Saturday, April 14, 2007

What next!!!

Telemarketers now come to your door, apparently.

We just got visited by some guy representing an electricity company. Trying to get us to convert to his company. I know from experience, that Robyn will fob off telemarketers. This guy comes up to our apartment and begins talking to me about the electricity bill. I tell him that the bill is in Robyn's name. She's standing right next to me. He continues talking to me about the benefits of switching. We are supposed to give him our last electricity bill for this to happen.

I've had stalkers before. I am immediately sus about this and seek clarification. Yes, we do have to hand over our bill, with our personal details on it. Ahh. Ok. We're really looking forward to doing that.


Robyn and I exchanged this look. And I interrupted this guy to tell him that we were going out, so if he could give us a brochure we'd look at it some time.

Unfortunately the brochure has already been 'misplaced' in the bottom of the 'trash'


apositivepessimist said...

oh yes, alas that poor brochure.

thankfully out here in the sticks I no longer put up with the multitudes of doorway sellers. kinda sorrowful about that, as now I could sick the dawgs on them.

Professor said...

his jobs has to suck if he's legit. never answer the door again for salesmen. unless they're cute.