point where the little hamster in your brain decides its unethical, immoral or just plain wrong? Do you ever listen to it and go home and knock it out yourself?


Crushed by Ingsoc said...

What is Craigslist?

And what's wrong with drinking Beer? What are we supposed to drink?

Obesio said...

Very interesting post, though I wonder about the implicit moral position that male sexuality (wanting to fuck everyone, all the time) is deviant, while female sexuality (not wanting to fuck everyone all of the time) is "normal." With the population split 50/50, can we say, with much certainty, that one position is right?


Yes, I hear you on the young guys who want to do any age bracket. Myself I prefer men over 35. There's something to be said for life exp and maturity.
I hate kissing beer drinkers too- disgusting.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Yeah guys will go "shu-ing" if there's a slight breeze.

See She what happens when you where your shortest, tightest skirt and sit across them at club or party. Open your legs ever so slightly...the dogs gather and crane their necks to get the best peep show they can possibly get.
It's hilarious watching them drool all over each other.

Afterwards stand and walk up to the fella real close and whisper in his ear. "Hey cowboy, is that your six shooter or are you happy to see me?"

Jay said...

Wow, somebody's pulling no punches :)

You rock.

Webmiztris said...

i love browsing I think the guys who just want to come over and masturbate while watching a married couple have sex are freakin hilarious.

poody said...

wow I got my yardman off Craig's list! And to think I could have had a pervert instead!

phishez_rule said...

Ingsoc - its a website where you can sell shit. I've only ever heard it to be used to arrange 'casual encounters'

Obesio - what about the others, who want to fuck one person all of the time?

Uber - I don't want a beer drinker putting his yeasty mouth anywhere on me.

SZJ - you tease.

Jay - but its true.

Miztris - I haven't seen those ones.

Poody - you lost out.