Sunday, April 29, 2007


I’m so sick of sizists. In todays society sizism should not be an issue. But it is. I’m a big gal. I have hit 120 on the scales, at a stage when people commented that I’d lost weight. I believe I may have topped at 130 at some stage. I am currently sitting at 103 and declining. I'd just about murder to have a piece of chicken in my FOS*.

But I'm ranting about sizists here, not diets.

Westfield Australia has a fashion website, where they tell you whats what. Upcoming and outdated fashions, that kind of thing. Its interesting to check out. And thats what I was doing the other day. And I realised there is no concession for larger people there. I emailed them to ask why and haven't heard back.

Begin rant.

What the fuck is up with these people. Larger people (henceforth referred to fat people or fatties because its faster to type) have some damn fine fashions out there. Fashion has come such a long way for us in the past few years. We can have nicely cut and highly fashionable clothes too. But height of fashion doesn't suit us. Holy shit! Height of fashion doesn't even really suit the rakes that model it! But you can't expect us to wear something thats designed for someone who has no hips, to give the illusion of hips, when we want to HIDE THE FUCKERS!!! So our fashions are subtly different.

Shit, we even have dresses that don't hang (or feel) like hessian sacks. Fat fashions are coming ahead in leaps and bounds, but the fashion industry doesn't want to acknowledge the millions who can only buy there.

But sizism isn't limited to the 'beautiful people'. I get catologues mailed out to me from several stores. Most of these stores cater for people size 14 to 26. And they all seem to use size 14 models. Curvy but not really fat.

Oh, and another thing. EVERY fat store name has a reference to size in its name. My Size, 1626 (which has recently changed its name to Autograph), Taking Shape, My Size. The only one that doesn't is Be Me, which is Rockmans plus size store, and isn't found widely in Sydney.


I have a new "me" necklace. Its silver. Well, its probably stainless steel. At first glance I thought it was a gothic style lion. Posing like the Gryffyndor mascot. But its actually a wolf.

It has a thick shaggy coat, with dark grooves to accentuate it. It tail is straight up, and its on its back legs, with the forepaws out in front of it. Its ears are back and you can see all of its teeth.

The dark bits are an integral part of it. They accentuate the shiny bits without drawing any attention to themselves. Its cute and attention grabbing, but not quite approachable. And its held up by the simplest of chains, with large but not chunky links. At the same time, it is not connected to the chain. Rather, it is hooked on to the pendant that is attached to the chain. At any time it can leave the chain, if it so inclined.

Like I said. Very me.


I made FOS* last night. The pot was not actually big enough to hold all of the ingredients for it. I kept adding stuff, and letting it simmer down, and then adding more stuff. It was yum.

FOS contents – chicken noodle soup, crushed tomatoes, creamed corn, potato, sweet potato, pumpkin, carrots, celery, capsicum, peas, beans.

It is, by definition, very thick.


‘Tis flu season. The primary indicator…

Of the six things I just bought at Coles

  1. bottle of honey
  2. another bottle of honey
  3. lemon juice
  4. throat lozenges
  5. more lemon juice


I just saw the movie “The number 23”. WOW. Is that creepy or what? 10 minutes til the end and I was literally thinking ‘where is this movie going?’, and I had no idea about how long it had to go. And I found Saw predictable.

Don’t go see that movie if you’re not a thinker.

If you want to go see a feel-good no-brainer, watch Miss Congeniality.

* Fuck off soup


MissE said...

I am completely with you on the sizist issue. Bastards, all of them. I once emailed "My Size" to query why it was they felt it necessary to charge so much for their clothes compared to say 1626. I got some lame excuse about how their outfits are higher quality or what not and to basically go away and leave them alone.

Also - FOS sounds DELISH!!!! The necklace sounds awesome (photo?). Flu season... try being a teacher of those walking disease incubators other people call their children! Plus now I'm definitely going to have to try and see "The Number 23"... unless it's scary... is it scary?

Cazzie!!! said...

Yep, stick the size stores up their clacker I reckon, I look in their windows and I cannot go in to their shop, I refuse to do it and I make sure I walk twice around the shopping complex and past their window..just to be sure I loose weoght while looking at their sacks of crap clothes :) Ahh venting does make ya feel better..thanks :)
Soup hey, Hmmm, sounds yummo.

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

Number 23 is one film I SO want to see. Just the trailer got me excited. I love all that sort of thing. It looks a real questioning reality film.

Your new 'me' necklace.
See yourself as a wolf do you?

Glad you're back to yourself again.

Desirea Madison said...

In the United States we have a plus size store called Lane Bryant. There's no reference to plus size in that title. We know they only carry plus sizes because all there are no skinny mannequins in the window.

One of my coworkers looks 100 lbs overweight, but she would be a supermodel if that size was in fashion because of how the weight is distributed. She carries it on her hips, thighs, butt, and breasts. She's a super exagerated hour glass. She dresses really well.

Josh said...

I may have to give the FOS a try. I've never had capsicum though... at least, not that I've known about...

Jobe said...

"EVERY fat store name has a reference to size in its name."

Yeah that's always bothered me too.

Webmiztris said...

still haven't seen 23...very excited to see it though!

i never thought about how stores for 'fatties' always have the size thing incorporated in their store name. that's kind of bogus.

Steph said...

You still fluey? Ya poor thing. Get that vitamin C into you. It finally dragged me back to reasonable health about a week ago.

Mel said...

Mmmmmm, home-made soup. It always makes me realise that winter is on the way when I start craving a big pot of vegie soup.

phishez_rule said...

Miss E- 1626 have damn good quality clothes. They last FOREVER

Cazzie - enjoy the venting.

Ingsoc - not quite a wolf. Its the design details I relate to.

Desi - I'm at that stage. All curves. But there are still bumpy bits that will never go away. :(

Josh - you guys call them peppers. These were red peppers.

Jobe - I was at your blog just yesterday. How creepy.

Webmiztris - its like 'Shallow Hal' where they're preaching acceptance of fat people, but its full of fat jokes!

Steph - I'm not fluey. I rarely get the flu. But I've had me a tickle in the back of my throat when I woke up the last few days.

Mel - Its tastes fantastic. But would be better with chunks of chicken or bits of chilli in it.

redcap said...

Sounds yum, but why is it fuck off soup? Is it fart-inducing? Most soups are, of course...

phishez_rule said...

Its fuck off soup because its fantastic. No other soups come close.

Spiky Zora Jones said... 130 pounds you are doing fab. I was 130 pounds my sophmore year in high school, but I am 5'8" tall.
I've not seen the number 23. Is it like The Hills have eyes? That movie made me want to purchase a pistol.
Hey that FOS sounds awesome. Do you have step by step instructions, like is the pumpkin cooked away or still keeping it's shape?

Lowry said...

So I decided to go back and read this post, and 120-130 pounds for your height is very attractive and sexy.