Tuesday, April 03, 2007

10 things

This is the deal. I got given a letter by Melissa. I have to list 10 things that I like and 10 things that I dislike, beginning with that letter. If you want to play along, leave me a comment and I'll allocate you a letter.

And now... to begin

I like
  1. Dogs. Yep. Faithful and stupid. Kinds like men.
  2. DD's. Thats my boobs for those not in the know.
  3. Dicks. Real ones.
  4. Ducklings. How cute are they?!?
  5. Deer. They taste good. Rhymes with beer, which is something else I like.
  6. Dancing. Partly because it gives me an excuse to buy expensive shoes.
  7. Dixie chicks. I'm a country girl at heart. Although I'm adapting remarkably well to the city.
  8. Drinking. Bourbon, gin and vodka are my faves.
  9. Documentaries. I'll pick animal ones over the others, but anything thats educational is interesting.
  10. Denim. Most of my wardrobe is based around what goes with jeans.

  1. Dieting. I'm not on an official diet. I'm on a "healthy eating and exercise plan". That way I can still binge. But only in moderation.
  2. Dumb asses. Stop fucking talking to me.
  3. Dangerous drivers. I'd like to arrive at my destination alive please.
  4. Devil horn thieves. Someone 'accidentally forgot' to leave my devil horns after they left my house mates 21st party. And they 'accidentally forgot' to return them too.
  5. Domestic Violence laws in Australia. Seriously. They have this "To Domestic Violence Australia says no" campaign. But its bullshit. Because if you go to the police with a domestic violence case they do sweet fuck all about it. End rant. Else I might burst a blood vessel in my brain.
  6. Disease. Specifically ebola. Whats not to be afraid of there?
  7. Damn Minorities. They come in here and steal all of our jobs. Nah. Just kidding. I don't like racists, bigots, chauvinists, or other small minded people. Seriously, give your brain some room to move. The people you hate bring in some amazing cultural advantages to this beautiful country.
  8. Damn Immigrants WHO DON'T INTEGRATE. I heart me some immigrants (see above point). But the ones who don't want to learn our culture, and will disrespect the people who love this country, really, really piss me off.
  9. Dentists. My teeth are crap, they're expensive and hurt me lots.
  10. Dark Rum. Seriously. Even a whiff and I'm yak-tastic.


Crushed by Ingsoc said...

Thanks, that's some interesting information...
So, what letter do I get?

Webmiztris said...

it seems so appropriate that a friend who is evil enough to steal one of your things and not return it would steal an item like freakin DEVIL HORNS...lol

Cazzie!!! said...

I can't stop laughing at these, very funny, very honest :)

MissE said...

Love it!
Pick me!
Letter me!
whoo hoo!

And hope your Easter break is a good one.

mist1 said...

1. I like dogs too. I have a cat.
2. AA, out of contention.
3. Amen.
4. My ducklings are all grown up now. I am so proud of them. They will be having their own ducklings someday soon. Lord, I have never loved any birds more in my life than my ducks.
5. I like venison. I like beer.
6. I like shoes.
7. No country in this girl.
8. Drinking is what I do best.
9. I like docs. I fall asleep through movies though.
10. Cannot get enough of denim.

That was fun. I couldn't help myself.

phishez_rule said...

Ok. I said I'd allocate a letter to anybody who commented. But I meant I'd allocate a letter to anybody who asked. Even if you didn't ask, I'll give you one (just because I'm sooo generous). If you don't want it then don't do it.

Ingsoc - You seem to be a G kinda guy. Enjoy.

Webmiztris - K.

Cazzie - Take an H

Misse - I choose to give you an R

Mist - You're not supposed to help yourself. I give you a T

Mel said...

So with you on the dark rum. No matter how perfect a guy was I would point blank refuse to date him if he drank dark rum. When I smell it on people's breath at clubs I feel slightly nauseous.

MissE said...

done... Letter R!!! Bloody hell.
That had me pouring through the dictionary for inspiration.

Thanks, phishez!

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

G. Ok.
Guiness- The national drink of the world's greatest people.
Greenery. Especially the relaxing kind.
Girls- Sure you could guess that.
Gatecrasher- You had to BE there.
Gillian Anderson- When I was MUCH younger.
Gary Numan- Possibly the only thing in my music collection on G, but still good.
Godfather- One and Two anyway.
Gorgonopsids- Don't know why, they look quite cool in the reconstructions.
Guerills- Fighting Fascism, cool.
Gorillas.- Why not?

Gordon Brown
Graham Taylor- Ex England Coach
Germans- Fair?
Gloryhunters- Fair weather football fans.
Gas- I mean people passing wind.
Gourmets- especially wine buffs.
Geri Halliwell.
Glockenspiels- They ARE quite annoying.
Gloria Estefan.

Is that fair?

poody said...

ok I wil take a letter then please.P.S. the Dixie Chicks live in my town!!

Me said...

Nice list!

I wanna play too!

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

I forgot; likes ;
Goals for Birmingham City.

Josh said...

Amusing. :) I had a lot of the same answers.

phishez_rule said...

Mel - I think everybody has an alcohol that will automatically initiate the gag reflex.

MissE - well done.

Ingsoc - I've never tried Guiness. Must do so. And Gillian Anderson in her XFiles days was damn hot. From memory.

Poody - I give you the letter C

Me - today comment is bough to you by the number 10, and the letter F

Josh - If you wanna play, make what you can of the letter P. WITHOUT using "Penis" Its too obvious.

apositivepessimist said...

on likes:

ou I love the animal doco's too.

on dislikes:

7 & 8...hear, here!

10...it's scotch for me...just one whiff of that and I'm dry heaving. urk.