Saturday, April 21, 2007

All in all

OMG! Why the FUCK does Maccas not deliver? I'm not talking about all day, every day delivery. I just think it would be reasonable if they delivered breakfast only, Saturday and Sunday mornings.

I had TEH BEST time last night. My cousin arrived last night, with one of his mates. And we wandered down Church St (for those playing at home, this is where pretty much every restaurant in Parramatta is located) for dinner. And we were watching the crowd. The boys all had seats facing out the window. So they got to watch the freaks go past. And we laughed at most of them. Including the old guy who wandered past holding up his dirty trackpants. Then my cousin made us all feel guilty at laughing at the guy who had clearly had his cord stolen... and his shoes... and his soap... and his home.

The flower lady who haunts all of the restaurants came past and asked if anybody wanted to but 'the lady' a flower. So I naturally piped up and asked which one of the boys was going to buy me a flower. And it fucking worked too! But since my cousin was the one to buy me the flower, there were alot of incest jokes floating around.

Then we went out. I haven't laughed so much in so long. I bought the first round, and then managed to have a drink in front of me for the rest of the night. Without having to pay or ask for them.

We found out that guys don't really like short shorts. Now this is going against what cosmo has told me. But apparently guys do want to be surprised by whats inside the pants. I also got an answer to my winking question. It comes down to the guy and my relationship with him. If he's a flirt (which neither of them are) then its just something that he does. If we're close then its like a hug with one eye. So that explains whatawaste. Married Man and I are getting close, so I can put it down to that.

We left pretty early. The guys had travelled for 10 hours that day, and were tired. So they walked me home. On the way there is a convenience store. And they had some milk crates sitting out the front. I ran over to them, picked up one and yelled 'furniture'. Upon realising that I no longer needed to collect items such as milk crates for furniture, we decided to throw them up into a tree, and see who could get it stuck first. So there's four drunks throwing milk crates into a tree and yelling at each other. And when we got one stuck the boys decided that we should try to dislodge it.

One of the milk crates ended up on a 'no parking' sign in our street. The other ended up in our garbage area (I think, I don't wanna know).

We all piled into the elevator, giggling to shit. The Gay Biotch pushed every button and promptly fell down in the corner of the elevator. Every time the door opened he'd yell out into the foyer area. Nothing in particular, just a kind of 'GAAARRRRRHHHHHH' noise. At which we'd all giggle more. On one of the floors I tossed out my milk crate. So some poor sucker woke up this morning and found a milk crate sitting outside his door.

All in all a fun night. Just what I needed.


Professor said...

I'm so glad you could have some laughs!!!

And the visual of 4 drunks tossing milk crates... oh you may start a new fad!

Steph said...

Hooray for being magotty drunk!!
You were overdue girlfriend!

Webmiztris said...

ha! FUN!!!

Josh said...

Nice, sounds like you had a blast. :)

Yes, guys do like to be surprised by what's in the pants. At least that's my experience...

phishez_rule said...

Prof - yeah, it was definitely worth remembering

Steph - I've been maggoty too much lately. But this time I had a ball. I was overdue for that!

Webmiztris - yes. yes it was.

Josh - its only good if its a nice surprise. No good being surprised by a two inch dick.