Monday, July 16, 2007

What happened there?

I have nothing to blog about.

Its been three days and he hasn't rung. And I'm strangely not freaking out about it. I think the hard part is done.

I made apple pie yesterday.

Boots (black kitty) has feline acne again.

It was so cold at work today someone borrowed my 'big jacket'. I swear that thing is so warm you could wear it in the snow and not get a chill.

Have you heard the new song that rips off Lenny Kravitz? I can't stand it because its the backing track to one of his classic songs (it ain't over 'til its over) and someone just put new lyrics to it. ITS FUCKING WITH MY MIND. Every time it comes on the radio I'm so excited to hear The Great Lenny, and its some flash-in-the-pan singer. I always change the station.

There was one time one of the guys at uni was hanging for a rollie* but he didn't have any papers, so he took a page out of my little pocket bible and rolled it in that. I'm going to hell.

Nobody curses like the Aussies. Except maybe the Irish.

And to finish it all off - some eyecandy for y'all

I'm in a weird mood.

*hand rolled cigarette


Sunshine McThunderkitty said...

Good on ya for not giving in to calling him. I used to be shocking for doing that and it never works out (even if it ends up being something that drags on for years).You know as much as I hate those stupid molls who wrote THE RULES (and hate even more that a book like that has to exist) I have to conceed that they might actually be right.

I'm in the ACT right now and I can't believe how cold it is! I've never felt anything like it (being from the West), but it's kinda fun because it's so different.

Your eye candy should have been green xx

Oestre-Bunny said...

Regardless of colour, that eye candy is kinda gross! :)

What is cat acne?

Kudos on not calling him. It's only been 3 days. You made the first move so it's all up to him now.

phishez_rule said...

Guys. I'm seriously not worried about him not calling. I'll see him at work and talk to him then.

Sam said...

dats soem candy!!!
btw, abt dat guy... jeez... i can't think of doing dat!! cud have used soem other paper!!

Crashdummie said...

mmmm, apple-pie

Princess Banter said...

So true -- I think Aussies are my idols when it comes to cussing!!!

mutleythedog said...

The English out swear the world, havent you seen 4 weddings and a funeral?

Oestre-Bunny said...

I wouldn't have thought the book paper would burn as good as fag papers?

Natalia said...

I wish I could make apple pie.



I'd do you phishez :)

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Apple pie...yum! That's my favorite pie. Um...make that my second favorite pie.

Have you ever had key lime pie? It is so yummy. We were on our way to Key West from Miami we stopped at a place by the name of The Blonde Giraffe. The best key lime pie you in the world.

I've heard that about Aussies. I don't understand what some of the words mean. Does a wanker refer to a penis? Oops...gotta go. later.

fingers said...

Be patient.
Like a vulture...

Sunshine McThunderkitty said...

oh my god your cat fetches like a dog! Do you know how special that is? Take it on the road girl!

Pie said...

Weirdest thing in the world is listening to an American using English swear words. It just doesn't sound right. An Aussie, a Brit or an Irishman swearing sounds normal.

phishez_rule said...

Sunny - I haven't called. I won't. I'll wait to see him in person next.

Oestre - its when they don't wash their chins properly and they get oil build up which gives them pimples.

Sam - he was already going to hell.

Crash - it was yum!

Princess - we have this kinda growly way of saying

Mutley - its not the frequency. Its the accent. Compare Feck to FAAARRRRKKK

Oestre - it was the only paper that was of similar thinness.

Natalia - Its not hard, stewed apple wrapped in pastry.

uber - jeez woman, how many accounts do you have?

SZJ - I've never had key lime. Please provide definition. A wanker is a jerk.

Fingers - what? you want me to wait for him to die first?

Sunny - she'd forget how to play and just lay there with her fat belly up for a rub.

Pie - I knew a yank who used to use the word wanker. Never worked but was funny as piss.


hahahaha well, I am a Gemini so a few :P

Sumiko said...

lately i have nothing to blog about either. i sit and stare at my blog humming and hawing, wondering what i could possibly write that isn't totally boring. siiiiiiiigh.

Webmiztris said...

rolling with a page from a pocket bible - now that is some hardcore shit right there! me likey.

I hate when 'artists' rip off samples from already popular songs. did you hear the one that rips off "She's Like The Wind"? GAG!!!! I hated that song even when it was original. Now it just makes me ill to hear it!

my kitty had acne too, but I put hydrogen peroxide on it a couple of times and switched his bowls from plastic ones to ceramic ones and it went away. :)

zen wizard said...

Who's the guy who is supposed to call you?

Maybe he goes by the "one week rule." It's a new fad.

RAFFI said...

doods suck... they're mostly dogs and are selfish. usually all they want is the nang-nang. if the task is too much to topple or they're not particularly interested, they'll move on for greener, more fruitful/less toiling pastures (if you know what i mean). did i mention doods suck. i'm a dood and i pull that isht all the time.

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

Have a little faith, girl.
And if he doesn't ring, he's crazy.

What's with the eyeballs, anyway?

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Hey Phish, key lime pie is made from key limes. They are smaller than regular limes. Hey go to their website at and you will see what key lIme pie is.

phishez_rule said...

Sumiko - just drivel. People will still read it.

Miztris - I was her chin. It comes and goes. I know I should change her bowls, but the ones she has right now are so pretty.

zen - its rude is what it is

Raffi - Thanks for the warning.

Ingsoc - its eyecandy. duh

SZJ - It looks yummy.