Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sydney Peoples

My favorite cousin is coming up here in a few days. So I need to know...

Good places to go on a Friday night?


Must be easy to find. Not worried about cover charges. Though please mention if there are any.


Steph said...

Well do you want a nightclub, lounge,bar/pub? Whats the dealio!

I know you like teh gays, so for a good gayfest go to ARQ, which is in flinders ST in Darlo.
Or The Basement in Circular Quay is nice. They sometimes have live bands too.
My fave pub at the moment is the Beach RD Hotel in Bondi. Heaps of cute sufer boys there too.

Inner west I'd go for Zanzibar in Newtown, or Q bar.
Closer to you, have you tried PJ Gallaghers in Parra? I hear that's a good spot.

Hope that helps a bit.

Dan said...

Well, there's a cool place in my town ... but since my town is in NJ in North America it probably won't help you much, aye? :)

Have loads of fun, you crazy kid!

Cazzie!!! said...

Oh man, I been to so many places up there my head spins mate!! Listen to Steph, she rocks :)

Cazzie!!! said...

BTW, this is THE BREAK you needed, go and have a safe and fun fun fun time :)

phishez_rule said...

Steph - I go to PJ's pretty regularly. Its such a sleazy place. In brackets, capitals and bold sleazy. I was thinking of the mean fiddler, depending on how tired the guys are after a days driving.

Dan - my absolute FAVORITE cousin. I will have a blast and a half.

Cazzie - yeah. My cuz can always calm me down.