Thursday, April 05, 2007

Time for a Tinkle?

I can recite the whole of the sorting hat's song from the first Harry Potter.

You know its time for you to change your contacts when you rub your face and one of them simply falls out.

Married Man doesn't wear a wedding ring.

Talking to the secretary at work today and she wished me a happy Easter, and hoped that the Easter bunny would visit me. I commented that I already had gotten some Easter presents. And she said 'no, I hope the real Easter bunny comes to visit you, a six foot tall one.' To which I replied 'at the moment I'd settle for an eight inch battery operated one!'

Its said that the first sign of insanity is talking to yourself. I already do that. And reply. I pose the question 'if that is the first sign, then what number would you allocate to waking up at 3:06am, staring at the clock for 10 minutes singing 'ooh eee, ooh aah aah'?'


Cazzie!!! said...

Number 666, the Devil's number, LOL.
Nah, I am my own best friend, I am always chattering to myself, it is sort of, oh, I dunno, therapeutic in some way..I guess.
Happy Easter girl :)

Webmiztris said...

the 'real' Easter Bunny? lol! wtf? is your co-worker seven?

poody said...

ting tang walla walla bing bang!
For the record I am a big Harry Potter fan. I have all the books and the DVDs too. I see each movie in the theatre at least 2 times more actually if I can!

itelli said...

I used to talk to myself but he used to answer back and pissed me off. So now, I talk to the cafetiere, the computer, the TV and occasionally to the sky. If it's not black.

Happy Easter.

Desirea Madison said...

How did she react to the suggestion of the unmentionable?

phishez_rule said...

Cazzie - Ha. Maybe its 667. It was that irritating.

Webmiztris - nah, I think she thinks I am sometimes though.

Poody - I always go see the movies on their release date. I will tkae the day off work so that I can see it early in the day, or if I catch a late session, I'll take the next day off.

Itelli - I talk to my clothes sometimes.

Desi - She thought I was joking. And she said 'nooo!', like it would be a waste or something.