Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter Banality.

So its Easter. I want to pass on the same message to you all that I did to my friends.

"Happy Easter Everybody. This bunny wishes you youthful chocolate, aged grog, and flexible partners!"

I know I'd like that for Easter.

Moving right along. I just saw Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Happily N'Ever After. If you only go see two animated movies this year, go see these. Especially if you liked the TMNT as a kid. Sure, Shrek III will be good, but its part of a series, you know whats gonna happen. These are new and fresh. Go see them.

BTW, is it wrong to lust after a bad-ass teenage turtle? Mmm. Raphael.


I have a question about blogtiquette. I regularly read (and have blogrolled) the blogs of people who don't visit here. Which I'm fine with. I'm not worried that these people don't visit me. I find them intriguing and entertaining. I personally try to visit people who drop over here regularly.

Is it rude to not go visit people who regularly visit you?


Since Easter is a time when we celebrate and eat chocolate, it is also a time when we feel guilty about all of the calories we've ingested.

So I propose this. EVERY female who reads this is tagged. List 10 things you are absolutely in love with about your body. WITHOUT referring to anything in a negative way. These must be purely physical things you love. As females with functioning eyes, ears and brains, we are constantly getting crap shoved down our throats about societies notion of beauty, and this never fits with the way we are. So I think its time we fought back and affirmed to ourselves that we are beautiful.

I'll go first.
  1. I love my boobs. Large and soft. Very attention grabbing. As much a part of my personality as my looks.
  2. I love my eyes. They are kinda almond shaped, with eyelashes to die for. Hazel in colour. So at first glance they are an interesting brown. But when closer attention is paid, you can see moss green flecking in the centre.
  3. I love my bottom teeth. They're so funky. I should have had braces as a kid, but I never did. And now my bottom teeth are the secret to my most successful grin.
  4. I love my lips. Generous and full, with a well defined cupids bow. Never chapped or cracked. They look like a smile is creeping at the corners most of the time. They are a dream to own.
  5. I love my nose. Long and straight. Perfect for the tiny stud in the left nostril. If I don't have it in people comment that I'm missing something, but they can't quite pick what it is.
  6. I love my forearms. Very smooth, with light coloured hair. Beautifully toned, without me having to work on it. The upper side is a little tanned, where the inside of my wrist is milky and smooth.
  7. I love my skin. It looks so smooth and soft. I don't think I've ever had a massive break out in my life. Small scatterings yes, but never more than about 6 small pimples. And its 'ivory' coloured. So it goes extremely well with very dark, warm tones. Which is the reason I (and the other chickies in my family) can pull of red hair so well.
  8. I love my ankles. Solid but well defined. Not bony, not fat.
  9. I love my beauty spot. Yep. I have one. On my right cheek, on the lower edge of my cheekbone, directly under the outer point of my eye.
  10. I love my collarbones. Strangest one of all so far, huh? Well its true. They're not prominent. But subtly well defined.
I think every girl will need something like this at least once in her life.


Me said...

Is it rude to not go visit people who regularly visit you? No, I don't think so. After all, it's like don't have to go out with everyone who asks, so why should you have to visit everyone who visits you?

Here's my list:
1. I love my hair.
2. I love my eyes.
3. I love my top (upper??) teeth.
4. I love my mouth.
5. I love my cheeks.
6. I love my nipples.
7. I love my breasts' size
8. I love my hands.
9. I love my butt.
10. I love my pussy.

I'll expand on the why's later...maybe that'll be a post soon! Thanks for forcing me to be positive this morning. :)

Dan said...

Is it rude to not go visit people who regularly visit you?

No, I don't think it is. But often they'll stop visiting, which you may or may not like. It seems that commenting is a give-and-take, unless you're some famous person or something.

Hey! I must say that your new profile photo is very nice indeed. :)

Happy Easter to you as well!

itelli said...

No need to read mine. Everyone who does, does so because of the comments that are far superior than my posts.

mist1 said...

I try to visit my regulars. Sometimes, I'm not that good at it. I don't believe in obligatory trading of comments. If I read and comment, it's not because I owe anyone a comment for one they left on my blog. I'm not one to talk about manners. I'm rude.

My list:
1. Curly, curly hair.
2. Long lashes.
3. Long neck.
4. The shape of my fingernails.
5. Deep voice.
6. Soft feet.
7. Nose, not too pointy, not too round.
8. The mole on my right shoulder.
9. Bellybutton, not an innie, not an outie.
10. Straight shoulders.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Michaelangelo fan myself. He's more my type.

Is it rude to not go visit people who regularly visit you? Not at all. Is it rude that I linked to your blog without telling you first? I hope not, I just came across it a few blogs ago and thought it a fun read to keep coming back. Hope you don't mind :)

I'll play along. I love...
1. my lips, pouty and full
2. my eyes, dark and twinkly
3. my ears, perfect for nibbling
4. my fingers, perfect for poking things
5. my ass, fits in everything
6. my skin, chocolatey and smooth
7. my shoulders, wide and strong
8. my tits, small and dainty
9. my thighs, great for childbearing
10. my love nest, no explanation needed.

phishez_rule said...

Me - Love the list. I think every girl needs something to be positive about, as early as possible in the day. Hope you get through things.

Dan - Thanks. The new avatar is actually of body love #1

Itelli - Oh I read. I just haven't had the time to comment yet.

Mist - thats pretty much what I do. But I have some new faves too. Love the list. Would you call your bellybutton a flattie?

Echo - Hi there. I think I'll visit you pretty frequently. If the first post I read is about fun toys then you can be sure I'll be returning.

Dan said...

Yes, I figure that was body love #1! :) I almost had a heart attack reading ths post! In a good way! :)

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

Don't worry too much about blog ettiquette. Why try to impose social conventions on a tool of free speech.
For the record I'm no oil painting, but I'm still quite vain. I manage to convinve people I'm far better looking than I actually am, by being clearly in love with myself.
Try it. It does work.

From the piecemeal pics I've seen, I'd concur with much of your list.

Webmiztris said...

"Is it rude to not go visit people who regularly visit you?"

To me, yes. I always visit everyone who comments on my blog and comment myself, if possible (unless it's a political/sports, etc. blog, which I don't comment on because I don't care). I think it's rude when people never visit the blogs of people who visit them all the time...unless they're famous/damn special/gets hundreds of comments where they couldn't possibly keep up with all of their commenters even if they tried.

phishez_rule said...

Dan - well, its ok if it was in a good way then.

Ingsoc - Have you seen anything apart from my boobs yet?

Webmiztris - that my point of view too.

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

Well, I saw the dress picture. hat gave me a full length view. Also I seem to think you hd an Avatar before which showed yorself and a cat????
My long term memory is pretty good, so I can do a Photofit.

It's just occurred to me, I've never had that said to me before 'Have you seen anything apart from my boobs yet.'

To expand on your etiquette issue, that's why I have a blogroll. To remind me where to go. Then I just trawl through recent comments and check out their sites. I don't comment on every blog daily. I try to keep blogging to two hours a night max. Since I hate TV, it fills the early evening slot. Then I check again late evening.

smacko said...

hmm... well sometimes i go to blogger's homepage and click on one of the 'recently updated' blogs and start reading. but if somebody comments on my blog, i always check out their blog. that's how i found your blog!

Josh said...

I am bad to get behind on visiting blogs, but I try to stay caught up. My policy is generally to only enroll those people who visit me into my blogroll, and if they don't visit (or update their own blogs) after a certain period of time, I remove them.

phishez_rule said...

Ingsoc - I'm proud to be the first. I just hope no-one else has to say it to you either!

Smacko - you were a random who looked interesting to me! Glad to see you drop by.

Josh - I used to stop visiting new blogs because I was having trouble keeping up with the old. But now if I miss a couple of days I don't really bother.