Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Reader Participation

So I don't have time to post right now. Well, apart from this. No time for a FULL post!

Heres where you come in gentle reader. And you too Slaggathor.

You can pick what you would like to read tomorrow. The choices are

  1. Why I like animals more than people
  2. The Red Light (with capitals)
  3. Why I don't play with superglue.
  4. Pets and farts.
I'll tally the votes tomorrow and respond in kind.


Cazzie!!! said...

Pets and farts please, LOL

Kerry said...

I second that.
Pets and fatrs!

Mel said...

I don't care which one you write about because you referenced my all-time favourite line from Scrubs. Thus, I hail you as a blogging goddess and will duly read either topic with much enthusiasm.

Natalia said...

Ummm...not as interested in pets and farts.

The Red Light seems mysterious.

But I think I'd like to also read a diatribe about why animals are better than people. Although I could write that too. People suck.



Me said...

The Red Light!!!!

zen wizard said...

Is the Red Light a bar or a district in the town?

poody said...

choices hmmmm I pick Red light just because it sounds dirty

phishez_rule said...

So thats two Number Fours for Cazzie and Kerry.

And Four Red Lights.

And one 'I don't care' with a very honest admission that I am a blogging Goddess. Hurrah!