Friday, July 27, 2007

"Wild" Birds

These are the cockatoos that frequent my balcony. I went to the outside fridge to get some bread and when I turned around lo and behold, there they were. Two of them sitting on the railing looking at me. With the door open and a cat looking at them. I hurriedly shoo'd the furry wench inside and proceeded to hand feed the 'wild' birds. Cockatoos are such amazing birds because they're so damn big. I know they're big. I've always known they're big, but each time I see them up close I'm struck anew. And they have this gangly grace that the tame crow at work doesn't have.

They were very calm and accepted the bread I offered them. And when I ran out of bread I offered them some celery and carrot. Something a tad healthier. One of them flat out threw it away. Clearly disinterested. The other took what was offered, leapt of the balcony, flew about a foot out, dropped the celery and came back. Just so I wouldn't offer it to him again.

They're damn smart those ones.

Please excuse the poor quality of my camera phone, these are best viewed in a smaller frame.


itelli said...

Ok, this is a comment of clashing cultures. R these "things" free? Or did they just pop by the balcony next door? We don't have this kind of animals here. Well, not with all the monsoons that are going on... If I did see one, what with all the flooding and stuff, I'd think the UK had moved closer to the tropics.

Hmmm... I don't know if that'd make me happier or it'd scare me to death, actually.

phishez_rule said...

Itelli - they're wild parrots. They fly around the area and drop by various places for a feed.

Pie said...

How cool is that, wild cockatoos. Beats the pigeons and magpies we get.

Sakura said...

Wow they are amazing, they are so smart aren't they? I wonder if they were someone's pets that got out or something. me thinks you will have them around a lot now.

Anonymous said...

Are they escaped pets or do they come from australia?

Seems like a very neat experience, though.


I saw this pigeon once at the lake. He used to stand on one leg ( which made the other completely disappear) so he got the most chips. When he had, had his fill, he put his leg down and walked about all superior.
Yes, birds are very smart.
Happy Birthday, Phishez! Hope you treat yourself to a big expensive present.

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

God, you live high up.
Is it a tower block?

we're ground floor.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Wow! I’ve never encountered cockatoos who didn’t at least live inside a houses, pet store, or zoo. They are wonderful birds!

Anonymous said...

you are kind phishez, I'm too scared they'll snap my bloody fingers off!

Steph said...

Scary birds with big beaks!!! I would have hid under my bed till they went away.

phishez_rule said...

Pie - Yeah. They shit all over pidgeons.

Sakura - No. I'm pretty sure they're not pets. They just understand free food.

Mr Underhill - they're native birds.

Uber - The seagulls do the same here.

Ingsoc - fifth floor.

Nick - they're so intelligent too.

Betty and Steph- if you freak out then they're actually more likely to avoid you. And yes. Their beaks are big enough to grip a finger and they are strong enough to break bone. Did you notice I gave them rather big bits of bread and my fingers were all the way way from them? They were very gentle though. They get more that way :P

fingers said...

I'm always amazed and a little humbled by the marvelous wildlife we have in Australia.
Reading some of the comments from overseas, it's easy to forget we take so much for granted down here.
I can't imagine a world without wild cockatoos on my balcony.
And believe me...they are delicious...

phishez_rule said...

Fingers - I imagine they'd taste like chicken, but a bit gamier. Kinda like roo. I love our wildlife.

honkeie2 said...

Any animal with the word "cock" in its name has to be a great animal.